The Beast Incarnate: 5 Reasons Why Brock Lesnar May Be WWE’s Greatest Heel

Brock Lesnar made his return to WWE programming on April 2nd 2012 to a huge ovation from the WWE Universe. Leaving John Cena a crumpled wreck in the middle of the ring following a devastating F5, Lesnar’s intent was clear to everyone. The following week on RAW a stare-down between the two resulted in a spear from Lesnar and a bloodied Cena missing a tooth, courtesy of a legitimate punch smashed in to his mouth. Since his return to WWE though, Lesnar has lost in high profile matches to both Cena and Triple H, but this doesn’t take anything away from him as WWE’s most dominant force. Regardless of any previous victories or losses Brock may have endured, the WWE Universe expects him to step between the ropes regardless and destroy whichever superstar stands opposing him. And I don’t mean to simply pick up a victory, but to actually destroy his opponent. With this expectation and with a physical dominance very few competitors before have ever achieved in the ring, could Brock Lesnar be the WWE’s all-time greatest heel? Here are my 5 reasons why he should at least be considered.


Winning the NCAA heavyweight championship in 2000 is by no means a walk in the park and confirmed Lesnar’s ability as an amateur wrestler, but consider his run with UFC from 2007. With victories against Randy Couture, Shane Carwin and Frank Mir, Lesnar has beaten some of the world’s greatest and most prolific fighters. No theatrics, no worked spots, Lesnar beat them in real fights and became the UFC Heavyweight Champion whilst also dealing with bouts of diverticulitis. The fact that Lesnar has beaten such accomplished opponents and for real gives credence to The Beast Incarnate persona he currently utilizes in WWE. Lesnar is a fighter, and he’s cemented himself as one of the world’s best.


Brock Lesnar’s aggression must make the lockeroom cringe when Creative book them in the opposite corner. His smash mouth, one hundred mile an hour attitude is what makes a successful heel. The fact that he will do whatever it takes to hurt his opponent brings unpredictability in to play. To be blunt, a heel that plays by his own rules with a villainous, aggressive streak and no fear of consequence is truly captivating for viewers.


To put it simply, Lesnar must surely be the strongest performer to have ever competed in the WWE. Yes, John Cena has struggled to raise the Big Show on his shoulders and deliver the FU. Wade Barrett hoisted Mark Henry on his shoulders to deliver Wasteland with a little help from the ring, but it’s the effortlessness and ease in which Lesnar has lifted these superstars on to his shoulders. Big Show, Henry, Rikishi, some of the biggest superstars in WWE have been manhandled by the Beast Incarnate. Also, remember his dominance over the rest of the lockeroom? The clothesline delivered to Spike Dudley during his debut? Shannon Moore spinning through the air like a propeller blade during an F5? No-one has had such a physical dominance and impact in the ring like Lesnar, a feat which has been difficult for others to replicate. Lesnar has an intimidation factor and presence in the ring that prompts the WWE Universe to expect him victorious no matter who his opponent may be.


Brock Lesnar has promoted himself in to a worldwide brand. His success as an MMA competitor within UFC pushed him to become one of the worlds most recognized fighters. Upon his return to WWE Lesnar has had to continue this, thus making him different from every other superstar he competes against. Lesnar must be recognized as a legitimate, dominant entity for his branding to remain successful, which means he must adopt a bad attitude in the ring and prove himself as his brand suggests. There’s also the arrogance that Lesnar knows he’s one of the worlds most recognized fighters, and that clearly comes across whenever he appears on programming. Arrogance is often a trait used by heels but in Lesnar’s case you know he can back up it up.
Brock is also money orientated and being the brand that he is, knows he can draw vast amounts of it. It’s no secret that Lesnar is on a mega-money contract with WWE and successfully exploits financial motivation during appearances.
Lesnar has a bad attitude, and he knows how to utilize it.

Paul Heyman

The fact that Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar are friends only adds to the persona of the Beast Incarnate. Heyman is a trip to the past where managers were abundant within the WWE, and his current persona works wonders alongside his friend and client. In rekindling their friendship on screen, WWE took Lesnar’s biggest weakness and made it a strength. Lesnar’s weak mic skills have been noted in the past by many fans and critics. This time around the weakness was rectified. Heyman talks the talk so effectively on Lesnar’s behalf that Lesnar only has to sell himself in the ring. Since his return to WWE Brock has uttered very few words allowing Heyman to do the majority of the talking, and in turn has created a mystique. There is something menacing about a superstar of little words. Look at Yokozuna, possibly the only other superstar who can rival Lesnar’s dominance in the organization. During his most successful period, James Cornette and Mr Fuji sold Yoko without requiring his participation in any promo segments, except for the odd shout of ‘Bonsai.’
With Heyman’s mic skills and exceptional wrestling knowledge, Brock Lesnar can remain a dominant enigma that captivates the WWE Universe.

My argument for why Brock Lesnar may be WWE’s most dominant heel is due to the five successes listed above. He is a legitimate ass-kicker who has demonstrated this against some truly world class, legitimate fighters. His awesome strength is utilized successfully by his pure aggression. No other WWE superstar has combined these two traits so successfully in tandem. His bad attitude is enhanced by Paul Heyman working as his promoter, which in effect completes his near perfect package as a heel. Brock Lesnar’s power, aggression, legitimacy, bad attitude and despicable manager have crafted him in to, what I believe, is the greatest heel thus far in WWE.

  • christopher525

    Pretty solid article, well done. I like the point of the article, and it may be accurate. The biggest thing is that Brock Lesnar is the top heel without even having to play a gimmick, he can go out and be Brock Lesnar. The one thing that's always been said is that the best characters are the ones that are just someone being themselves turned up to 11, this is Brock's gimmick currently.

    • Alan Keen

      Thanks for reading Christopher, i'm glad you enjoyed the article.

  • Mike

    I’m sorry, but two things really bothered me about this. First, the fact that you stated Brock must surely be the strongest guy ever in the WWE, and second, that you backed that up by comparing his feats of strength with those of guys like John Cena and…… Wade Barrett. Really? Wade Barrett?? Anyways, do yourself a favor and take a look at Mark Henry’s Wikipedia page and you will see why I think the statement you made is so absurd. While I liked the rest of the article, that small part ruined it for me. You either failed to do proper research, or made an intentional outlandish statement to help drive your argument. Either way is irresponsible writing.

    • Alan Keen

      Hi Mike, thanks for reading my article. I'm glad you enjoyed part of it. you are right, Henry is for sure the strongest performer, but i feel in WWE Lesnar has been more impressive. The Cena / Barrett references were feats which just stand out in my mind. This is just my opinion, but i'm glad you posted in response. Maybe now Henry is feuding for the WWE title with Cena he will become more of a monster which i feel he can become.

  • HB14

    I agree with both the author and Mike. The point is that Lesnar has utilised his strength far more impressively than Henry has in WWE, despite being the stronger person. The article raises valid points for Lesnar being the top heel, despite the debate about who is actually superior power-wise. Good article I enjoyed reading, and opens up a great discussion. Well done Mike for offering your opinion, and well done Alan for writing a bold article that has got us talking.

  • Alan Keen

    Thanks for reading. I'm glad you enjoyed the article and have contributed to this discussion. I thought this may be a controversial article as so many great heels have featured over the years. Everyone has a different take, and its great that people have become involved with this article.

  • Joshua Goldberg

    Good analysis of Lesnar's strengths (and weaknesses).

    I have to agree with you – albeit very begrudgingly. The WWE has several heels right now that *could* be the greatest, but none of them have the all-around heel persona that Lesnar has right now. It's sad more than anything.

    For example…Vickie Guerrero and Paul Heyman get the most heat of anybody on the roster. BUT they're not wrestlers.

    Mark Henry gets great heat, but is not a huge PPV draw like Lesnar. Also, on the technical side of things, Lesnar now is still more convincing and well-rounded than Henry (even if Henry is one of the most improved performers in WWE history).

    Who else does the WWE have on the heel side of things? Del Rio? Swagger? I'd say The Shield are the best heels in the company, but again, that's only with the caveat that there are 3 of them. I just wrote a whole column about how Ryback has sunk from being the number 2 babyface to being, now, maybe a number 3 heel in terms of "power rankings."

    Finally, we have CM Punk – the best heel in the business, by far, until the night after Mania. Now, he's getting pops again, not jeers. That's not a heel. The same thing can almost be said for Ziggler, who hasn't really changed much in persona, but is now more of a babyface than a heel.

    By default, Brock Lesnar is the WWE's top heel. Again, this is sad more than anything because he isn't even on the touring roster. Maybe an Orton heel turn isn't as far-fetched as I thought in 2013? While many fans love to point out how the WWE lacks major babyfaces to compliment Cena, it's not like they have THAT many established heels ready to challenge Cena in the main event.

  • Nicholas Larks

    You have a great article with some valid arguments as to why Brock Lesnar is not only a great heel but a great performer as well. However I think he is behind a decent amount of guys to be Greatest Heel Ever. I always thought the greatest faces made the greatest heels ala Ric Flair, Nick Bockwinkle, Hollywood Hogan, The Rock, etc. Great points though!

  • jass

    Awsome…Lesner is not a Entertainer he is a Ass Kikker…nice article dude..

  • derrick wheeler

    mike i bet ypu brock could tear the skin off mark henrys face. the point brock was a real champion_

    • derrick wheeler