Sons Of Destruction

SoD Wrestling fans have been begging for a massive dream match at WrestleMania for a few years now, but I’m starting to think we’ll never get to see it happen. Undertaker versus Sting would be huge in the eyes of the wrestling world, at least a solid portion of the internet wrestling community. While it could be an amazing matchup and a cap to an illustrious career for Sting, I’m pretty sure that the window is closing faster by the second on this actually happening. Being a big fan of each man, this could be something great in my eyes, while I haven’t really seen any of Sting’s work in TNA (as stated in a prior article, not a fan of their product) I believe that on a part time schedule he could have a hell of a match. With all that said, this article is actually more about another dream I have had in the past couple weeks.

I had sworn for so long that I heard Undertaker on a radio show in the late nineties talking about having a son named Gunnar from his first marriage. While digging around I was able to find out that it was true and that he would be around twenty-one years old by this time. I’m not sure if he’s ever had any training in the ring, or if he would actually want to follow his father’s path, but for this article we’re going to go with the possibility that he is down for the cause. While he probably wouldn’t play the Deadman character, since that will be a hard gimmick to continue on in current time and into the future, he could have a long career just on name value alone as the son of the Undertaker. Yes, I know, David Flair, but you have to also take into account someone like Randy Orton or The Rock, sometimes second generation isn’t the worst possible thing in wrestling.

Opposite this young man, we recently heard about a certain young man going to play tight end at the University of Kentucky by the name of Steven Borden. He’s got the size, he’s clearly got the name, if he doesn’t have a career in the NFL (Let’s face it, Kentucky? Might as well write up the contract now) could have a long, successful career in pro wrestling just like his father. Unlike redoing the Undertaker gimmick he could pull off taking over his father’s place and modify the Sting gimmick enough to fit him and carry him to multiple World Championships, and many main events through the next few years. He’s still young enough to get trained and into the developmental system (see Roman Reigns)and eventually get onto the main roster, especially if his father ever does come to the WWE at some point and eventually step into an office/road agent role under the Triple H regime.

My idea, if these two ever got trained and into the developmental system together, is to team up and take over the tag team division for a while. Sting originally worked as the partner of the Ultimate Warrior as the Blade Runners, his son could team with the Second Coming to become one of the greatest tag teams to come into the WWE in so many years. I know this is a major stretch but I would love to see something like this happen. The obvious eventual demise of the team would one day lead to a feud that could culminate in WrestleMania main event matchup for the World Heavyweight Championship between Borden and Lil’ Evil. While we may not get to see the Undertaker take on Sting we might at least have the hope of seeing the sons fight it out on the grandest stage of them all sometime in the not too terribly distant future.
This is CLEARLY just a fantasy setup, but there’s always a chance that it could happen, remember that in wrestling you “never say never.” We’ll have to keep our eyes peeled for the next few years in hopes that this somehow comes to pass. I’m going to continue to hope that we eventually get the battle of the Deadman and the WCW Franchise player, although I have to admit I’m not entirely optimistic that it will happen before one of the two finally makes the decision to step away from the ring for good. I’ll also be keeping an eye out, as a football AND wrestling fan, for Borden as he plays his games in Kentucky. I won’t entirely hope he fails, but if he doesn’t quite get to the NFL level we may just be in for a treat. I may be insane, but hey, what the hell, it could happen. Right?

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  • Steven

    Personally, I hope they never manage to pull off the Sting vs. Undertaker match. While the Undertaker has shown that he can still put on a great match with his part-time schedule. I watch TNA, and I cannot recall the last time Sting has reminded me of the excitement that used to come from his work in the ring. This may have been a tremendous match 15 years ago, but I just seriously doubt the Undertaker can carry Sting for a Wrestlemania level match.

    • christopher525

      One way they could make sure it's not a let down is to practice their asses off, if Sting came in around the Rumble and did like The Rock with just being a TV worker occasionally, they could find a place to spend any of the downtime working out a match that would come off great. On the flip side, practicing it too much could result in an injury. I wish Sting had swallowed his pride years ago and come in from WCW. I still think Sting and HBK would have been an ideal matchup. The franchise worker for each company going head to head.

      • Steven

        Back then, I would have loved seeing that match with Sting and HBK. The WCW Invasion angle should have been huge, but it was just a big disappointment to me.

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