Taking A Look At The WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony And What To Look Forward To

The annual WWE Hall of Fame ceremony takes place the night before Wrestlemania in New Orleans to honor the WWE legends who have paved the way for the company and its superstars and played a role in the empire  it is today.

For many it is seen as the Oscars of the WWE as past superstars are recognized for their skill, determination and the impact they made on the industry. Past legends inducted include, Cowboy Bob Orton, The million dollar man Ted Dibiase and The Nature Boy Ric Flair. This prestigious event is attended by all WWE superstars and they bring along their partners for this night of glitz and glam. It is very interesting to see the superstars out of their element, dressed in their best suits and the Divas look stunning in their evening gowns.

They bring their partner and families along and one can easily see what their personalities are outside the ring with their loved ones. Besides, the fashion statements and seeing your favorite stars in a different light (even if its for one night only), fans look can look forward to the speeches and seeing their favorite stars of yesteryear.   This year has an incredible line-up of inductees, with top favorites we are all can’t wait to see, namely The Ultimate Warrior, Jake “The Snake” Roberts and of course Lita, a personal favorite. One question, that is on everyone’s lips that we usual only find out on the night is who is going to induct these legends?. It gives a unique insight into  the relationship these superstars have or had with their inductees, and allows fans to see for themselves how they are doing besides what we see and hear on the media or looking at their Twitter feed, if they have one. For example, we know that Jake Roberts has had a health issue recently (and in the past), and this is the best way to honor him in his flailing health. Fans got to see him on Raw, weeks ago and besides the obvious muscle and weight loss, it has to be said that he looks healthy for his age.

Another aspect of the show,fans look forward to is the fact that it coincides, with the launch of the WWE Network, so it will be easy to see how many fans will purchase tickets, though its understood that the Hall of Fame ceremony sells out at the same rate as the actual Wrestlemania tickets. Those that do have tickets, or will they resell them and watch the show at home. This is highly unlikely though, as fans who attend the Hall of Fame, also dress up in their finest  for the occasion, and who would miss out an opportunity to dress up for this night of honor, as these superstars are honored.

Personally I’m looking forward to seeing Lita, dress up, I don’t think anyone has seen her looking vulnerable in a dress, but knowing her she would probably opt for a cut suit than a flowing gown. Let us know what you guys think what the Divas and especially Lita would wear. The ceremony itself tends to drag,as one can understand that the speeches can be long and their is a difficult criteria that goes into being nominated and then it has to be approved by Vince McMahon himself, and they do want to say thank you to everyone who has helped them make a success of their career, but the fans in attendance are known to spice things up by either breaking out in a chant or just randomly shouting “THANK YOU”! which everyone loves including the current superstars in attendance.

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