The Five-Count: Will Sheamus Unify Titles?, Swagger/Rusev, Battleground Predictions

The Five-Count

Battleground is tonight! I’ve stated over the last few weeks that they should’ve left this pay-per-view out and do the usual build to SummerSlam. It’s left WWE throwing things together, but I will say it’s looking to be a better show than I originally thought. Not only that, but I think the first big encounters between Jericho/Wyatt and Rollins/Ambrose should’ve been saved for the biggest event of the summer. I’m staying hopeful and we should see a good show tonight. Well without further ado, here’s a breakdown of the last week in WWE!

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Proud To Be A Real American


Before you read this article, I want everyone to do me a favor. I want everyone to please rise, place your hand over your heart and say “We The People”. This has became my favorite catchphrase over the last fifteen hours. I have never watched wrestling and felt so patriotic, and felt so proud to be an American. Last night changed all that for me, and it was thanks to two guys I despised the most in the company. That’s the beauty of wrestling, you can go from hating  people to loving people just that quick. So I am proud to say that my two favorite gentlemen in the company at this moment in time is Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger.
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