The One True Royal Family In Wrestling

petermaivia There’s been a lot of talk through the years about the greatest families in wrestling. You hear the names all the time, Hart, Guerrero, McMahon, Windham, so on and so forth. With all the names bandied about there is but one royal family in the business of pro wrestling, my intention with this article is to crown the family that belongs on the top of this list. We all know that WWE has put the McMahon family on top with their list because, well, they run the damn show. It’s easy to put yourself up top when you’re the one who owns the company. Behind that you have the Hart family. They’ve very deserving of being toward the top of the list but they aren’t the top family in my book.

When you look at the history of the business there is one family that seems to bleed over into the product more than anyone else. That family would be the The Anoaʻi / Maivia clan. You have so many major stars that have come from this gene pool it’s completely insane. Not only is The Rock one of the biggest stars in the history of this business but he’s gone on to conquer Hollywood as well. He’s earned the nickname of “The Franchise Saver” for bringing the Fast and Furious, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and G.I Joe films back into the forefront of the movie industry. He was able to take a 10 year break from the business and STILL come back and be the champ while putting on some very solid matches with C.M. Punk and John Cena, possibly even chasing The Streak next year. There is no denying that The Rock is easily one of the top stars to ever set foot in a professional wrestling ring.

Another bright star from the family is the one and only Rodney Anoa’i, better known to wrestling fans as Yokozuna. This man was literally one of the largest stars in the history of the business. He stood at six feet, four inches tall while weighing in at over 500 pounds. While he was portrayed as Japanese in character he was not, which many people weren’t aware of thanks to his being around in that whole pre and early internet wrestling community age. Rodney won the Royal Rumble, the WWE tag team titles, and the WWE championship in his time with the company while crushing, damn near literally, his competition consistently. Unfortunately he passed at a young age, which tends to happen many times with people in pro wrestling, including his only family member Eddie Fatu just a couple years ago.

The future seems bright for this family currently as well, with twins “Jimmy and Jey Uso” working as a tag team and Joe Anoa’i working as Roman Reigns in The Shield. The brothers seem to be a little lost in the shuffle lately, being left out of the title picture for some time now. I would love to see them get a shot to run with the titles someday but it would appear unlikely at the current time. Roman Reigns, on the other hand, seems to be the powerful singles star in The Shield. We’ll see how this plays out for him once the actually break up the group, as we all KNOW will happen sooner or later, I’m hoping he’s not dropped from the limelight like so many other second and third generation workers have been lately. The one thing that he seems to need to work on the most is his mic skills. While he seems solid enough to get the job done in the ring and clearly has the build and look of a superstar, his speaking just isn’t quite up to snuff, especially being so closely related to such a wonderful speaker as The Rock.
There were many people in the Hart, Guerrero, Windham, Henning, and so many others that were big stars in the business of pro wrestling. Those seem to pale in comparison to the achievements of the Anoa’i/Maivia family throughout the time they have spanned in the business. While some would easily push the McMahon family because of WWE being passed down from generation to generation and killing off the prime competition and being really the only business in town. I would put them in the top three and would have difficulty splitting the Guerrero and Hart families from one another for the other spot in the top three, but I would absolutely have to place the Anoa’i/Maivia family on top of the business. When you look back at pro wrestling no other family is bigger, in size or stature, than the Samoan Superstars. What more could you ask for, the patriarch is already a High Chief?

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  • Steven

    I think the Anoa’i family would get a lot more recognition if they were actually talked about as a family. Everyone knew the Harts and Guerrero were related for many years . Until the Rock came around, this kind of started to change. Even still, I don’t recall them ever going into the relationship between all the great Samoans in the Anoa’i family. They were kept separate from each other except for a brief period when Rikishi ran over Austin and saying, “I did it for the Rock.”

    • Chris Surrency

      They become too well known for their own character, it’s almost a performance punishment type thing.

      • Steven

        I agree with you, but I wonder if people like Rosey and Jamal (Umaga) were only given the pushes they did get as result of their lineage. Wasn't Tama from the Islanders also a member of the family? I don't think we would be able to write an article long enough to cover everyone on the Anoa'i family tree.