The Great American Bash – July 20th, 2008

On this day in WWE History: July 20th, 2008

This was the 5th time the Great American Bash since WWE bought the WCW from Ted Turner. It took place at at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York and 12,454 fans attended the event.

To start the night off there was a Dark Match between Umaga and Mr. Kennedy in which Umaga was victorious.
To open the show live on PPV there was a Fatal Four Tag Team Match for the WWE Tag Team Championships:

Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match for The Tag Team Championships
John Morrison & The Miz (Champions) VS. Jesse & Festus VS. Finlay & Hornswaggle VS. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder

Hawkins & Ryder spent many months running with Edge as his Edge-heads. Jesse & Festus were a time that relied alot on the power that Festus brought to the team, manhandling anyone in their path and of course the team of the Irish Man and his “Leprechaun-esque” Hornswaggle. Morrison and Miz had been bosating how there was no team good enough to the titles from them but that all changed during this fatal four way match. Hawkins and Ryder came out from Edges shadow (for the time being) when Hawkins pinned Jesse to win the titles for him and Ryder.

United States Championship Match
Matt Hardy (Champion) VS. Shelton Benjamin
Shelton Benjamin becoame the first wrestler in WWE’s bash history to challenge for the U.S. Title and successfully win it. He went on to hold the title for 243 days until he lost it to MVP on the 500th episode of Smackdown.

ECW Championship Match
Mark Henry (Champion) VS. Tommy Dreamer

For months Tommy Dreamer had been vying for the ECW Championship only to be consistently over powered by the champion Mark Henry. This time it was who Dreamer brought to the ring with him as backup that cost him an opportunity at the 2008 Bash. Henry was escorted by Tony Atlas while Dreamer had Colin Delaney at his side. When it looked as though Dreamer’s dream was about to come true Delaney turned on Dreamer setting him up as an easy target for the World’s Strongest Slam.

Chris Jericho VS. Shawn Michaels

The feud between these to revered superstars have often been called one of the greatest rivalries of all time, and I have to say I can’t really disagree. In this incarnation of their feud it started when Shawn Michaels beat Ric Flair in a retirement match. Many were upset at Shawn Michaels for winning this match including Batista who took it very personally. After a few weeks Jericho made it clear that he was upset by the fact as well. This feud actually deserves an article of it’s own to convey the emotions that were involved in it, which I may do at another time. But this match was wrapped in raw emotion and after Jericho busted Shawn open the ref had no choice but to call the match and raise Jericho’s hand in victory. After Shawn disappeared for a few months the rivalry would continue at Unforgiven.


Match to determine the first WWE Diva’s Champion Match
Michelle McCool VS. Natalya
Michelle McCool defeated Natalya to become the 1st WWE Diva’s Champion.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
C.M. Punk (Champion) VS. Batista

Not long before this match C.M. Punk cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase to win the gold from Edge after he had fought a “war” with the Animal Batista. Ironically enough Batista was soon named the number one contender for Punks newly attained championship. Although this was a good hard fought match by both competitors it ended when Kane attacked them both and the ref ruled it a double DQ. Punk retained the Championship which champions do in these cases.


NYC Parking Lot Brawl
John Cena VS. JBL
THis rivalry had been going on for some time now. Vince McMahon was “injured” leaving Raw without a G.M. JBL would try to take control of the show in his absence. JBL made a match with C.M. Punk for his WHC and had his personal security escort Cena from the building so that he couldn’t interfere. Cena got back in the arena bringing with Cryme Tyme and attacking the security forces and making it possible for Punk to retain his title. The next week before a fatal four way match to determine the #1 contender for the WHC in which Cena and JBL were both involved in, Cryme Tyme and Cena proceeded to trash JBL’s Limousine setting up the parking lot brawl. JBL ended up victorious at the Bash against Cena.


WWE Championship Match
Triple H (Champion)VS. Edge

To end this match, Edge attempting to spear the referee managed to spear Vickie Guerrero instead. While trying to compose himself Triple H hit him with a match winning Pedigree thus retaining the WWE Championship and leaving Edge to deal with a very sore Vickie Guerrero.


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