My SummerSlam Main Event Part 2; Who’s In It, Who’s Not

This is 2nd part of my 2-part article, the first article can be viewed at this link.  In the last article I eliminated four participants from contention in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match at Money in the Bank.  In this article I reveal who I think will win the title at Money in the Bank and who they will defend the title against at SummerSlam.

Getting prepared for the 2nd biggest show of the year, WWE has done themselves no favors creatively.  Even with seven people in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship a lack of a longterm plan has once again tied the hands of Vince McMahon.  WWE can go in seven different directions at Money in the Bank, but not a single participant has any direction of what happens afterwards if they win at Money in the Bank.  It’s more than a fair guess to say they’re not going to go with a 7-man rematch.  This whole match has done nothing but say “we’re all in this match, so we don’t like each other.  Seven men are all expected to walk into Money in the Bank and step up to make up for the loss of Daniel Bryan, but not a single one of those men has a longterm plan for after Money in the Bank.  They probably actually do have a plan set in place, but they haven’t given fans any storyline progression on television.  WWE can hype this match as much as they want, but WWE needs to remember that Monday Night Raw continues the night after Money in the Bank and they need to give fans a reason to tune in the next night.  Not a lot of people can get interested in a show where they have no idea what they can expect to see moving forward. Now let’s cut to the chase.  Who do I see main eventing SummerSlam?  I have changed my mind on my main event since I first started writing this article a week ago.  So first, I’ll give you my previous main event and then the one I will officially predict for the 2nd biggest show of the year.


My Previous Main Event: Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan in a rematch of one of the shortest matches in WrestleMania history.


The United States Champion Sheamus still has a good chance of winning the ladder match at Money in the Bank, but Daniel Bryan’s health still being a huge question mark for SummerSlam possibly eliminates Sheamus most likely opponent if he were to win the championship.  The redemption match for Daniel Bryan was originally considered for WrestleMania, but with Daniel Bryan moving on to winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship this match became an afterthought.  But Sheamus has done a good job at restoring the United States Championship and it seems a heel turn is imminent for him. WWE making heel Sheamus the Champion heading into SummerSlam would have made the match at SummerSlam the biggest of Daniel Bryan’s career.  But I truly believe Daniel Bryan won’t be ready to go come SummerSlam and there’s really no other challenger you could pair with Sheamus to make a big main event for SummerSlam.  So due to Daniel Bryan’s health I don’t believe Sheamus will leave Money in the Bank as champion.


My Predicted SummerSlam Main Event: Cesaro vs. Brock Lesnar


Expect Cesaro to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship this Sunday at Money in the Bank.  The Swiss Superman, and Paul Heyman’s latest protege is the only person whom I believe can put the company on his back in this dark period.  In the absence of Daniel Bryan, the pairing of Cesaro & Paul Heyman is the only thing on television that WWE can trust with focusing the main storyline around without giving fans something they’ve already seen.  The combination of Cesaro & Paul Heyman’s talent creates a unique opportunity for a long term World Title program, and WWE could use him as champion a lot longer than through Battleground and SummerSlam.  But taking the title off of him in favor of Brock Lesnar is still a very real possibility.  Either one of these men would make great WWE World Heavyweight champions through the rough summer months.  If we’re doing predictions, I’d put Cesaro over in this match.  Simply because of the fact he’s on television every week and can put on some of the best wrestling matches in the business today.


So what about Bray Wyatt and Kane?  I don’t think anybody expects Kane to actually win at Money in the Bank, personally I feel Kane needs to be pulled from television for a couple months.  Making him more exciting later on in the year, because right now he unfortunately seems to have become another main event scapegoat.  Bray Wyatt isn’t somebody you can just slap a title on and call him a champion.  With such a complex character you need to have a legitimate program where he overcame a specific champion and officially takes over WWE.  Taking over the WWE isn’t something you can accomplish by winning a ladder match.  Bray would need a clean win over a strong champion, anything else would seem beneath him.   Let me know your picks to win at Money in the Bank and who you think will main event SummerSlam in the comments!