Ring of Fire

This summer has been a blast for pro wrestling, with honestly some of the best material I’ve ever seen going on in the last little bit. One of the biggest reason’s for this has been Bray Wyatt; I’ve been a fan of him and his group since they’ve come on the scene and find myself on the edge of my seat whenever their segment has arrived. And obviously I’m pumped for SummerSlam, so logically one of the matches I’m most excited for is Bray Wyatt in his WWE debut against Kane in a Ring of Fire Match. For this article I’ve written the first few paragraphs before seeing the match, just my thoughts; then followed up with the last few paragraphs after I’ve watched the match. Just as with Fandango’s debut match at this past WrestleMania, Bray Wyatt has big expectations at SummerSlam, a moment to truly prove himself for what could be years to come.


I think it’s interesting they’ve chosen a ring of fire match for this bout, I believe the idea is that they had to come up with a stipulation that would eliminate the possibility of interference.  Honestly it just seems extreme, as these two men have never really fought before, but already need to do battle surrounded by fire. It’s also interesting to note that this match differs from an inferno match in that neither man has to be set on fire to end this match. To me I see many possible swerves in this match, like perhaps we will see someone set on fire; how horrifying that would be in today’s PG era. I also get the vibe that we may get different members of the Wyatt family debuting tonight, coming out from under the ring, through the mat, to help their savior, Bray Wyatt. It was also teased that perhaps one member of the family will walk through fire, Bray did claim that flames couldn’t stop his family.


The way I understand wrestling psychology is that Bray Wyatt’s wrestling debut has been held off so that he can shock the world with an amazingly athletic repertoire for his bigger body. So I expect tonight to impress a lot of people, I’m hoping for one of Kane’s best matches in year, and if Bray wants to be a major player in today’s wrestling environment he better be able to wrestle at an incredible rate. I fully expect Bray to win this match, followed by a beat down on Kane, and perhaps we may even see The Wyatt Family carry Kane off to the backstage area. I expect 1 of 2 things to come out of this match; either Kane will become one of the members of The Wyatt family, or Kane will introduce the person or people who will help even his odds against the Wyatt’s.


The rest of this article is being written as I watch SummerSlam live, first thing that I didn’t expect was that Bray removed his Hawaiian shirt which let me down, would have been a good look aesthetically to see him wrestling in those bright colors. I also felt like the flames were higher in the original inferno matches than tonight. The spot with the Kendo stick was dumb; obviously they could have thrown the stick; maybe if that was a table it would have worked. I like seeing the fire fighters around ringside; makes sense logically and for safety reasons is actually a pretty good idea. The fire extinguisher spot, putting out the flames only to have them shoot up, that made a lot more sense and I was happy to see. The match felt like it was given enough time, but I would have liked to see The Family make more attempts to try and get into the ring.


My big problem with this match is that we didn’t really get a good opportunity to see Bray Wyatt wrestle; I’ve heard nothing but good things, yet still haven’t had the chance to see him in action. Like I expected The Wyatt’s walked off with Kane, but they did it with Kane’s arms around their necks, personally I would have rather seen Kane carried off like a corpse, not an injured body. I can see how this match leaves room for rematches, but now the problem arises of how to make the next match more intense than surrounding the ring with fire. I hope we do get to see a rematch with these two, and I hope we get to see more of Bray Wyatt’s wrestling style. I’d also be pretty interested in seeing Kane getting brainwashed and becoming part of The Wyatt Family, but we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out over the next several weeks.