Ready To Ramble – Feb. 15th


It’s been a long time, but it’s good to be back with another edition of Ready to Ramble.
So much has been going in the WWE Universe since I last wrote and I think one of the biggest stories has to be the upcoming launch of the WWE Network.
I am really excited for this and at the $9.99 price, that’s a steal of a deal. What sucks for me personally is that I live in Canada and will not be able to actually
enjoy the network until later this year at the earliest. I am certainly jealous of my American friends. I’m really glad you’ll get to see NXT without having to sign up for Hulu Plus.
Between 24/7 programming plus on demand, I think they’re going to be successful with this. I had doubts, much like a lot of people, expecially after being put off for years.
What I don’t understand is why they aren’t allowing people to sign up early. Perhaps they just can’t, or maybe they just want to see big numbers right off the launch. Im not a technical guy so
I don’t know what it takes to make sure they don’t keep the site from crashing. The tests have been receiving positive reviews after some in house testing which is another reason
to boost excitement in prospective customers.
What are you most excited for about the WWE Network? What are you hoping to see on there?

CM Punk. What more can be said about this situation that hasn’t already ben said? Well, I suppose the cold hard facts about the situation. Since Punk walked out 30 minutes prior to Raw
going live, there has been so much speculation as to what lead to this, whether it’s storyline or shoot. I believe it’s a case of being burnt out and lng periods fo frustration building up over time. Whatever the
reason, I do hope we see Punk back and I think we will, but it’ll be later rather than sooner. He doesn’t need WWE. It’s no secret that Punk has been smart with his money and that he has wanted to walk
away while still young by pro wrestling standards. I would hate to see this be the actual end as there are so many great potential feuds he could have with up and comers that would be money.
There’s speculation that he wasn’t so thrilled with a match at Wrestlemania against Triple H. If Triple H is going to be on the biggest show of the year, you know he’s going to make sure that his match
gets that Main Event spotlight on it, but maybe that wasn’t enough for Punk if that was indeed the case. They can easily turn this into a storyline and have another pipe bomb moment. Maybe they don’t acknowledge it at all and just say he was on a hiatus with no talk of why and not blurring the lines of storyline versus reality. How should he be brought back? How do yuo book the potential return of CM Punk?
Either way, the rumour mill continues to pump at a high rate and the only person who knows for sure of the future is CM Punk.

John Cena has recently granted his 400th wish with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The most wishes granted by anybody ever. How could you possibly turn this guy heel? I used to be part of the crowd who clamored for a Hulk Hogan-style turn from Mr. PG, but his charitable work and public appearances just make it seem like that would be the absolute wrong idea. We rag on him for being stale and he elicits “same old s#!t” chants from the more “smart” crowds (I use the word smart very loosely), but the guy moves numbers whether it’s merchandise or ratings. He gets reactions and is such a pro that he knows how to handle them. He has fun with the anti-Cena crowds. The only way a heel turn would work is if he becomes uninteresting to wear his merchandise is down, he’s not a ticket seller like he was and even the women and kids get bored of him. The problem there though would be the hipster anti-Cena people would then cheer him. So what do they do? Just give him more of an edge to appeal to everyone? I’ve learned you can’t please everybody. In my very humble opinion, I say Cena keeps on truckin’ down the path he’s on and continues to be an amazing representative for WWE.

Speaking of handling crowds and their chants. Randy Orton. What can I say? I think I am almost looking forward to his match at Wrestlemania because of the good chance of a crowd hijacking. I get a kick out of seeing him getting annoyed by chants. His history of having an attitude and short fuse is well documented and he seemed to have it under control for a while there, but his character is just not appealing to people like it once was. He’s great in the ring, and at one time he was the sole reason I tuned in, but this slow methodical style of the viper just isn’t an attention keeper for most fans. I personally loved when him and Christian had that feud a few years back in the Summer. The matches were solid, but Orton also had a comical craziness. Remember the jumping toe touch splits? Confusing but great. What would you do to improve Orton’s character or do you think the crowds just need to be more respectful towards him?

Well I’ll leave it at those topics for now. I’ll be back on Wednesday with another edition of Ready to Ramble.
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Until next time, take care.