The Perfect Start

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So, it has been a month since the debut of the Curtis Axel character in WWE. This time around, WWE is wisely emphasizing the connection to his father, “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig. Due to an ill timed injury to Fandango, Axel has been added to the Triple Threat Intercontinental Title match at WWE Payback. Say what you will about the weak build up to this match but I think this offers a great opportunity for Axel.

Curtis AxelBefore getting into what an Axel win would mean, how would this match have turned out had it been IC Champion Wade Barrett, The Miz, and Fandango? Barrett and The Miz have had a stop-and-go rivalry going for a while now, and my initial prediction would have been for The Miz to regain the title this time around. But given Fandango’s unexpected popularity, a solid argument could have been made for his first title reign. This would have put focus on the title in a way we haven’t seen in a long time. Barrett, despite a great skill set, seems to be having trouble connecting with the fans. I find this unfortunate because I really like what Barrett brings to the table. I strongly believe something needs to be changed in his character to breathe some life into a guy that could very well be an integral part of WWE’s future.

However, we have a new match. IC Champion Wade Barrett, The Miz, and Curtis Axel. WWE could take the easy way out and, whatever outcome is settled upon, leave Axel out of the decision. Meaning they could do Barrett pinning The Miz, The Miz pinning Barrett, or any sort of dirty finish that doesn’t involve Axel. Personally, I would go another route. It is early, but if we’re going with the “Perfect” connection storyline, what would be more fitting than Axel becoming IC Champion? This is a title that his father held with style in the ‘90s. Hennig was a great champion and Axel could follow this up well.

Maybe I’m a little biased, but this could translate into a lengthy IC run for Axel, building momentum for him and mirror the start of “Mr. Perfect”. I would even lead this toward a potential WrestleMania program with Cena (or whoever is WWE Champion at that point), much like Hennig’s rivalry with Hogan his first year as “Mr. Perfect”. Tie-ins are essential to bridging the gaps between generations and this one practically writes itself.

But, again, for God’s sake Curtis: spit out and hit the gum!!

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