The Original J.O.B. Squad

Various WWE Jobbers

Mulkey Brothers, Tony Ulysses, Chris Gantner, Tony Zane, Dave Spearman/Spencer, Pablo Crenshaw, David Isley, and Josh Stroud

A lot has changed since WCW entered WWE airspace and made them struggle to remain on top.  One of the major things to disappear was the traditional “job guy”.  Guys like the aforementioned Barry Horowitz, SD Jones, and Ron Shaw are gone, of course, but what about the others?  I don’t mean the “Jobbers to the Stars” like the ones mentioned above.  I’m talking guys like Adrian Bivens, David Isley, Dave Spearman/Spencer, Bill Mulkey, Tony Zane, Chris Gantner, Josh Stroud, and others who would get into the ring with a star and just get their butts handed to them on a regular basis.  Some of these guys (Gantner and the extremely green yet muscle-bound Stroud) could actually get in the tiniest bit of offense from time to time.  However, they were mostly relegated to “punching bag” status.  The others (Bivens, Isley, Bill Mulkey, and, yes, Stroud) were so wretched in the ring that they couldn’t be trusted to go on the offense.  They’d just get in the ring and get killed by the star du jour.

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