Ready To Ramble! – June 22nd

Mark-Henry-John-Cena-WWE-RawWelcome to Ready to Ramble! This is something I’m going to start doing weekly. I’ll touch on a few subjects in the WWE world and give a little opinion
on them. A blurb, if you will. I look forward to your reactions on the subjects as well. Always exciting to discuss matches
and storylines with fellow fans.
So enjoy and let’s get Ready to Ramble.

How amazing was Mark Henry on Raw this week? Yes, there were signs that made the “angle” alarm sound off, but by the end I was completely
hooked and almost got teary eyed. He has been involved in some of the most random and bizarre angles throughout his career, but now that they
have given him the ball, that huge man has ran with it and continues to make the most of it. Such an entertaining and threatening heel.
Normally I wouldn’t care about Mark Henry and John Cena but when he went from crying and telling stories, to giving Cena the World’s Strongest Slam,
Mark Henry got my money.

Have you caught a glimpse of the new training facility for NXT yet? Unreal. Say what you will about Triple H, but that guy has been making great
strides in making the future a bright and safer one for WWE talent. Word is he is keen on signing top indie talent too. The structure of pro wrestling
has changed and when the man soon to be in charge is recognizing it, well I think we can rest easy and no worry about what is to come.
The new facility is going to be outstanding and the idea of having new, green talent wear headgear until they learn how to bump is great.
I’m not wishing for the Vince McMahon days to be over, but the more control Triple H is getting, I say the better.

Speaking of Triple H, a lot of buzz coming out of Raw over the story of him stopping the Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton match this past Monday on Raw.
It’s being played up as a shoot that they had a heated exchange of words that is said to be cooled down with both apologizing. Triple H does respect
Bryan a lot and is high up on him, so that won’t cause any type of dog house treatment, thankfully. Some say it was all story and you can’t tell for sure,
but if it was real, I say good on him for protecting a top star and investment for WWE in Daniel Bryan. Can you really be angry over someone looking out for
a talents safety? Well, Bryan may answer yes. Word is a rematch is scheduled for this coming Monday. If Orton or Bryan are in the match, my eyes are locked
on the TV.

Are you getting excited for Money in the Bank yet? I mentioned earlier how Mark Henry sold me on that match, but it’s a lock between the two Money In The Bank ladder
matches, along with the returning Rob Van Dam being in one, those will sell the pay per view. So much excitement that comes with them. Not sure how they’ll name
participants for it, but maybe we’ll see some qualifying matches in the upcoming week. Daniel Bryan is a heavy favorite for one and rumoured to honorably cash in ahead
of time for Summerslam. In WWE plans can change, so I’m not getting myself too set on anything that hasn’t happened. Who do you think will/should win both of the briefcases?
How would you like to see them cash them in?

Wade Barrett recently gave high praise to Bray Wyatt as a guy who is going to be a big star in years to come. Adrian Neville was another NXT talent who received great reviews
from the former Intercontinental Champion. Those are two guys who I’m excited to see on the main roster. NXT is loaded with so much great talent and I have to keep reminding
myself that they can’t bring them all up or some great ones will be lost in the shuffle. If you could bring up two NXT talents to the main roster today, who would you choose?

That’s going to do it for the first installment of Ready to Ramble. I’ll have another one early next week and of course even though these are my rambling, I want to hear yours
down below or you can talk wrestling with me if you’re on Twitter @OlTubby.

  • Mike

    My Top MITB Picks


    Cody Rhodes

    Damien Sandow

    Randy Orton

    • Brad Legere

      I would not argue any of those picks. Especially Sandow. Always a fan, but lately he's really stepped it up. Hoping to see really big things from him and Rhodes within the next year.