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Who Should Be The Next Contender?

big e axel

On this past episode of Raw, we were treated to the first round of a new tournament in WWE. The winner of this tournament would be declared the #1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship. This is a  great way to start building the credibility for the Intercontinental Championship again, but who deserves the chance to fight Big E? I will be analyzing the four semi-finalists positives for winning the tournament, and give my final prediction of what should happen in the end.

The Beards Of WWE

For decades, beards have played a huge yet relatively unrecognised role in the progress of the WWE. It is only recently that the significance of the chin hider has been suitably acknowledged on WWE programming. Daniel Bryan has reignited the facial fuzz phenomenon and is aided admirably by many superstars on the roster, so let us focus on the most prominent members of the current crop and dissect the quality, ambition and overall influence of the warming mats that grace the face of the WWE. (more…)

NXT Review (3/21/14) – Sheamus vs. English, Adam Rose and Mojo Rawley In Action, Four Matches Confirmed For Next Week

NXT Roster (more…)

Mid-Card Glass Ceiling Club

With Wrestlemania only 2 weeks away, there is a lot going on inside the WWE. There is so much focus on the main events (Undertaker/Lesnar, Bryan or HHH/Batista/Orton, John Cena/Bray Wyatt) that the mid-carders who carry the company are kind of lost in the shuffle. (more…)

WWE Live: Road to WrestleMania

It was the second day of March, on a cold Sunday night. I went to Bloomington, Illinois for my fourth WWE event. I’ve seen quite a few wrestlers since going to Raw in St. Louis three years ago heading into WrestleMania 27. I’ve been to three house shows in Bloomington, Springfield, and now back to Bloomington again. (more…)

WrestleMemories: Daniel Bryan VS Sheamus

Hi guys and gals, I’d like to take this time to introduce myself. My name is Joseph Morrison, and as one of the new writers on the site I will do my best to bring you entertaining stories on a regular basis. I’ve been watching professional wrestling for 3 decades (writers note: this is physically impossible what with me being 26, but I’ve watched for a long time all the same.) (more…)

The Ideal WrestleMania 30 Match Card Part 1



With only four months away from the biggest show of the year the one thing that’s on everybody’s mind (including Vince McMahon’s) is what matches will be featured on the grandest stage of them all.  Well I’ve given it a lot of thought and I can confidently say that I’ve come up with the best lineup possible with the current roster, part-timers, and the imminent signing of Goldberg.  Now before I start there are two things I feel the need to point out, first is that this ISN’T A DREAM CARD!  I was originally going to title this article “Dream WrestleMania 30 Match Card” but I realized every match I’m including are matches that the WWE COULD and SHOULD use for WrestleMania. (more…)

NXT Results (7/24/13) – Who’s The First NXT Women’s Champion?


They start the show off showing how Emma made it to the finals. Tonight, they will crown the first NXT Women’s Champion. (more…)

NXT Results (7/17/13) – Graves and Neville Capture Gold


This week’s edition of NXT starts with a triple threat match! (more…)

Money In The Bank: Stating The Case For Sheamus

Sheamus in the ring








What do seven writers, seven wrestlers and a precious briefcase have in common? That my dear readers is the brainchild of my fellow writer Zack Krasney. Zack called out writers and challenged us to write about a Money in the Bank (MITB) participant and why their chosen performer should win the coveted title of Mr Money in the Bank. So, to Brogue Kick things off I’m going to tell you why I’m backing WWE’s ‘Great White’, Sheamus. (more…)