The Night I Finally Lost Some Faith In WWE

What words can I use to sum up last nights Royal Rumble? A lot of them I shouldn’t put in print but some of the more ‘PG’ ones would be farcical, embarrassing, predictable, and typical. I’m not saying the whole pay per view was bad, as I think Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt had a great match that was worth watching, but the garbage that followed was just soul destroying. Brock Lesnar and Big Show was what it was expected to be, a quick way to get Lesnar looking like a powerhouse, but did we need all those chair shots to Big Show after the match too? I was bored by it and even Big Show looked completely fed up. Then we had John Cena and Randy Orton in what can only be described as a slow paced snooze fest. I was expecting this match to be poor and it was. I could not get into it and the crowd were not interested in anything they did. The only thing that saved that match was Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family costing John Cnea the match and then attacking him after. Those two poor things I can live with, but then you had the main event in the Royal Rumble match itself that really left me feeling angry, disgruntled, and wondering what on earth the story is with WWE and Daniel Bryan.

Royal Rumble

Putting Bryan on in the first match of the night only added to the expectation of fans that he was going to enter the Royal Rumble match. After all it makes sense to get him on first and let him have time to prepare for the match, but for whatever reason WWE decided not to even put him in the match. The crowd was utterly pissed and just did not care once Rey Mysterio came out as number 30 other than to voice the displeasure felt by so many. Why on earth would WWE not include Daniel Bryan in the Royal Rumble match? He’s been the most over superstar on the roster for a number of months now and that peaked when he turned on Bray Wyatt two weeks ago on Raw. To not have him in the match was almost like WWE sticking two fingers up at their fans. It was at number 30 that I experienced something I have not felt as a WWE fan, the urge to turn off the Pay Per View and simply go to bed. I cannot believe WWE continue to hold back Daniel Bryan when the fans are practically crying out for him to be the guy they want to see. Even my three year old son sees the potential in Bryan and joins in with the Yes! chants. If a three year old can see how over Daniel Bryan is then how the hell can no one at WWE see the same thing?

Was there room for Daniel Bryan in this match? Absolutely, it’s not like WWE could turn around and use that as an excuse. They announced 20 confirmed superstars on this week, the only one which didn’t appear was Xavier Woods which left 11 unconfirmed spots up for grabs. We saw Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus return as expected, and one spot went to NXT star Alexander Rusev. Those I can live with. However the questionable spots for me were JBL as the guy can’t wrestle so why waste a spot, Kevin Nash as you can’t tell me he really needed to come out for one night, and El Torito because lets face it, that was nothing more than a joke spot, which I am all for most years but not this year. Your not seriously telling me they cut Xavier Woods for one of these spots but they couldn’t cut him for Daniel Bryan? I saw an interesting comment from Bryan before the Rumble saying that WWE didn’t want him anywhere near the Rumble match, and at first I thought it was to throw people off the scent of him being involved, but after last night I’m starting to wonder if that was actually the case.

Daniel Bryan

To me, the blame lays with Vince McMahon. Vince has finally lost the plot. He’s telling his audience once again what they want, not listening to what they want. Does he seriously think that his audience want guys like CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan to bust their asses off to give fans the best quality matches every week only to be cast to the side for someone in Batista who has only been back in WWE for 1 week following a three year hiatus? I like Batista don’t get me wrong, but he had no business winning the Royal Rumble last night and just goes to prove how out of touch Vince is with his audience. The fact is the company now seem to have done a complete 360 degree flip on part time talent and now seem to prioritise them over their full time talent. I don’t blame Triple H for any of this, I don’t think he would have had much input in terms of the final say, and I feel that he understands more what the fans want than Vince has in recent years. Vince practically stuck up two fingers at his audience last night by not giving a Royal Rumble spot to Daniel Bryan and I think last night is going to hit Vince’s pocket with the WWE Network. While not all fans are going to boycott this I can guarantee that last night’s decision lost WWE some serious income in the long run.

I admit I probably wouldn’t have been half as annoyed as I am now if Bryan had been in the match. I’m not saying Bryan had to win if he was in it, no one should expect that and Batista winning it then would have been more of a bearable situation to accept, but to not even have Daniel Bryan in the Rumble makes me questions WWE’s motives on this one. I seriously hope to god WWE has something up their sleeve on this one because if they continue to hold back Bryan like this then I can actually see a crowd rioting one night. The reaction of Mick Foley on Twitter hit the nail on the head, and Daniel Bryan’s Twitter post make me hope that this is part of an angle, but given the track record of WWE with Bryan and other stars like Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk I somehow highly doubt this for a minute. When Bryan finally gets his moment and wins the championship then it’s going to go down as one of the greatest moments of all time in WWE, but that is of course relying on WWE to eventually do the right thing, something I don’t see happening any time soon.


One thing is for sure, last night I experienced anger toward WWE. An anger that isn’t going away any time soon until they give Daniel Bryan the respect he deserves. There are fans who won’t really care that much, mostly the ones who don’t really like Daniel Bryan, but if the crowd reaction last night was anything to go by I think WWE has some serious making up to do for this complete and utter blunder. Will I still watch Raw and see what happens with the fall out of last night? Of course I won’t boycott the product as it wont achieve anything. Instead like every fan who wants to see Bryan get the respect and spot he deserves I’m going to give my support to him and hope that finally WWE will listen to what the people actually want.

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  • Jake

    Perfect, wwe does not care about the fans anymore. Its all about money. And guys like Batista being money. Fans they are trying to get back no clue who Daniel Bryan is, Batista is an “old school” household name. I am very disapointed with the wwe the past year. Jake Roberts deserved a spot over JBL or El Torito. Utter garbage.

    • Jamie Welton

      Thanks Jake. I think you hit the nail on the head, it is almost like they don't care about the fans. I think Batista can still sell Pay Per Views but to have him win the Rumble after being back a week is just wrong on so many levels. WWE care far more about the part times than they do their full time stars. 2013 had it's ups and downs but the way they have started 2014 fills me with dread. The Bryan/Wyatt match and Wyatts attacking Cena were the only saving graces of last night

  • mike

    Anyone who ordered that ppv and expected anything other than what happened to happen, (ie..db winning a match he wasn’t even in.) should just stop watching, because it was obvious going in Batista was winning. Everyone’s favorite can’t win them all.

    • Jamie Welton

      I didn't expect DB to win myself, I thought they might have the decency to put him in it, but they couldn't even do that. It's becoming a big story in general so part of me leans toward this being a work now but I am not totally convinced

  • Nick

    Here’s what we can only hope is their plan for WM 30 and why things were booked the way they were.

    First is Cena vs Wyatt. This seems obvious and why Bray had to go over last night to seem like he’d have a chance against Cena. I’m good with this.

    Second is Punk vs Triple H. Also seems like a foregone conclusion at this point. Not overly thrilled with this since Punk should be in the main event, but at least it makes sense.

    Third is Lesnar vs Batista, with Lesnar first beating Orton at Elimination Chamber. I can’t see them realistically trying to sell Orton in the main event at WM after yet another epic failure last night but maybe they really are blind to his lousiness. Orton then probably faces Sheamus, which has been talked about for awhile.

    And last is Bryan vs Undetaker, with Bryan possibly ending the streak. I heard a rumor that UT has actually requested to face Bryan. This could also be explained in the storyline by Bryan challenging UT because he wants to prove it to “The Machine” once and for all that he belongs at the top.

    On the other hand, they may just stick with Orton/Batista and Lesnar/Undertaker and give us an 18 second Bryan/Sheamus match on the pre-show…

    • Jamie Welton

      We can only hope in all this there is some sort of big plan Nick. If Bryan faces Taker he's a candidate to end the streak then great, he doesn't need to end it, but I think he could create a serious challenge to Taker. Not sure if he should end it or not but it would be fun to watch him try

  • Darren

    It’s as if the wwe is stuck in a time warp. The Stone Age outlaws winning the tag titles, Randy put me to sleep Orton, and Dave overrated Bastista winning. I know it’s early for Roman Reigns but I was so impressed with him. I love the superman punch he does. Back to the subject at hand Daneil Bryant. Is it because he’s not a jacked up muscle head on HGH or he doesn’t play the game no pun intended. It doesn’t matter as the Rock says. DAMNIT he’s earned it night in and night out. He’s what a champion is in real life is I’m talking about. He’s doesn’t have the million dollars ego or calmor for the spotlight. He’s humble comes to work and does his job. Does Bryant need to deliver a pipe bomb promo like punk did to get respect. No because that’s not his personality. What fans can do is threaten to boycott the wwe network until things change. Vince it’s 2014 champions come in all shapes and sizes not just your overrated HGH muscle heads. YES YES YES YES YES.

    • Jamie Welton

      Quite honestly Darren I question the logic more than anything of them not pushing their most over talent and instead choosing to push a guy who just came back and has previously stated he doesn't agree with the companies direction. Unfortunately it seems WWE isn't about how good a wrestler you are, because no matter how good you are it's likely they will just ignore you. As I say I do hope this is all some kind of work but I just don't see it right now

  • Nick

    I didn’t comment on some of the other ridiculous booking, such as the Outlaws winning or guys like Ziggler and Sandow only getting a couple minutes in the Rumble.

    Regarding the Outlaws, this just made no sense and smacked of Triple H doing a favor for his old buddies. After all they have done to reestablish the tag division, to just do a random title change to a team you (shouldn’t) be trying to build up just hurts credibility. Maybe they drop it quickly (even tonight) but still the damage is at least partly done. Not to mention you don’t have a natural next storyline for Cody.

    As regards Ziggler, it just sucked. He got the 3rd biggest pop of the night behind Bryan and Punk and got to do almost nothing.

    Even the well-booked parts were almost too predictable. I said before the show that Punk would last until near the end until being screwed by Kane, Reigns would break Kane’s elimination record, including tossing out the Shield and Batista would win by last eliminating Reigns. C’mon at least keep us guessing a little !

    • Jamie Welton

      Outlaws winning the tag titles is questionable but they will no doubt be using this to further the whole Authority taking over story. It's one of those things that probably won't last long and was just a way of giving them another notch on their career achievements.

      Ziggler not getting long was a shame, however it was probably a safety precaution given it's his first night back in the ring on pay per view.

      I had Kane to come in at number 2, never even crossed my mind toward the end that what happened would even happen. Reigns getting the elimination record was too obvious, I was just gutted when Batista won because no one wanted it to happen, Reigns would have made a unique choice but equally for him it would have been too soon

  • Quintin Raggio

    Hell I wouldve loved to see Sami Zayn, Curt Hawkins, Tyler breeze, or even JTG over El Torito, why not primo or epico or whatever their names are now…build ya superstars up instead of hasbeens like Kevin Nash…thank God they actually put Rusev in the match, did one right thing

    • Quintin Raggio

      JBL was a wasted space

      • Nick

        Yep, can’t believe they threw in Nash, El Torito, and JBL. You leave out Barrett and Woods for that. Even having Kane in for 2 mins made no sense. He could have still interfered later even if he wasn’t in the match.

        • Jamie Welton

          The unannounced entries were mostly just a waste of time, but Nash EL Torito and JBL just really made me want to throw things at the television by the end of it. I would rather Xavier Woods kept his spot that sacrifice him for one of them

          • Rogan Rodriguez

            Nash staggering to the ring yet again made me throw my arms in the air – no way we should still be having to see that guy in any ring. I was disappointed that crowd gave him such a good reaction. If only he had come out at #30…

          • Jamie Welton

            I thought Nash didn't look as bad as normal but then that could he been due to the Just For Men trying to roll back the years. It was a shame for Rey he took the brunt of last night, but then whoever came out number 30 was going to get the same because they weren't Daniel Bryan

          • Nick

            I for one was delighted to see JBL in the rumble for the first time just wish he was in it longer WRESTLING GAWWWDD

          • Jamie Welton

            I would have preferred him to have longer in the match. The fact he came in and was just eliminated kind of made it a total waste for me of a spot, that's the only issue I have with it

  • Salvatore

    I think the royal rumble was a great ppv and don’t understand what everybody is complaining about. Daniel Bryan is not that great of a talent and i am happy that Batista won the royal rumble. The Cena vs Orton match was fun to watch and Orton retaining is awesome. I hope they have Orton vs. Batista at Wrestlemania for the title because that would be an amazing match to watch and they would be able to put on one hell of a match. Wyatt vs Bryan was a good match it ended alright and i was satisfied with it. Lesnar vs Big Show was well thought out they made Lesnar look like a powerhouse which is a great if he looks to challenge for the title. So overall the ppv looked fine to me and don’t understand why everyone is so pissed off be happy that there was a ppv and that we can watch WWE.

    • Jamie Welton

      It's good to hear a difference of opinion Salvatore and see someone enjoyed the show. I would have to disagree big style that Bryan isn't that great of a talent when for me he has had some of the best matches this year of anyone on the roster. I'm honestly expecting Lesnar vs Batista at Wrestlemania now, Lesnar will most likely win at Elimination Chamber. Wyatt and Bryan was match of the night in my mind, they really put on a great performance. Big Show/Lesnar served it's purpose but I just don't think it needed the steel chair attack at the end, it served no purpose and it got boring for me. People are angry because while there is a minority that are not fans of Daniel Bryan it seems the majority are and all they wanted was to see him enter the Rumble. Expecting him to win was probably too much but it wouldn't have been too much to ask WWE to just put the guy in the match

  • fiascobeans

    I really enjoyed RR. Ending the Wyatt/Bryan feud they was great. Bryan didn’t look weak. Didn’t expect bray to win, so that was pleasant surprise.

    New age outlaws winning was great. Brought on a sense of nostalgia. The brotherhood had ran it’s course to me. And most deserving tag team are the usos. And u cnt do face vs face for titles. Outlaws dropping titles to usos at WM30 will b a great wrestlemania moment for the Usos.

    Brock vs big show was a lil letdown. But I see what they were trying to do there and make Brock look unstoppable monster. Chair shots got boring real quick. Brock looks good tho and if he is constantly on TV it would help.

    Cena vs Orton was horseshit!! But I’ve come to expect it. Whatever chemistry those two once had is no longer there and the next time these two square off one on one will b too soon. But Bray costing Cena the match was awesome. I really see WWE behind Bray and see Bray beating cena at WM30 and elevating him to top heel in company. Cena vs Bray has a chance to give us a great story leading up to their match in new Orleans.

    Now to the actual rumble match…..I loved it. I LOVED IT!! CM punk looked strong. Not everyone can b in title picture at same time so giving him a story vs authority and with his contract up in July, this makes perfect sense. It was great seeing Sheamus and Ziggler back. Torito was there for comedic relief. WWE does all the time so that didn’t bother me. Nash being there was pretty stupid. Woods, Barrett, brodus or Evan Bourne would have been great to see them. The brotherhood feuding was started last nite. The breakup of the shield is going to b epic and watching the ascension of Roman Reigns to top of card is going to b a fun watch.

    And now to what everyone has been bitching n moaning about…WWE universe being deprived of seeing Daniel Bryan, their hero was huge to future storylines. The outrage and all the tweets, Facebook status and blogs are exactly what WWE n Vince want…it’s building up to a conclusion of Daniel Bryan winning. Ppl that talk about rioting is whats going to sell ppvs and WWE network. Ppl will b dying to see it finally happen and when it does, that moment will rival Hogan slamming Andre at WM3 as a defining moment in WWE history.

    I give Royal Rumble 2014 a grade a A. Ended feuds, beginning new feuds and setting the future of the WWE was amazing. I found it enjoyable and had me not wanting to wait for tonight’s raw and elimination chamber

    • Jamie Welton

      I’m glad you enjoyed the show itself fiascobeans. Like you I expected Bryan over Wyatt so was taken back when it didn’t happen that way.

      Outlaws winning was a nostalgic moment absolubtly but for me was it really needed? If it advances storylines somehow then great I’m all for it but if not then I question the logic of the move when you have a team like the Usos who are deserving of the belts.

      Gotta say that through all the frustration of this one you are more than likely right, the build up is to Bryan winning a championship. When it happens the pop will be amazing IF they do it correctly.

      As a pay per view I didn’t hate the Rumble, just the actions of WWE not to include Bryan in the Rumble left a very sour taste. I am yet to watch Raw until tonight so I guess it will be a lets see where this goes thing.