Sherwood’s Strata: How Extreme Rules Could Solve WWE’s Dilemma With The Shield And Hell No

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Taker and Hell NoLast night on Raw, we saw something that we haven’t seen a very long time, The Undertaker needing a rescue from a group that could pose an actual threat to him, The Shield.  And who should come to his rescue but his little brother Kane and his tag team partner Daniel Bryan.  While has been a while since Hell No has been involved with The Shield, they do have history, having been one of The Shield’s first attacks and involved in the 6 Man Tag TLC Match at TLC.  This sets up what could be an excellent six man tag team match at Extreme Rules between The Shield and the team of The Undertaken and Hell No.  But on top of the excellent match that could happen, this match would be the perfect opportunity to add the fourth member of The Shield in Daniel Bryan.


Picture it, we have another four weeks that could be built towards this match.  Punk and Heyman would come out next week and state that while they could not take down The Undertaker, they knew of one group of people who could, The Shield.  Hell No would come out and rebuff Punk, which would cause Vickie Guerrero to come out and set up an Eight Man Tag for the main event that evening.  Hell No would team with Randy Orton and Sheamus in a losing effort when Daniel Bryan would be pinned by Dean Ambrose after a Triple Powerbomb.  The Shield next week claims that they pinned one half of the tag team champions, and they should be in line for a shot.  Vickie Guerrero will set up the match for the next week’s Raw.  Undertaker will also cut a promo on The Shield stating that since they interrupted his tribute to Paul Bearer after WrestleMania that he wants a piece of The Shield.  The Shield would come out to attempt to attack The Undertaker yet again, but would yet again fail as Hell No would come out for the save.


With two weeks left until Extreme Rules, Rollins and Ambrose will team and defeat Hell No for the tag team championship after Reigns distracts the referee, with Brian taking the pin yet again.  Backstage, Kane will say that Brian is costing their team matches and start showing the signs of Hell No demise.  Undertaker will be scheduled take on Roman Reigns, however the match will not happen as The Shield will strike leaving The Undertaker laid out in the ring to end the show.  The next week, Hell No and The Undertaker will come out and challenge them to a Six Man Tornado Tag Match at Extreme Rules, which The Shield will gladly accept.


At Extreme Rules, we will see a brutal match, the kind of match that we have grown to expect out of The Undertaker every year at WrestleMania.  Rollins will perform another incredibly sick spot like he did at WrestleMania, only this time off a ladder.  Reigns will show his brute strength and speed that he has been showing at the last few PPVs.  Ambrose will finally have his massive stand out moment, by giving us plenty of hardcore spots that we expect from his wrestling style and from his personality.  I would expect this match the last a good 12 to 15 minutes, with Undertaker being somewhat protected to obviously keep his health up.  Towards the end of the match, we would see Kane holding Dean Ambrose for Daniel Bryan to nail him with a kendo stick.  Brian will miss and nail Kane across the head, which will stun Kane long enough for Reigns to get him up into the Powerbomb.  The camera will cut the Bryan, who will get that sly smile that he has shown in the past when they have started teasing a hell no breakup.  Undertaker will attempt to break up the pin after the Powerbomb and Bryan will join Ambrose and Rollins and holding Undertaker back.  The following night on Raw, Bryan will come out and explain that he has known The Shield for years and he decided to look out for himself and join them in bringing justice to the WWE.  “Where was the justice when I lost my title and 18 seconds?  Where was the justice when I was forced to go to anger management and team with that monstrosity?  Now I am going to help bring justice to the WWE!”  Now, with the fourth member, The Shield’s attacks will be harder to prevent, Daniel Bryan will be able to get the main event push that he needs and that Vince seemingly wants him to have, and further legitimizes The Shield as a main event caliber faction, as they were able to defeat The Undertaker and Kane.


While this is my first venture into the “fantasy booking” realm, I hope you have enjoyed this look at where we could go.  Knowing WWE like I do, I know they won’t do the obvious thing and book something like this.  However this was an interesting experience for me to try my hand at writing towards a future program instead of looking at the past.  Be on the lookout for this week’s Where Did They Go Wrong, as I will be looking at someone who is been stuck in “mid-card hell” for a number of years!

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