Surprise Royal Rumble Returns

With the Royal Rumble almost upon us I thought this was the time to put out something about something we have all come to expect over the years with the Royal Rumble, surprise entrants. Every year there seems to be at least 2 or 3 past stars who come out for the Rumble match itself. Over the years it has seen the returns of Kevin Nash, Booker T, John Cena, and last year Chris Jericho, The Godfather, and Goldust. So what surprises will the 2014 Rumble throw our way? While there are so many guys I would like to see come back I have chosen the 3 that I feel would have the biggest impact overall.

Jake Roberts

Following his return on Old School Raw almost 2 weeks ago and his own personal goal of being an entrant in the Royal Rumble, I think having Jake Roberts come back in the match would be a fitting way for the snake to really leave his impact on the WWE in the ring. There is the opportunity for a spot with The Shield in this one, more specifically Dean Ambrose, following the end to Old School Raw with the snake on Ambrose’ face. There may even be the option of doing something with Bray Wyatt, however I think that is unlikely now given the way WWE have blown off the angle with Daniel Bryan and the Wyatt’s. Clearly Jake isn’t going to win the Rumble, that would never be anyone’s intention, but he could be booked to have what would be his swan song moment in a WWE ring, at least in a competitive sense. I’m sure if Jake were offered an opportunity to work with WWE in a backstage role it would be of benefit to both Roberts and WWE as Jake has such a creative mind, he could really make a massive impact on the company going forward. While his surprise return on Raw was a fantastic feel good moment, a spot in the Rumble would be the icing on the cake.

Scott Hall

Jake Roberts isn’t the only man that DDP has worked wonders on though. Scott Hall is literally what can only be described as either a miracle man or just a very lucky man. Whatever way you want to look at it there is no denying that Scott is probably in the best shape of his life. I hope that we will see Hall again in some capacity in WWE but wouldn’t it be amazing if his music hits and out walks Scott. Can you imagine the reaction of the fans? It would be one of the biggest feel good moments in WWE history. Again, Scott isn’t someone who would even come close to winning the Rumble, but to let him have a few minutes in the ring to go against some of the talent from today would be an awesome memory. Scott could also follow with Jake Roberts to some sort of backstage role with WWE, although he would need to be more carefully handled at first and may need to remain clean for longer before the idea is given serious thought, but Hall has a wealth of knowledge and skill that could well be utilised to WWE’s advantage.

John Morrison

This last one was a toss up between 2 men. It was possibly going to be MVP, who I believe is a tremendous talent, however I decided to go with John Morrison who I believe is overall better in the ring and in terms of his potential. Morrison left WWE back in 2011 claiming that he needed time to heal up and retrain for a potential return in the future. Morrison has now had over 2 years away from WWE, and while he has wrestled independently for various different promotions I think now is as good a time as any for him to return. Morrison is a fantastic wrestler and has the backing of the fans in WWE, there is no question of that, but last time he didn’t quite get to the top where he deserved which a lot of people say were due to backstage issues with his then girlfriend Melina. Now Morrison is free of that problem his chance to fulfil his potential is wide open. I hope that the time away from WWE has given Morrison the drive and desire to come back and reach the top in the company, as I believe he has the tools to get there and make an even bigger star of himself than he already has. Again he isn’t going to be winning the Rumble, but let him come out early on in the match and have a good 30-40 minutes in the ring to announce himself back and use the time he has to set something up with one of the other superstars in the ring. John Morrison is another name WWE can use to really build for the future around, it’s all now down to how much desire Morrison has to return and how much WWE wants to bring him back. However if they choose not to bring him back then I think WWE and the fans will be missing out on an extraordinary and exceptional in-ring talent.

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  • zkrasney

    As much as I love the legends, and would thoroughly enjoy seeing Scott Hall get his redemption, I would mark so hard for John Morrison. Especially in the Royal Rumble where he has been known to have some really memorable moments.

    • Jamie Welton

      Morrison coming back would be an awesome thing to see, it's just got that feel about the time being now for me. Morrison or MVP would be just 2 awesome returns worth seeing