Summerslam Look Ahead: 2014

wwe summerslam 2014

Over the past couple of days I posted articles where I have relived my experiences from past Summerslam events that I have attended 2009, 2010, 2011. Since I will be attending Summerslam tonight in this article I am going to talk about what I expect and hope to see. The past two years I did not attend the event. In 2012 I had no desired in going to the event because the main event was Lesnar vs HHH. At the time Lesnar had only signed a 1 year deal and I wanted that year to hurry so he can leave, and HHH well I have never cared about HHH. 2013 financial reason kept me from attending the event. This year I am excited. While the build to the event could have been a little better, it hasn’t been extremely bad, but looking at the card, on paper it looks awesome.

First and foremost I am hoping that Hulk Hogan will make appearance during the event. As tired of him, as I have been in recent years, it will be great to see him at least one more time. I am not sure I have seen him live, and if I have I am pretty sure I was only 3 years old, so I don’t remember. I love how the WWE has used him, as he does not get played out and it’s a big deal when he appears. It’s a great thing for the fans to see, kind of like a farewell tour. It would be great to be a part of that because I am not sure if I will get a chance to see him again. Maybe if I make to Wrestlemania, but I am hoping he is there on Sunday.

Lesnar is another weird situation for me. As I stated in 2012 I didn’t care about Lesnar, honestly I still don’t. The only thing I enjoy about Lesnar is Heyman. But with that said, being able to see Lesnar live will be different. He is another wrestler that I do not recall seeing live. So I will be able to check this off my wrestling bucket list. WWE build Lesnar as a special occasion so it is cool that I will be able to attend one of his rare matches. It’s one of those things that I can just I did. I expect Cena vs Lesnar to be a war. I was just thinking the other day that this match is right now set to be a normal match. I am a little surprised by this. I expect the crowd to be hot for this one. Mostly it will be a pro Lesnar crowd, but I will be pro Cena. I am always pro Cena unless he battles CM Punk. I personally don’t want to see Lesnar with the title, but admittly it would be cool to say I was there the night Lesnar won the title. I am excited to see Paul Heyman. I hope that he treats us to one of his amazing promos. That would be the most amazing thing.

Y2J vs Wyatt

One thing that I am really excited for is to be a part of Bray Wyatt’s entrance. This has become a site to see on TV and it will be great to experience it live. Since I have not experienced it yet I do not know for sure, but it looks to be up there with experiencing the Undertaker’s entrance. The only difference the Undertaker is a legend so it’s special no matter what. Bray still has a way to go but his fan interaction is something to look forward to. My friend who I will be attending this event with said we need to make sure our cell phones are charged and ready to go. I am also glad I get to see Jericho again. I was in attendance at the Rumble 2013 when Jericho made his surprise return. That reaction was awesome! Being able to see Jericho vs Bray will be a great experience.

AJ Lee is my favorite diva. She has been for a couple of years now and Paige well she would be my second favorite. The thing about this match is, it is the first Diva match that I am not planning my restroom break during. For about the last 7 years, I have always said when the Diva match comes up I will go refill my drink and use the restroom. This year, I will not be doing that. I am hoping, and I think we all are, this match isn’t the botchfest they had at Battleground. All I know is that I will be staying in my seat for this one.

I was disappointed when Ambrose and Rollins was announced for Battleground. I wanted to see that match live. Then I thought well maybe their second match will be a gimmick. When they pulled the bait and switch at Battleground selfishly I was happy because that means I get to see their first match live. Then it was announced that it would be a gimmick match anyway. I had so many thoughts of what this match could be, just like everyone else. I was more excited because whatever it would be I would see it live. Then it was announced that this match will be a lumberjack match. Even still as I type this I feel the air leaving the room. I feel the disappointment in the announcement. However, I do expect this match to be great. I expect this match to be chaos. I am hoping to see some crazy spots between these two.

Steph vs Brie

Stephanie vs Brie was entertaining. At first I didn’t care about the feud because I didn’t think it was going anywhere. Then when the match was announced I got excited. I thought it would be entertaining, whatever they had planned. Monday changed everything for me. The whole Daniel Bryan affair angle is downright asinine. It’s lazy. It’s uncreative and boring. To make matters worse I was highly upset when Brie got arrested. Not because I got worked but because she slapped someone who was in the ring. I am sorry but in my opinion if you willing enter a wrestling ring you know the risk. To me this was illogical and pointless. It ruined any excitement I had for this match and this story. This match will still probably be entertaining and I expect Stephanie to try to make things as crazy as possible.

Miz vs Ziggler this should be a great match. Ziggle is way over with the crowd and I expect nothing different in Los Angeles. Miz claiming to be from Hollywood now may be able to generate a face reaction at Summerslam. I don’t expect a split crowd though. I do hope Ziggler wins because I know the pop will be huge. Being a part of big pops is amazing and there is no other feeling like it.

I expect the crowd to be completely behind Reigns. It could just be me but I feel Randy as lost the majority of his fans. Reigns is a rising star that everyone is getting behind. I expect a good match because Orton has never put on a bad match when I was in attendance. I think this will have a lot of near falls to keep on the edge of our seats. Orton will most likely dominate the match to make for the out of nowhere victory from Reigns. I wouldn’t be surprised here to see Kane run in or some other crazy things happen in this match.


Swagger vs Rusev. So I called for this match to be a flag match in the live blog at during BG. Then it was announced and I thought awesome I will be able to see a flag match. JBL’s comments from Raw confused me. So I’m not sure what we are going to see. What I am looking forward the most is being able to stand up put my hand over my heart and in a loud clear voice say, we the people. I do hope that Zeb and Lana both get a chance on the mic.

Just yesterday the preshow match was announced. And with that announcement it almost seem that the WWE is even trying anymore. I know a lot of the writers were clamoring for a Tag Team Title match plus that was the rumor going around. Well now we get RVD vs Cesaro. It’s cool I get to RVD because just the other day I was thinking that WWE really wanted to sign him through Summerslam but have done nothing with him and now he is barely even on the card. This should be a high impact match and I expect it to really build the crowd.

It doesn’t appear that the tag team championship will be defended. There are already 8 matches announced not including the preshow. For an impromptu match at least two matches will have to be cut short and that still leaves little room for a decent tag match. I still hope somehow the Tag Titles make the show but I highly doubt and do expect to see it.

A few quick notes here. Now I am not expecting this to happen but I just think it will be really cool if Sting appeared at Summerslam in some capacity. He is in Los Angeles this weekend as he was a part of one of the Superstar Panels. It would be a huge surprise for everybody in the arena and those watching at home on the WWE Network for $9.99. Another legend is schedule for the preshow panel and that is Ric Flair. It would be awesome for him to make a return to TV maybe help Reigns or Ziggler. I think it would be great.

I am expecting an exciting show. I know those watching at home maybe let down because if I wasn’t going to the event myself I am not sure how excited I would be for this card. The thing that bothers me the most is, the card looks amazing, but the story and build behind most of it has been a letdown. I still expect great wrestling and awesome matches. I hope the WWE has a couple of surprises up their sleeve to really put this show over the top.

I will do my best to post pictures from Summerslam to the WWENews Instagram page which you can follow here. In the coming days I will post an article on my experience from the event and what it was like to be in the crowd. Stay tuned.

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