The Shield’s Progression

Best thing coming out of WWE in 2012? Believe in The Shield. What a breath of fresh air of WWE television, these 3 guys arrived in a time when the biggest stars were part timers and proved the incoming rookies are hungrier than ever. These men had something sorely lacking in WWE, a danger, an intensity, a quality that just made you want to watch the match. After 20 years of watching WWE, my attention sometimes drifts, but when The Shield comes on the television, they have my full attention every time. Their look and feel in their matches and promos is so different from what anyone else is doing right now, their product is just so much cooler than anyone else’s. Even the look of all black, not exactly a new look, strapped with what appears to be equipment but is wholly irrelevant, achieves the job of making The Shield stand out.


Now admittedly the story telling involved with The Shield has been perhaps a tad illogical at times, and thrown together fairly haphazardly. Had these 3 not been so unique and wildly cool they may have flopped from the story telling, but they stayed strong and emerged as over as ever. Their matches are seldom, creating that exclusive factor in them and are always action packed, explosive and original. All the men of The Shield have signature little things in their repertoire that I have never seen before, creating new images and scenes, going to make a new product in pro wrestling. The way Dean Ambrose throws punches is unlike anything I’ve scene in my life, an intensity, quickness, maliciousness which all help to create a sense of REALNESS.

The promos have the same qualities, with these men apparently leaving cameras around building all over the world for the WWE crew to find and play for the show. The most logical thing when filming a promo? No. But on the other hand this is something we’ve never scene before, and creates a further sense of mystery for the group, and really, isn’t that why we’re watching? Seth Rollins high impact moves and wild bumps have made him extremely distinct within the ring, and will likely have a high caliber career following The Shield. My favorite thing about Dean Ambrose is his facial expressions. The smirks during the promos and screams in the match, brilliant. Roman Reigns is an intense dude, I do not want to wrong him. The powerbomb is impressive, but the scream and stretch done right before is legitimately scary, shows a lot of veins in Reigns’ neck.

My problem however becomes where do The Shield go from here, they’ve beaten the best in the business today and have remained undefeated. Since arriving late 2012 the team has put losses on John Cena, Ryback, Team Hell No, The Big Show, Randy Orton and repeatedly put the boots to The Rock. Also tonight they competed and beat The Undertaker in what was one of the best matches in Raw’s history. A little early to say so? Yes, but that certainly won’t stop me from saying it. But now that they’ve been established as a major force, and proved no one can beat them, where to now? There are the obvious options, teaming with CM Punk and Brock Lesnar under Paul Heyman’s guidance. Maybe adding another member, or disbanding the team and letting them achieve singles fame. But the problem with that is that I want The Shield to remain the unit it is today, they’re firing on all cylinders and are so damn intriguing. And yet, The Shield has already beaten everyone, leaving little left for them to do except change the parameters of the group. They could win the tag belts, but The Shield has already beaten Team Hell No repeatedly, but had they been booked under Team Hell No, The Shield would have looked weak. Booking wrestling is not easy and I’m not paid for it for a reason, but hopefully the creative team will figure out this conundrum, while still allowing the group to remain the same.

  • GrimFandango

    Agreed, the Shield looked just like the shrewd, unstoppable force that commentary put them over as on last Monday. I'll tell ya, I've seen a lot of boring stables of up-and-coming "talent" that didn't amount to shit (Nexus comes to mind) over the years, but these guys have both their own talent and good writing/booking on their side. That being said, Reigns is the obvious weak link who I don't figure has much of a future after the inevitable disbandment.

  • http://yahoo vishall

    shields are the most cowerd wrestler i have ever seen they can not fight singlly they only dogs habit who come in groups while jhoncena ken under taker are the lions who come lonly like the real hero and like the lions they are the tru champions

  • quez

    the shield always do thier moves when their oponets to thier moves i wish the shield would stop