Ryback Rules?

Ryback’s heel turn is set in full motion, as seen from his mistreatment-induced betrayal on John Cena. In an attempt to solidify his position as a major heel, Ryback has been more vocal on his position to overtake the throne; both in and out of the ring. Does he deserve what he says he does? Could he possibly been seen as a legitimate contender for the WWE Championship?

Regardless of how over Ryback is, he has failed to impress. With his constant sloppiness in the ring and overly contrived promos – there is little reason to get behind his flat character. There is, however, a steady development in the latter part of the complaints. This past week, Ryback proved he can deliver a convincing promo. By no means was this the best promo, but most likely the best he can deliver. I contribute the success of the segment to Mick Foley. Every time Foley is brought in to further a feud, he brings the best out of his disputer. The back and forth between Ryback and Foley really brought an authentic dynamic to the segment, which was rather enjoyable.

Despite this, there is still a glaring problem with the entire feud between Ryback and John Cena. How likely is it that Cena would lose the belt? Recently attaining the championship in a passing of the torch moment, Cena is undoubtedly in line for a long run with the title. Ryback bringing this reign to a halt does absolutely nothing to rebuild Cena. Defeating the Rock, only to lose to Ryback a month later. Also, should Ryback lose, this would bring his PPV lose record to a staggering 6. Once again, it is a double-edged sword.

I’m not a huge fan of The Shield being used as a tool to legitimize this feud either, but I digress.

I am simply not sold on Ryback, and I doubt this program will help change that. There is time for progression, but for now, he just leaves me hungry for something more.

  • GrimFandango

    Ryback is a pretty good guy in the ring (for a big guy), and surprisingly half-decent on the stick. I don't see him ever being my personal pick for the main event, but if you're going to have a big guy in a Cena feud we could do (and have done) a lot worse.

    The biggest problem I have with the program (aside from the obvious) is that they seem dead-set on forcing this guy to appeal to the internet smarks, what with the contrived references to the SuperCena moniker. I'm pretty sure those guys will side with Ryback anyway purely out of spite.

  • Darren

    I’m sorry Ryback doesn’t belong in the same ring as Cena. It’s to early even Cena said do you know who your talking to Jack. We’re supposed to believe he’s the heel in the feud, when Cena get jeered in just about every arena. I think he should have attack Randy Orton a crowd favorite let him go over then challenge Cena. Mick Foley tried to help but all he did was pace back and forth and call Mick a fat bastard. Plus I’m tired of seeing the legend come back and try to talk some sense into the young ego manic superstar. Been there done that. If Ryback wants to be a top anything let alone surpassing Cena he better learn how to say more than feed me more and finish it.

  • christopher525

    Pretty easy for me to see how this goes, unless they put a stipulation in place I see Ryback losing by DQ to Cena by using a weapon of some sort when he gets frustrated, so he may lose but he'll be left standing over Cena. He's absolutely horrible on the mic though, he desperately needs a manager to speak for him.

  • Numero Uno

    He needs something better than Ryback Rules.

    • christopher525

      I keep thinking of Billy Madison… O'Doyle Rules.

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  • John Cena

    ryback does not rule he got SLAMMED THROUGH THE AMBULANCE ROOF ON SUNDAY NIGHT PAYBACK (From me John Cena).

    • The Miz

      So True i'm just snooping HATERS WANTED