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Ready To Ramble: The Streak, Warrior and Cesaro.






Welcome to another edition of Ready to Ramble. For those of you unfamiliar with Ready to Ramble, this is a column where I talk about a few happenings in WWE, whether they be backstage news or storyline, and I express my two cents on them and as always I welcome your thoughts on everything that I mention. (more…)

Final Thoughts On The Streak

A few weeks ago I posted an article questioning whether the Undertaker’s streak had run its course. I basically questioned whether anyone even had a serious question in their mind as to whether Brock Lesnar could snap it. (more…)

Wrestlemania Fantasy Matches


Wrestlemania season always seems to bring out the possibility of “dream matches.” Lately we are treated to (or disappointed with) a handful of part time talent making their returns to have a “Dream Match.” This always brings up the discussion of whether or not we will get to see the matches we have always wanted to. Undertaker vs. Sting, CM Punk vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Santino Marella vs. The Gobbledy Gooker. The list goes on and on. (more…)

How to Save Wrestlemania XXX…Part II

In the first part, I explored a couple of ideas on how to save the awful booking of Wrestlemania so that the fans could get what they want, and have an incredible show that uses the talent to the best of their ability, this is the continuation of how to save Wrestlemania XXX : (more…)

I’m A Wrestling Fan, And Proud Of It!

wweThis will probably be a pretty lengthy article, but please bear with me, as I’m sure what’s written in here will most likely hit home to many of you reading this. (more…)

WWE Poling: To Vote, or Not to Vote?

The idea behind this article was sent to me by a reader named Neil Wells. Remember folks, feel free to send me other ideas for future blogs, as I’d love to hear what you like to read!