Ricky Ricardo’s Future

So a couple weeks back Ricardo Rodriguez returned from a suspension and the WWE creative team realized that Alberto Del Rio got positive reactions because he was with Ricardo. So logically the split had to come, and honestly it scared me because I didn’t see where Ricardo fit without Alberto. However I got a big surprise 2 weeks back when Ricardo returned, this time as the personal ring announcer for Rob Van Dam. Now while I enjoy the work of both Ricardo and RVD, the teaming of these two just seems completely random, and a little forced. There was barely even anything teased between RVD and ADR before this change was made, and there was certainly nothing explaining why Ricardo now works for RVD; other than it just being a way to keep these characters on the TV. But even if there’s nothing between these two, with them both being fantastic talents, it should be a good thing regardless, right?


One problem I would have with this pairing is if WWE somehow tries to make RVD the hero for the Latino audience because he’s with Ricardo. I get nervous about WWE going in that direction, because RVD has absolutely nothing to do with the Latino community. However while pondering this dilemma it occurred to me that RVD is in a position very few are and this present many opportunities. We know RVD is leaving sometime, we don’t know when, but we know he will leave to relax for a period of time; meaning that he does not need to be tied down to Ricardo, while introducing him into the World Title picture for the time being. At the very least, if not some funny segments between Ricardo and RVD, we should expect some classic matches, with a lot of intensity between Rob and Alberto.


Rob Van Dam may have no history with Alberto Del Rio, but a man he does have some history with, someone Van Dam has been Tag Team Champion’s with, is Rey Mysterio. Now a potential feud between Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio makes sense, determining who’s the savior of the Latino audience now that Sin Cara has been deemed a complete failure. And Ricardo as the personal ring announcer for Rey Mysterio makes sense, not only for the Latin theme, but because now that Rey springing up from under the stage for his entrance is done, Ricardo will add that something special to Mysterio’s entrance every time he comes down to the ring, to get the fans excited before Rey even makes his way down the aisle.


This transition could be done fairly easy too, with Rey returning, him and RVD could come out together a few times with Ricardo introducing them both. Then Alberto could ‘injure’ RVD, taking him out of the picture until WrestleMania, then (and this is purely fantasy) RVD could go on to face Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 30. But looking at the more immediate future, the Night of champions match between RVD and Del Rio will be a fantastic bout. Which is really the way you have to look at it; there is very little story going into this match, other than RVD’s beaten Del Rio on free TV recently. So just enjoy the fact that these two men are true pro’s at their profession and will tear it up at the Pay Per View. I only hope the story will get deeper and next month these two can battle with a ladder between them.


I also think it would be a good idea to give RVD a fairly lengthy World Title reign, not only because he’s wildly talented and believable, but because so many fans know the contract situation of RVD. So just for the internet fans who know that RVD is working a limited schedule and will routinely be taking time off, make it believable that he could win the championship. I know The Rock won the WWE Championship, but with more and more part time stars emerging in WWE, we the fans need to believe that RVD is an actual threat to the World Title and not just a good match because of his contract situation. Admittedly this is the part where being a smart fan begins to ruin the enjoyment of being a wrestling fan. When you start considering about the contract status or personal situation of a performer before who should win the match; a serious amount of the magic is gone.

  • jean

    "Ricardo rodregious"…Nice ;)

    • Nick Wildey

      By the time I get to the end I forget about the beginning; there's a reason I tried to use his last name as little as possible