Terrible Comment Or Bad Timing



The Battleground pay-per-view has garnered the WWE some heat when Lana made a comment that at least alluded to the recent tragedy of flight MH17. Her actual comment was “You Blame Russia for the recent current events when in fact you Americans should be scolded for your warmongering in Afghanistan and Iraq. You Americans should be insulted and afraid.” Her comment, of course, could have simply meant the notion that Russia was supporting the recent Ukrainian uprising in some form; if that were the case her comment may have been glorified for bringing great heat. Sadly the most recent current event was the MH17 tragedy, making her comment horrible and insulting the deceased families. [Read more...]

The Five-Count: Will Sheamus Unify Titles?, Swagger/Rusev, Battleground Predictions

The Five-Count

Battleground is tonight! I’ve stated over the last few weeks that they should’ve left this pay-per-view out and do the usual build to SummerSlam. It’s left WWE throwing things together, but I will say it’s looking to be a better show than I originally thought. Not only that, but I think the first big encounters between Jericho/Wyatt and Rollins/Ambrose should’ve been saved for the biggest event of the summer. I’m staying hopeful and we should see a good show tonight. Well without further ado, here’s a breakdown of the last week in WWE!

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Proud To Be A Real American


Before you read this article, I want everyone to do me a favor. I want everyone to please rise, place your hand over your heart and say “We The People”. This has became my favorite catchphrase over the last fifteen hours. I have never watched wrestling and felt so patriotic, and felt so proud to be an American. Last night changed all that for me, and it was thanks to two guys I despised the most in the company. That’s the beauty of wrestling, you can go from hating  people to loving people just that quick. So I am proud to say that my two favorite gentlemen in the company at this moment in time is Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger.
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