Thankful For Our Intellectual Saviour

The WWE saw an influx of amazing talent in 2012, Ryback head of the class clearly. Yes I’m joking, but at the time Ryback was hailed as the best of the new comers. My personal favourite of all the wrestlers to emerge on the scene last year, The Intellectual Saviour  of the Masses, Damien Sandow. Damien was not immediately skyrocketed to the top of the card and honestly I’m glad for that because I know Damien Sandow has an extremely bright future, so a little more time for maturation on national television is a good thing in my eyes. The proof for me that Damien Sandow has no need to worry about his future is that he was put in a tag team with the ultra talented Cody Rhodes, and Damien was still seen as the leader of the team. Personally I see Damien Sandow as a major player in the future of the WWE, honestly I see multiple WrestleMania main events in his future.

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I will also go on record as saying that while I do certainly enjoy his beard, it is not the only reason that I like Damien Sandow. I’m not sure if creative gave Mr. Sandow very specific instructions for this character, although I’d like to believe the choices made for the character have been mostly his own choosing, just seems more poetic, but I have no factual basis for it. The choices I’m talking about are things like how well groomed his beard is; in a world with many beards in the landscape, Damien’s looks quite distinct. The robe and towel combination, I believe wonderfully encapsulates the intellectual wrestler that this man is. His wrestling gear is also top notch, pink tights and purple knee pads, with the manliness to pull it off; and the best part, white boots. Remember kids, only the good guys wear white boots.

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Honestly I’m surprised more than anything that he’s yet to capture championship gold in the WWE, but perhaps that’s only because he’s being sent right to the World Heavyweight Championship. Admittedly he’s taken some upsetting defeats in the recent past, but I’d like to believe, as would most I assume, that these recent defeats are only to make the moment he cashes in the Money In The Bank a bigger surprise to all of us. Speaking of which I’ll take a quick second to say I think his briefcase is wonderful, it still says Money In The Bank on the case as opposed to previous custom cases that just had the wrestler’s name. It’s a huge improvement however over people just carrying around those vibrant blue or red cases, which look completely ridiculous when you bring it into the context of these are grown men, supposedly in an athletic competition.

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Damien Sandow has impressed me on all fronts, his in ring work is truly wonderful, crisp, powerful, just like his persona. Trained by Killer Kowalski, the same guy that trained HHH, puts Damien in a good class both in the ring and politically. Not to say he’s used that to align himself with the soon-to-be-boss, but it’s certainly a possibility and it couldn’t hurt. But beyond his in-ring work, Damien Sandow has unbelievable control over the audience on that microphone. He’s got catchphrases that I’m sure will turn into t-shirt sales sooner rather than later, and the delivery is as good as anyone going today. Catchphrases are one thing, but the use of the term “Silence!” is absolutely brilliant; the same basic idea of telling the audience to shut up when they’re booing, to make them boo louder. But Damien’s able to take that concept, put it perfectly into his own gimmick and knowing exactly when to use it.


I’m aware Damien Sandow certainly doesn’t need my advice, god knows if I had the advice I’d take it and do better than him. But as a fan I can only hope that he continues down what could very well be a hall of fame career, as long as he tries to continue to improve every chance he gets. I think as a general note to all current WWE superstars, The Undertaker is not going to be around much longer. Meaning the opportunity to take the spot as the most reliable, hardest working and toughest guy in the locker room is soon opening up. I see a guy like Damien Sandow as someone who can take that role. He’ll have to reinvent himself many a times over the years as all the greats do, and I look forward to seeing that television. In the short while I’ve known Damien he’s given me plenty of entertainment and feel he’s going to be on top of the WWE heap in under 5 years.

  • robert delgado

    I’d like to see Sandow get a “head injury” backstage somehow and think he is Macho Man and become Macho Man or Macho King. Run with that gimmick for say 2years. Sell lots of merch too. Lets face it he is almost Macho Man now, elbow off the turnbuckle, clothes and in the face. why not turn him into Macho King for awhile? You’re Welcome!