Would Sheamus Work In Evolution?


With Batista going off to promote his movie in the near future, there are rumblings of a new member for Evolution. There are only so many people it could be at this point that would be believable and fit in well with the other two guys. I’m sure there were plenty of candidates being considered for the story but the one I’ve heard that has a real shot is Sheamus. I’m not sure I agree with the call but let’s take a look at the good and the bad that could come of this move, if it were to happen.

Would this help him or hurt him? That was the first question I had and right now, I think this could only help his character. Besides winning the United States title recently on Raw earlier this week, he hasn’t had a prominent storyline since he returned from injury. If this were to happen, it would give him a serious rub from working with HHH and Randy Orton, not that he really needs it considering all that he’s done so far, but it would still be a benefit. I think the other thing this move would do is that it would give his character a little more depth. To me, Sheamus has always been that fun loving Irish dude that could kick your arse if you ended up on his bad side. Granted, I didn’t really pay much attention to him when he was a heel but he’s been a face for so long now, his heel persona is almost hard to remember. If he is in Evolution, he would get to work that arrogant part of his personality and since he’s done it before it would be believable. I could picture him in a suit talking trash easily. So would this help him or hurt him? I think this could only help him.

Will the fans accept him as part of the group? This one is a little harder to answer. Evolution was always HHH, Orton and Batista. When it was formed, Flair was involved too but with his status in the company I wouldn’t have expected him back as a full time member anyway. So the same three guys are in the stable again this time around, and now you want to add someone new… I have two questions about that decision. One, if The Shield is going to go over again at Payback (not saying they will but, I’d like to think that would make sense) then why have the group continue after that “Special Event?” Second, if the group is about EVOLUTION, is Sheamus young enough to make sense as the “young one” of the group? I’m having a hard time chewing on that one. Honestly, I would love to see it be someone like Big E. He’s tough, he’s young, he walks like he’s the hottest thing in the place, and I feel like that fits perfectly with their stable. Never mind the fact that he’s been in limbo for quite some time now. So will the fans take to him as a believable member of Evolution? I don’t have the answer to that one, but if I’m having these thoughts then I think many others will too.


Is he the right guy? Like I mentioned previously, I’d love to see Big E in the group instead, but there are others that would work just as well. Bad News Barrett comes to mind, but with all of the support he’s been getting from the crowd I don’t think he needs to become part of something and lose the momentum he’s gained since stepping back in the ring. Dolph Ziggler comes to mind as another young, arrogant guy who can go in the ring. That’s another guy that’s been just floating in the midcard scene and would benefit greatly from the rub and actually just having a story to work with. Titus O’Neil is the last one that comes to mind as a believable Superstar who could benefit from being in the group. You want him to prove himself and be considered a Main Event player? Stick him with some guys that he could really learn from and absorb all of the experience between the two. So is Sheamus the right guy? Personally I don’t think so, but I’m willing to watch with an open mind and see if he can hold his own.

My final question has us look forward to a few months down the road. What happens when Batista shows up again? Does this cause a rift between him and Sheamus which leads to a feud? It would be fresh so, I can only imagine the crowd would be open to it. If they were to make Sheamus hated enough then when Batista finally did come back, then he could be the face and earn back some appreciation and support from the fans. At the end of the day only time will tell whether or not this move will work. What do you guys think? Will he fit in just fine or will this move flop? Fire away below!

  • Jamie

    Good piece James. I’d be all in favor of seeing Sheamus in Evolution as I kind of feel he is stuck in a rut right now and only has the US Title as part of getting the Evolution/Shield story line advanced, therefore to add Sheamus to the mix in Evolution makes total sense.