The Hounds of Justice

I am a big time wrestling fan, love the stars of old, but personally I’m even more interested in what they’re doing week to week NOW. While I find myself watching old tapes all the time, I still get more excited for 3 hours of brand new, live Raw content. And amazingly after all the years I’ve been watching and studying professional wrestling, they still have characters I’m completely fascinated with. The most interesting of characters that have come onto my TV screens in the past year have been The Shield and The Wyatt Family. Now I have done a couple articles on Bray Wyatt and The Family already, and we’ve barely seen anything from yet. However we have seen a great deal from The Shield, all very impressive, I’m certainly not saying this from a negative standpoint. I love the amount of Shield we’ve seen, and even more important, I love the progression we’ve seen of The Shield.


Just before I leave The Wyatt Family alone for the rest of this article, I remember a quote from Mick Foley saying that he could envision a dream match brewing with a battle of the maniacs at WrestleMania where The Wyatt Family faced The Shield 3 on 3. Now obviously this is just dream booking, but my god what a fantastic match that could potentially be for this year’s WrestleMania. Now back to The Shield, when I saw them having trouble with The Uso’s and Christian, I got a bad feeling deep in my belly. However as it turns out, I was wrong again. Because as it was, creative was holding The Shield back, perhaps trying to make them more realistic, until the unveil of HHH as the ruthless dictator we’ve seen him become. The Shield has became the Corporate muscle for HHH, but let’s remember before this The Shield’s nickname was already The Hounds of Justice.


The Shield have been main eventing Raw’s now for almost a year, their matches against Daniel Bryan have been unbelievable, simply off the page. However I would like to see a match at least once of Daniel Bryan Vs. Roman Reigns; we know the other two can give great matches, but I’d like to see what a contrasting match it would be to have Bryan face the powerhouse of the group.  The problem however of The Shield being booked backwards has been raised, where they have dominated The Undertaker & Team Hell No, but are supposed to face a problem when up against The Uso’s or The Prime Time Players. The logic there’s obviously faulty, but given the fact that The Prime Time Players are seemingly being given a big push, at Night of Champions it seemed they could win; but that’s from the perspective of somebody with knowledge of how matches are constructed, which means this is not logical in any way regarding the real story of the competitors fighting for the titles.


In singles competition we have Dean Ambrose who has emerged as the leader despite the fact that he’s neither the tallest or the fastest; that’s a lesson for the kids out there. Ambrose has had great matches with Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler, I fantasize about when Rey Mysterio returns and their paths cross. Also we heard CM Punk say that he would like to face Ambrose, what a masterpiece that match is sure to be. I just think it’s interesting that in under a year The Shield went from a renegade force, mercenaries brought in, to Corporate Muscle; they were given tall tasks upon arrival with huge expectations, but were able to dominate every role given to them. The titles that The Shield holds are pretty much irrelevant, The Shield are stars at this point, with or without the titles. Sometimes fans forget who the champions are, they don’t forget that The Shield are the baddest thing going on the scene, and not to be messed with.


I believe The Shield has plenty of room to grow, and plenty of time left in the gimmick before the inevitable split comes to the group. I could see the group taking some of the bigger titles, perhaps the World Heavyweight Championship, like all 3 working together to ensure that their guy (probably Dean Ambrose) keeps his championship. Hell I could even see the group turning face before the split, that might even end up causing them to turn their fist against each other. I’d hate to see them start smiling and trying desperately to gain our approval like so many of our heroes as of late, but to have them creep in and take out the bad guys just in the knick of time, I think could lead to some very entertaining television. That being said I believe The Shield will be fine, and will provide entertaining television regardless of where they’re put on the card.

  • robert delgado

    The Shield are a bore, the sooner they break up the better. It takes 3 weak men to do one powerbomb. Reigns is a poor man’s diesel. Ambrose looks like he’s sleep walking and smells bad cheese. Rollins just looks like a deer in the headlights. So it boggles my mind when people say they love the Shield, the NwO junk has been done before and with much better talents.

  • Justin Mayo

    The Shield…a bore? You're entitled to your opinion, but I honestly question you on that one. Ambrose has some of the best facial expressions in the WWE period, and his dry way of talking reminds me of the Heath Ledger portrayal of the Joker, which is VERY high praise. Reigns, for a man his size, is incredibly skilled, being both a powerhouse, yet very quick on his feet for a big man. Rollins, as the fastest, may be the most athletic of the group, taking bumps that remind me a lot of some of Jeff Hardy's older matches. While I question the booking they've had lately, I honestly believe that the Shield's star will only rise.

    • robert delgado

      Thats ok Justin, you think what you want. I think their quick call up and last minute shield gimmick was cheesy and boring, thats why HHH won’t bring up no more from developmental without a gimmick and 1-2 month storyline plan.