The Second Class Championships of Wrestling

Of all the folk in this world, I’d wager that wrestling folk are some of the most interesting people on the planet, for their passion and intensity for the product. While I love going to wrestling events to be surrounded by wrestling folk, those same fans on the internet can become quite the antagonist to my time. Beyond the fact that everyone on the internet, not just the wrestling crowd, thinks that they’re completely right all the time, the wrestling community simply complains far too often. One of the classic complaints of the internet wrestling community is the secondary titles currently in WWE, saying that these belts are just props and worthless. While I certainly don’t claim to have all the facts necessary for the perfect point of view, I will say that I believe people complaining about these titles are not looking at the whole picture and seeing all the benefits from a business perspective that are involved with these belts.


Let me quickly clarify that I do not feel that the secondary titles, the IC and US titles, even including the tag and divas belts, should be treated as irrelevant. Anytime that there’s a belt in pro wrestling that belt should have significance placed upon it or it shouldn’t be on the television show, unless the point of the belt is that it’s pointless, but that’s an entirely different subject. However I think the importance placed on these belts by the internet wrestling community is unwarranted and feel these titles are, for the most part, actually being treated correctly as of late. And what I say next may come at the cost of controversy, though I’m told that creates cash, but I’m not even against the champions losing in a non-titled match. I don’t believe that with the World or WWE titles, but with the lower level titles I think they can afford to have the champions lose on television, which creates a sense of unpredictability, as long as it’s not a constant thing, all things in moderation.

I think too much importance is placed on these titles by fans because in honesty, these title don’t really matter, in the grander scheme of things. I think this stems from the fact that we can all remember when these titles were very important and it was a big deal when a new champion was crowned. The fact of the matter is that we are in a different wrestling world as of right now than that of the past, and these titles now are used for nothing more than adding credentials to a new superstars achievements list, with 4 singles title available for the sole roster of the WWE. This is much different than most other times in wrestling history. Looking back to the raging 80′s of wrestling, there was the Heavyweight and Intercontinental titles, perhaps some other various unknown titles. During the Attitude Era the European title was added, but quickly grew to have little importance. The Hardcore title was created but pretty soon that became one of the most ridiculous titles in wrestling history.

Then WWE split into 2 brands, where each brand had a primary and secondary title, and in this set up every title, for the most part was significant in some capacity. However that brand extension is now over, so we have 2 World titles on every show, making the World Heavyweight Championship the new secondary title. Meaning that the IC title and US title, though memories of prestigious battles, are now fairly irrelevant and only serve the competitors by name value for something to do without deeper stories needing to be created. That does create the debate of whether or not these belts should be eliminated from active use in WWE. I believe this titles will continue to be treated with little significance, because they are so far away from the main event scene, but that doesn’t meant I think WWE should get rid of these titles.

I’d be fine with WWE keeping all the current belts, I could even stand the idea of these belts continuing to be treated with little significance. I understand that WWE has the ability to sell more replica belts with these other titles on the show and they help to build superstars, or give something for stars who can’t be in the main event scene at the time to. My problem is not that there is irrelevant content being created, lord knows in the genre of wrestling more than enough pointless product has been made. I just wish the titles could have a wider set of variety, with a different set of rules to break up some of the monotony. If some of the titles were only to be defeated on certain shows, or came with specific stipulations with title matches. It doesn’t even need to be anything too intense like the new X division rules in TNA, but even things like a 20 count on the outside instead of a 10 or a submissions only title. What about certain weight specifics or wrestling styles specific championships? I’m not saying that every title needs to come with a new set of rules, but having one title that was actually different to any of the other titles would help bring something different to the show and make one now meaningless title have a little more importance given to it.

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    Even the ROH titles have more prestige