Ryder Or Die

Internet Feud of the Century

Internet Feud of the Century

You know that one friend of yours, the one who hangs around just a bit too long, they start to get more and more annoying by the minute? Sure you do, we all have at least one. In the WWE that “friend” would be none other than Zack Ryder. He was interesting, he was entertaining, he was different, and it all worked for a little while. The problem is that the gimmick stayed the same which made it get incredibly stale very quickly. I believe I have an idea that could get him back on TV, return an old star, and even turn the heel corner for Ryder.

Ryder created his own belt while doing his internet show, Z! True Long Island Story, the fictional Internet championship. While it’s not a real title and clearly not recognized by the WWE as such, it is known and have a distinct look that could easily make it the centerpiece of a feud that is meant to get Zack to turn heel and eventually give up on the title. We saw this back in the old-school ECW days and there’s no reason it couldn’t work now. Back then it was Taz with the FTW title that he carried as the “uncrowned champion” of the company. Eventually Sabu “won” the title and treated it like it was something special, with Taz telling him he could have it, that it was worthless. This could be lifted, as it’s been quite some time since this storyline occurred.

What I envision is Zack going off on a tangent online a few times a week about how he’s the “internet champion,” how he never gets mentioned with Twitter followers, and how he’s the originator of social media in pro wrestling. He could say that he started it all, he’s the guy who’s used the internet better than anyone else to build their career and how that warrants respect. He could get more and angrier, eventually working matches on TV with an attitude, getting rid of his fan favorite gear in order to push the fans away. He would start wearing his special belt to the ring though, continually pushing how he’s the “internet champion” and NOBODY is, or ever has been, more active on the internet than Zack Ryder.

During all of this WWE would be working to get Matt Hardy back into the fold, love him or hate him the storyline is perfect for getting him back in the WWE and on the good side of the fans. Matt would start a Twitter feud with Ryder about how he started the internet/wrestling connection, even putting up Tout’s once in a while about how Ryder needs to stop with the lies. Finally, one night Ryder would be working a match and afterward start beating his opponent and rubbing the belt in their face saying how he is the greatest thing on the internet and he’s the reason people pay attention to social media, until you hear that distinct Matt Hardy music kick in and the crowd goes wild. Matt comes out, runs off Ryder and feud becomes televised.

Over the next month Matt would stop Ryder from attacking people, and Ryder would interfere in Matt’s matches costing him victory after victory until Matt finally challenges Ryder for the “internet championship” at the next PPV. At this show you would have Matt win and take the title, Ryder would challenge to get it back at the next PPV, but come up short once again. Ryder’s next step would be telling Matt he can keep the belt because it means nothing to him anyway, it’s just some toy he made to get the fans to like him, and he’s learned that the fans don’t mean a damn thing in this business, he’s better off without them.

After all of this Ryder would start challenging for the US title again, eventually winning it, while Matt would either fade back into obscurity or finally step up enough to get a main event run before his career ends. Tying back into a post the other day I would have the heel Ryder win the US title and by the end of the year have a triple threat unification match for the US and IC titles with Joe Henning and maybe a face version of Antonio Cesaro, with Hennig winning and unifying the titles. At Royal Rumble, Hennig would lost the IC title to Ryder and begin his climb to main event status while Ryder held on to the title getting more over as a heel before winning the other MitB case opposite Hennig later in the year. I think this is pretty solid, but then again, I’m just some lowly fan not a massively paid member of creative, what do I know?

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