Team Hell YES

It’s funny how time changes people’s perception and how it’s hard to look at history while you are still in the midst of it. With that being said, I am aware of he fact that we are still in the middle or perhaps even still the beginning of the history to be forged by Team Hell No. The reason I mention time’s ability to change your perception is because I think back to only last summer and think about where Kane and Daniel Bryan were. Originally Daniel Bryan was in a feud with CM Punk which offered some of the finest wrestling matches in the federation’s history. Then in an attempt to perhaps spite the Internet fans, Mr. McMahon put the veteran Kane into the Punk/Bryan feud. This obviously enraged me as I thought the possibility of Bryan and Punk at last year’s SummerSlam in an Iron Man Match was huge, but instead someone whose career was not going to all of a sudden start get more people watching wrestling in Kane, was thrown into the mix.


Honestly at the time I was getting pretty bored with the Kane character at the time; he had returned with his mask and although he had some cool moments, it was never much more than generic Kane. Nothing wrong really with the character, but I’ve sen him since ’97 and felt Bryan and Punk had plenty of more material to do on TV before being moved on. Then Bryan and Kane got teamed together and honestly to me it just seemed like the weirdest pairing, like a random draw sort of thing. At which point Kane and Daniel Bryan started stealing the show week in and week out with the most entertaining segment every single time. By the time the unlikely pairing won the Tag Team championship I was pumped that they were being teamed together, and although I wanted them to reign as champions for as long as possible, I couldn’t help but look forward to the possibility of Kane and Daniel Bryan battling each other one on one.


Team Hell No finally broke up after Extreme Rules this year, losing the Tag Team Titles, but we saw something that I did not expect. Instead of Kane and Bryan imploding because they hate each other, Daniel Bryan became obsessed with the possibility of him being the weak link of the team. While this led to an entertaining series of matches between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton, and it did succeed in setting up Daniel Bryan to face John Cena, it still completely leap frogged the possible set of matches between Kane and Bryan. We are getting the first match with them one on one this Monday on Raw, but they’re still being booked as friends, who are being forced to face each other on Raw. I expect this to be a great match, Bryan is at the top of his game and there’s a very interesting psychological standpoint going into the match, of them being friends.


However we know that we will not be getting a continuation of that feud, a possible Bryan Vs. Kane at SummerSlam, Bryan is facing John Cena without question. With Kane being tied up with the Wyatt’s it’s interesting thinking of where Bryan will fit; will he continue going after John Cena, we he team or Feud with Kane; or could he be WWE champion? However a problem has been presented in the booking of this whole scenario that will surely leave me annoyed at some point. To me Kane Vs. Daniel Bryan deserves a good amount of time on television in terms of setting up  their match, and I believe the final encounter, the crescendo of their story should be at either a SummerSlam or WrestleMania. But if Bryan loses to Cena at SummerSlam, then goes to face Kane at WrestleMania, to it seems like a huge step back from where he is currently being used on the card.


I expect Daniel Bryan to be featured far up on the card at WrestleMania, even to the point he could very well be in the main event scene. A match between Kane and Daniel Bryan would not be in the main event, it just feels like a match that would get mid card placement at a WrestleMania. So this would mean 1 of 3 things; 1 WWE does the match at WrestleMania and Bryan takes a large step in the wrong direction towards taking over the WWE. 2 we see Daniel Bryan and Kane face each other at next years SummerSlam, which could be done well, but it will lose a lot of the steam it could have had by being done this year right off Team Hell No breaking up; or 3 the WWE starts and wraps a Feud between Kane and Daniel Bryan between WrestleMania and SummerSlam. This would allow Bryan somewhere to go from facing Cena and prepare him for a main event level feud at WrestleMania with someone else; while allowing enough time for the feud to feel organic and be what it should be. However I still believe that these two dedicated performers deserve a grander stage that Survivor Series.

  • Daniel

    I would like to point out, something I thought was beyond powerful that you missed in this article.

    Daniel Bryan, was one of the few people as of late to be able to tag team with Undertaker.