The Ascension: The Time To Rise Is Now

Ascension I had an idea for an article earlier, and I fully intend to get to that one soon enough, but looking at Wrestling News World I noticed that Ricardo Rodriguez responded to the attack by Del Rio from Monday. This made me think of a storyline that could be used to bring up more developmental talent. I’ve already been writing about certain NXT stars and how their future could play out if brought up with the correct scenario. Many people may not remember all the way back to the FCW days but back then Ricardo was part of a faction, something that could have been huge if injuries and other storylines hadn’t derailed the entire thing. I could see, even telling people I know, Monday as a chance for this group to make their way onto the main WWE roster. While we’ve got the Wyatt Family playing a bit of a creepy group, I feel that this crew could go over well in a similar but different setup.

Ricardo Rodriguez was once a member of The Ascension, a group that’s apparently coming back in NXT with one original and a new teammate. Ricardo originally joined up with Conor O’Brian, Kenneth Cameron, Tito Colon, and Raquel Diaz to form the first incarnation of The Ascension. As O’Brian returned from injury the group had fallen apart with Colon moving to the main roster to eventually team with his cousin Primo, Diaz distancing herself from the group to being the “Queen of FCW,” and Rodriguez having left long before to focus solely on his role as Alberto Del Rio’s ring announcer. Cameron had a nice run as a singles star using the Ascension gimmick, with O’Brian coming back to continue the gimmick as tag team. Eventually Cameron was released after an arrest for intoxication and assault on a police officer. This left O’Brian to carry the Ascension gimmick on his own, once again derailing a potentially great gimmick before hitting the main roster.

The Ascension has been reborn on the NXT brand as a tag team once again comprised of Conor O’Brian and Rick Victor, another incredibly talented veteran worker. The fact that the gimmick hasn’t been junked shows that someone sees dollar signs somewhere, and I have to agree. The group is essentially a dark, vampire like team, a gimmick that actually worked out well for Kevin Thorn for quite a while, until WWE decided to end the vampire gimmick for some unknown reason. The Ascension is a captivating team, their gimmick is a great hook, but their ring work is also solid enough to keep your attention. I know there are supposed to be different singles stars awaiting a call up right now, but we all know the tag division has been pretty dead for a while, so why not add something in to spice things up again? The Ascension is a powerful duo who could easily make a big impact on the main card, it’s just a matter of time before they are called up, this is part of my theory involving Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio after the vicious attack suffered on Raw this past Monday night.

While Ricardo wasn’t really part of the group when they went into the dark characters, he still has a connection to O’Brian and the group, with O’Brian also having a bit of a connection to Del Rio from the old incarnation of NXT. After getting beat down Ricardo tweeted about how he had been betrayed by not only his boss, but his friend after three years. This could be a sign that Ricardo is going into a bit of a dark state and looking for revenge on the man who savagely attacked him. As a result I could see Ricardo making comments about Del Rio needing to watch his back leading up to SummerSlam, saying he would have his revenge. Del Rio would laugh it off saying Ricardo has no chance against him, never suspecting that Ricardo has backup coming to help him in this vendetta. SummerSlam would come without an attack, with Del Rio thinking he’s still safe, until his match with Christian happens. I know it will disappoint a lot of people, but Christian would get the win but not the title in this matchup. Part way through the match the lights go down and Ricardo is on the screen, he tells Del Rio he promised revenge and now he will have it, because tonight The Ascension rises. When the screen cuts off, the lights come back on and O’Brian and Victor are in the ring with Del Rio, who they beat down until he can’t get back to his feet.

Ricardo would then become the mouthpiece for the new tag team of Victor and O’Brian, bringing The Ascension to the main roster and making a massive impact on night one of their run. Del Rio would lose his match to Christian, and if I had my way he would also lose the WHC, to Damian Sandow as he cashes in on the unconscious Del Rio after the attack by The Ascension. This would allow progression on the Sandow angle, it would keep Christian as a main event talent, it would continue the feud between Del Rio and Rodriguez, and most importantly it would bring new talent to the main roster. Some people would say adding a third three person stable would be a bad idea with The Shield and Wyatt Family already working the main roster, this stable would be different because it would be a tag team with a mouthpiece, not three wrestlers. Yes, Rodriguez is a hell of a worker, but the WWE audience would never take him seriously as a top worker, having him step into the role of a manager would be a win for everyone involved. I may not be a creative genius, but I think this could be a great concept for WWE to run with, also allowing The Ascension (finally) the chance to rise…again.

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