The Most Entertaining Program That Will Never Happen

R-Truth the nut


That’s right folks!  It’s an R-Truth article, if you don’t like it you should probably leave…..wait don’t go!  It’s also a Wyatt Family article, and who doesn’t love The Wyatts!  Did I just give away the entire article?  Sort of, I assume you all know that there’s a lot more to a storyline than just who’s involved.  But yes, this is about The Wyatt Family and R-Truth.  Now this isn’t a program that pits The Wyatt Family against R-Truth.  Every Little Jimmy out there knows that R-Truth is way more entertaining as a heel character that’s gone completely bonkers.  Therefore, this angle puts R-Truth WITH The Wyatt Family.  Now, for those of you that think “What’s Up!?!” whenever somebody says R-Truth, I highly stress that you go back and watch some of his heel promos, his mic-skills are right up there with Bray Wyatt’s.  Now let’s resume, with every program you have to think of how to lay the ground work and set up the actual run.  And with every program there’s plenty of ways to do it, but only one RIGHT way.


Bray Wyatt


As we all know by now The Wyatt Family are the most twisted group to ever be part of WWE.  They go out every week trying to “brainwash” their opponents and the WWE Universe, but what if they were to actually do it?  They go out one week to attack R-Truth but instead of leaving him motionless in the ring, they take him with them.  They brainwash R-Truth and he comes back a few weeks later back to his old cooky ways.  Now this could be it and I would be more than happy, but this would only be the start of one of the most entertaining angles of all time.  You would definitely be able to shut the door right here, have The Wyatt’s move on to bigger and better things and let Truth run around on his own, back to his old cooky self.  But why not have R-Truth hang around with the demented group, some may ask “What can you do with a group that has two Mic savvy superstars?”.  Well why don’t you go take a look at Evolution, DX or even the Rock & Sock Connection.  There’s plenty more but my point has been made, having Truth join the Wyatts does nothing but raise the stock of all four members of the group.  Luke Harper & Erick Rowan have both shown great strides in NXT and though they haven’t been outstanding since being called up they also haven’t been bad, in fact they’ve wrestled better matches than some other big names in the company.  But, Harper & Rowan would certainly help R-Truth with his fear of spiders and heights.





I understand one of Triple H’s main focuses heading into the future is younger talent in the developmental system with the revamped NXT and the WWE Performance Center, we have to remember that R-Truth is 41 years old.  But what my question is, if he’s a better heel than babyface then why hold him back?  Why can’t he end his career on a high note?  I understand the concern for the future of the business but Truth can entertain NOW, I see no reason why to hold back.  If he can get ratings in the present than it’s more likely the audience will hang around for the future, I’d rather have an entertaining hell for the next two years than sit through two and a half hours of “The Authority” and a segment from the bland Alberto Del Rio.  “The Authority” would be more entertaining if it wasn’t so dominant of the heel half of the roster.  It’s possible that I’ve reached a stalemate as it may just be a a situation where you have to ask “What goes on inside the head of Vince McMahon?” and this is a question that we will NEVER know the answer to.




I’d just like to take a moment to send out my condolences to any and all victims of the shooting that took place at the Los Angeles airport.  We are very fortunate that more people weren’t hurt as they easily could’ve been.  For those of you who didn’t know the creator of the show How I Met Your Mother, Craig Thomas, was sitting nearly 40 feet from the shooter.  This really got to me not only because it’s my favorite show but it made me realize that this really can happen to anyone.  It’s important that in situations like this we remember that we should not let these events frighten us into living our lives in fear.  We instead should let these events inspire us to live everyday of our lives to the very fullest, innocent people are losing theres everyday.