Tebow Time

Tebow A story broke today over on ProFootballTalk.com about WWE possibly working with the NFL to get talent not included on a team’s 53 man roster into a career in the ring. This is an idea that is long overdue, as we’ve seen from the likes of Chief Jay Strongbow, Ernie Ladd, The Rock, Goldberg, and to a MUCH lesser extent Steve McMichael, people with a football background tend to be larger than life personalities and physiques. It’s an obvious transition if you run out of options in the world of football for one reason or another. This seems like another idea that’s from the mind of Triple H as it is an example of bringing in someone with name recognition and letting them become a star instead of just focusing on building someone from scratch.

Reading the comments on that article made me realize that there’s one person out there that could rather easily transition into a career in the world of wrestling, who has no legitimate football job prospects currently. The man is obviously Tim Tebow, a controversial figure among fans of the NFL, not because of his off field antics but because of his on field abilities, or lack thereof. While I’ve never been a Tebow fan (Florida State fan, it’s not allowed, even if he saved my life somehow) I am willing to admit that he’s one hell of a gifted athelete. While I don’t feel he’s right for a career as a starting quarterback in the NFL, he has just enough name value to make a career in the ring. He also, seemingly, comes with very little downside out of the ring as he’s apparently an all-around good guy with very few vices, if he has any. This could be the opportunity that Tebow needs to keep his name out there, he’s still young, so he could use his celebrity platform for years to come as a wrestler.

When you look at it, you don’t even have to come up with a gimmick, Tebow is already built in with a name and a look. Much like Goldberg he could be a one name superstar, he’s got the size, the build, the persona, and is already known by just saying his last name, and it’s such an easy character even Vince Russo could pull it off. Tebow comes with the built in babyface gimmick of being the “God Warrior” a role given up with the retirement of Shawn Michaels, who could actually mentor him on television for a little in order to add legitimacy to his character. He would get over with the religious sect of fans; his already massive fan base would also likely follow him to the squared circle, making him one of the largest merchandise drivers in recent memory. This would seem to be a win on every single possible angle, WWE wins by getting another massive star, Tebow wins by being allowed to continue his athletic pursuits and keep his name on people’s lips, while also keeping his ability to preach the word of God to the masses.

Over time people will get tired of the good guy gimmick, just ask John Cena, eventually leading to a heel turn for Tebow. This will also be an easy thing to pull off with his character, although it would cost WWE money in merch sales, and risk alienating some of the religious fans, it’s something that could keep the character important and top of mind with the audience. The easiest way to turn him would be to make him into a religious zealot character, condemning all the fans for idolatry, having impure thoughts, and anything else that would go against biblical values. This turn may actually give more mainstream value to the character as he would be a much more controversial character than just being the nice guy, all American, Jesus loving, God fearing, Christian guy that Tim Tebow has been known as to this point in his career both on and off the gridiron.

This is one of those can’t miss prospects, if Triple H and his crew are able to convince Tebow to put on some boots and step into the ring to continue his career. I’ll admit I would actually like to see this happen, even as someone who’s never been a fan of Tebow the football player; I may actually support Tebow the wrestler. A role with WWE will give him the world stage still to be able to get out his message; also it would allow him to work with groups like Make-A-Wish on a massive level, as well as helping in their anti-bullying program. Tebow’s athleticism has never been questioned, neither has his heart, he’s an easy star to create as his own value is still hot to this day, he even comes with his own patented pose. In the past Tebow has mentioned he wouldn’t rule out a political future which is still possible as an ex-wrestler, ask Former Governor Ventura about that one. One more thing this would do, which would thrill the IWC more than anything else mentioned here, this would create a big enough merch monster to FINALLY be able to turn Cena. After all, isn’t that the greatest gift Tebow could offer us by coming to the WWE?

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  • The Bops

    Excellent article. Well done, sir.

    • christopher525

      Thank ya, and I'm 100% serious about this one. I would actually support Tebow in the WWE. Why keep trying to get on in football when it's clear nobody sees you as a potential star for them? Instead, turn yourself to the WWE and become the biggest star since Stone Cold. Just think, you transition from the Hoganesque Cena to an Anti-Stone Cold Tebow.

  • dwoo-elp

    Actually, turning Tebow heel is not out of the realm of scripting…. Years ago, Tully Blanchard went from face to heel, and he’s a reputable minister. Ted DiBiase was a tremendous heel in his lifetime, he too is a man of the cloth. So, the thought of alienation amongst the religious ranks should diminish, if the scripts and the time invested in Tebow are equitable for investment.