Tag Teams That Should Hold The Titles In 2013


While it is still unknown who will walk out of Wrestlemania with the WWE Tag Team Championships, one thing that is certain is that the tag team division needs a serious overhaul. For years the titles lost their prestige, being used as props to get over mid-carders or adding “intrigue” to some rivalries (John Cena won all of his tag titles with his rival at time: Shawn Michaels, Batista, David Otunga (Nexus), and The Miz). The current champions, Team Hell No, were actually born out of a rivalry, but have since helped restore some prestige to not only the titles, but the tag team division. Given what they have accomplished as WWE Tag Team Champions, it is safe to say that they are ready to drop the titles and focus back on their singles careers. This will leave the door open for another tag team to come in and lead the division to the next level.

The Prime Time Playersptp_crop_exact

Since they started teaming together in early 2012, Darren Young and Titus O’Neil have shown great chemistry as a tag team, with their promos and their skills in the ring. Their only big feud to date was with Kofi Kingston and R-Truth when they were the tag champs, but they have always found a way to stay in the picture. They are believable as champions and it would go along with their gimmick of being flashy and getting “millions of dollars”. They, like almost every other tag team right now, are on the backburner while Wrestlemania season comes to its conclusion, but will surely do big things for the rest of the year.

Team Rhodes ScholarsSD_687_Photo_035HD_crop_exact

The team of Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow first seemed like a way to make both men relevant before they entered singles careers. They soon evolved into a great tag team, however, and have even been serious contenders for the tag titles in the past year. WWE attempted to split them up and have them focus on singles careers but within a few weeks they reformed the team like they had never broken up. They spent a few weeks helping to get over Sheamus and Orton before they began their rivalry with Tons of Funk, which will hopefully see them be victorious and have good momentum going into the post-Wrestlemania season.

The UsosTheUsos

Despite being used mostly as enhancement talent, The Usos have managed to still be over with the crowd when they are in action, whether it is their Samoan war chant as they enter the arena or their fluidity as a tag team. They have shown on numerous occasions that they have the ability to carry the tag team division, despite not always being on the front lines of tag team action. A good way to bring them into the bigger picture would be to have their father, Rikishi, come in and be their manager in their pursuit of the tag titles.

Whether it is Team Hell No or Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston that walks away with the gold at Wrestlemania, either team would be a giant stepping stone for the team that ends up taking the gold from them. Hopefully the WWE can go back to focusing on the tag team division like they have in the past. Being in a good tag team does not only do wonders for that team when they are together, but also helps them go into a good singles career later down the line. Edge, Jeff Hardy, The Miz, and many more found their first big steps in tag team action, and all of these teams could lead the division back to glory on their way to individual superstardom.