The Chosen One….For Failure?

Drew McIntyre, a young man with so much talent and the look of a superstar. He first graced our screens in 2006 for a brief period, went down to developmental, and came back in 2009 on our screens and instantly came in with a tag to live up to. He was Vince McMahon’s ‘Chosen One’, but over the 2 year period of this gimmick we saw the fall from grace of this young talent. How did Drew end up from the top prospect in the company to being part of the wheel in 3MB? Does Drew deserve to be where he is now or is he really worth the ‘Chosen One’ title he had when he first came in? I look back at McIntyre’s time in WWE and I give my thoughts on where I see Drew going in the next few years.

Drew McIntyre

Drew came to the Smackdown brand in 2009, disregarding his previous time on WWE television, and established himself as a villain by attacking R-Truth as he entered the ring. McIntyre continued to attack Truth over the following weeks, claiming to be on the show to wrestle not to party like Truth. Eventually, Mr. McMahon introduced McIntyre as a “future World Champion” that he had personally signed, after which Truth made a return attack against McIntyre. McIntyre then faced and defeated John Morrison a few weeks later, putting him in line for Morrison’s Intercontinental Championship at TLC, where he went on to win the Intercontinental Title, his first championship in WWE.

Following this, McIntyre didn’t really have much happen in terms of progression. He was drafted in April 2011 to the Raw brand but featured very rarely on Raw and was confined to dark matches and WWE Superstars. He then faced Justin Gabriel on Superstars and won a Smackdown contract, and McIntyre moved back to Smackdown in December 2011. He was briefly fired for a week by Teddy Long before being re-instated by John Laurinaitis. On the September 21 episode of SmackDown, McIntyre and Jinder Mahal interfered in a match between Heath Slater and Brodus Clay by attacking Clay, aligning themselves with Slater. The trio became known as the Three Man Band, later shortened to 3MB. Since then, McIntyre has lingered in the under card as part of 3MB.


Was McIntyre really worth the ‘Chosen One’ title from when he first came in? It can certainly be said that the title gave Drew big shoes to fill and set a very high expectation on him. Fans expected a high standard from McIntyre each time he set foot in the ring, despite it being a storyline tag. Was it too much too soon maybe to put him in this position? I certainly don’t think it helped Drew, despite his in ring talent, his mic work left something to be desired at the time for me. He just wasn’t ready to be thrust into the spotlight he was given.

You can equally ask about whether or not McIntyre is wasted in 3MB? He has come along since he came in as the ‘Chosen One’ and is definitely a great talent in the ring. His mic work still could do with improving, but as with everything it needs time and dedication on his part and WWE’s part. He is clearly the standout star in that faction for me and I do believe his talent is being wasted right now. Drew should be given the chance to progress himself away from 3MB and have a chance at another singles run. I believe that given the time he could really push himself. His frustration shows itself, he feels he should have a better spot on the card, and I agree with him. He has tried too hard in the past to prove his point, but he is clearly the most popular star of the trio with the fans.

Drew McIntyre

What does the future hold for Drew? Well, as with anything in the WWE, 3MB clearly isn’t going to last forever. The fact is McIntyre needs to continue working hard and proving himself to the higher ups in the company by getting noticed for the right reasons. This will position him for a chance at success. If he doesn’t focus then I see the outcome sadly being him jobbing for the rest of his career, or being released from the company. If he was successful, then I firmly believe given some work on his mic skills that McIntyre could easily put together a run for, and perhaps even become, one of the WWE’s champions. I firmly believe he can be the future of the WWE, he just needs to focus and remain determined. He will never be the face of WWE, but he could put together a challenge to certainly be one of the top guys in the company.

As always, I look forward to seeing your comments and thoughts on McIntyre. Do you think he deserves a better spot than he has? Or do you believe McIntyre is firmly where he should be and should destined to a life at the bottom of the WWE ladder? As always, I look forward to seeing your thoughts and responding to you. For my next article I will be giving my thoughts on where WWE can go potentially with some of their angles following on from Night of Champions.

  • Kiddlover12345

    100% agreed

    • Jamie Welton

      Thanks Kiddlover12345, glad to see I'm not alone on this one

  • jean

    He is clearly being held back by wwe management, despite his considerable talents and suitable image for wrestling. Must be frustrating for him to be stuck in that joke jobbing faction. Atleast he is getting paid every week and gets alot of air time, albeit losing all their matches.

    • Jamie Welton

      It certainlly appears that he is being held back in some way Jean, and I cannot begin to imagine why that is. You can tell whenever you see him he is crying out for more, and he is one of the many that deserve it. I would like to hope he can turn a corner and WWE use him better than they have been. He has such great potential, I just hope WWE doesn’t let him slip away before they realise it

  • Chris Owen

    The only thing I can think of is his attitude. I think Drew is wasted in 3MB or even in WWE. I believe he will be the future world champion I hope and he will deserve it. Using him to job when he quite clearly has talent is a baffle and that is why I believe he's being punished or being told to kurb his attitude. Whatever the reason he can't stay like this for too long otherwise he will become stale. Since 3MB has formed they have maybe won a handful of matches and I am not sure what the point of the team is now. They need to split and decide what to do with them.Drew is clearly the best there and a lot better than some wrestlers including on that list someone who just beat Cesaro and Sandow. In closing Drew could become the complete package he just needs the chance.

    • Jamie Welton

      I can assume Chris it may be attitude related, there's no other logical reason at this point I can see. I feel whenever I see Drew he looks like a man who has a chip on his shoulder and knows he should be in a better position, but may be too cocky to admit he is the problem. 3MB started off winning quite well, but were then quickly put back down to jobbers. Drew's time will hopefully come, it's a case of when. I hate to say it but at least if he went to TNA they would use him in the right spot…For a few months anyway

  • Sheldon

    I disagree entirely! I was never a fan and never will be. I just don’t buy this guy at all. His mic skill are horrible. The guy butchers the English language with his accent. That very long hair also annoys me. I believe men should have short hair not long hair like women. I’m not trolling for those who think I am but this is my opinion of McIntyre.

  • Kurt

    WTF WWE seriously has a problem with this guy? why why. when their precious Randy orton who stole McIntyre's chosen one gimmick face of WWE is the same has Chosen One yet Orton the overrated Piece of crap hogs everything when he barely does anything. McIntyre is The Chosen One! and always should be. not Blandy Overrated Borton who should be fired. McIntyre +Chosen One/Face of WWE=AWESOME. Randy Orton+ Chosen One/Face of WWE=BORING.

  • Krysta

    As a supporter of Drew; though I am not normally a vocal one per se; here is my two cents.

    I agree on everything but the mic; which I will get to in a moment.

    I dare say he does have a chip on his shoulder – but I think anyone would considering he was somewhat abandoned mid push; this I think was a result of that whole business with his ex-wife. I think he is still being punished for her sins; because he’s still there too punish. I also believe that he is just so happy to have a job with WWE (being the goal for almost any wrestler in the business) and not have gotten canned because of the BS with the wife that he’s just taking whatever is sent his way but the frustration and resentment is peeking through – at least he doesn’t phone his performance in like ADR – who is really boring in the ring. The fact the some of his comments on his twitter account is slightly questionable too…but again I think that is based on the fact he’s 28; and the fact that he’s a Scot; they are a little more loser in the whole appropriate communications department.

    And the hokem about not being over with the fans is just that hokem; it’s just how can anyone compete with the juggernaut that is Cena? Or Punk? Or Bryan? Those three are like that hit song on the radio that they play every hour; you get sick of it after a week.

    I was happy to see him get some gold around his waist; but it wasn’t the first time; I think most forget he had a substantial run in the independents in the UK & Ireland and carried their belts as well; it was this same scene that gave us Wade Barrett and Sheamus. Which brings me to…

    His mic work is not as bad as people seem to think; I have seen some of his mic work from his time in the independents; he’s actually quite funny in his schtick. Watching him talking smack about the likes of Sheamus; and doing a promo with Wade Barrett before he was Wade Barrett was quite entertaining.

    That is the Drew McIntyre I would like to see; he’s still young enough to be a cheeky bugger; but has the ability to bring his passion and agility to the ring.

    He has the potiental to have matches that would be – to quote Ed Whelan – A Ring-A-Ding-Dong Dandy.

    Those are my thoughts on it.

    • Krysta

      Please forgive the typos…