The Rise And Huge Fall Of Batista

batista cry

Within the last 12 months, there have been two supposedly ‘major’ returns in Rob Van Dam and Batista (Chris Jericho as well I but that seems to be an annual thing now).

Both of these have been major flops but Batista’s return was the worst flop I think I can remember. So where did all go wrong for The Animal?

He was called The Animal for good reason back in his first spell in WWE, he was considerably bigger than the majority of the roster and he backed that up with considerable strength and speed, a real pleasure to watch. He was also entertaining on the microphone and the fans loved him for it. He definitely had that look that Vince wanted to be the face of the company even though it’s a shallow minded view on Vince’s part.


He had a short heel turn before his departure, which was all down to jealousy of John Cena being the ‘name and face of the WWE’. Following the ‘I Quit’ match at Over the Limit 2010, the next night on Raw after losing a qualifying match via ‘forfeit’ thanks to General Manager Bret Hart, Batista stormed out the company using famous lines such as ‘THIS PLACE WILL GO BANKRUPT WITHIN A WEEK!’ and ‘JOHN CENA CAN’T BEAT ME’ despite getting beat off Cena twice. The reason he really left was apparently he did not like the direction in which the company was heading and so wanted to take a long break.

batista rr

Four years later, he returned on Raw. After weeks of vignettes, the Raw before the royal rumble a much thinner Batista made his ‘triumphant’ return. For me, this was the thing that led to his downfall and completely against the plan that WWE had for him. Admittedly I was excited to see him back at first, but that lasted about two minutes and then I realised that this was a bad idea.

WWE obviously had the idea that if people knew Batista would be involved in the Royal Rumble they could have had more people buying it because of how popular Dave once was, rather than being booed out of the building as we saw every week. When he returned, he boasted he would win the Royal Rumble and then ended up doing just that, so the fans were very disappointed. Had Batista simply returned on the night as a surprise entrant with no previous vignettes then fans might have enjoyed that.

Arguably, was down to him simply being in the wrong place and the wrong time. It was the height of the Daniel Bryan ‘YES!’ movement and he was clearly the number one guy at the time, so when he was not even involved in the Royal Rumble and some dude who has been away for a long time comes back and wins, it is natural the fans would be angry. He had even been given new nicknames by the fans, such as ‘Bootista’ and ‘Bluetista’.


Every match he has had recently, he just seemed disinterested, he seemed to botch most of his moves and when it comes to promos his mic skills have just been thrown out the window. Batista’s new look has been another reason for his downfall. I for one think those new flower tattoos on his back and terrible, of course it does not change the wrestling skills but they just look awful. Of course, his attire is laughable as well (see above image!)…Yeah, I don’t think I need to explain this too much.

One other thing, have you noticed how he is called ‘The Animal’ and ‘The Beast’ when in fact Randy Orton and Triple H both look bigger than him now?

Batista has once again left the company after not getting his own way, although I imagine he will be back after Summerslam and finally have his one on one match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title that he has been waiting for since January.

After signing to WWE for two years in January it is inevitable that he will be given at least one world title reign and when that time comes, Dave will have three words for us all…’DEAL WITH IT!’