The Time Is Now…To Turn John Cena Heel


With his match quickly approaching at Wrestlemania, John Cena is in a bit of a predicament. Many are predicting that he will go over The Rock at Wrestlemania, an outcome that will result in him possibly getting the most heat in his career, despite being a babyface and the “face of the WWE”. Given these circumstances, the WWE is in a perfect position to finally give the fans what they want and turn Cena heel. Here are some scenarios in which the WWE would be able to accomplish such a task.

Leading The Shieldwwe-raw-january-21-2013-the-shield-attacks-the-rock

This is already an idea that many fans have been discussing, and for good reason. The Shield are some of the most over heels in the company right now, but they are in need of a new direction as well since their constant gang up attacks have started to grow a bit stale. Adding Cena as their leader would not only help them get over more, but also provide a chance for Cena to completely change his gimmick. This would include his ring entry, ring attire, and how he addresses the WWE Universe. While many will find this illogical given Cena’s history with the stable, all one has to do is look back and see that many alliances were formed out of rivalries.


A little bit of the old ultra-violencecena (1)

Given that he is one of the biggest guys in the business right now, it is sometimes hard to believe that smaller superstars can take him down so easily at times. With his match against The Rock, however, he is competing against someone closer to his size. They can start the match even with The Rock eventually gaining the upper-hand. This would cause Cena to resort to other methods of taking down his opponent, most notably the weapons at ringside. The story behind it could be that all these years Cena was holding back, and has now become tired of it and is willing to do whatever it takes to win the match.


Aligning with Paul Heymanpaul heyman'

This is a scenario that could play out much like Stone Cold’s heel turn at Wrestlemania X-7. In the midst of the match, Paul Heyman could come out to ringside, with his motives unknown to the crowd. The finish would see him give Cena a weapon to use, potentially his old chain, to attack The Rock and win the match. This scenario would be best used if both Lesnar and Punk win their respective matches at Wrestlemania, putting Heyman in control of all the main event winners of the night. Since all three men have had vicious rivalries with each other in the past, it would not be necessary for all men to like each other despite having the same manager, as the history has shown with other super stables.


The likelihood of John Cena making a full heel turn at Wrestlemania seems slim, given how over he is with children and how much his merchandise sells. The problem is that there is no way that Cena can win the title from The Rock without receiving a heel reaction. This would also mark the first loss that The Rock has gotten since his return to the ring in late 2011. Booking Cena over him clean would damage the momentum that he has built since then, making him not seem like as tough an opponent for whoever he faces in the future. In conclusion, the WWE would be smart to take this opportunity to make John Cena heel, or they risk losing the chance to do it for a long time.

  • mike

    Maybe a low blow to the rock…I’m not for a full heel turn.Infact I usually think it discredits the superstar when they flip completely heel , and let’s face it siding with Heyman is the lowest heel you can go these days. Unless they lose a ton of matches theres no reason for the superstar to get angry at the fans they were just slapping hands with (like batista in 2010)…these are just my thoughts…I love reading yours!

    • Percy

      Well 2012 was said to be Cena's worst year in the WWE…

  • Rusty

    Are you a rookie at this kid the good old Cena turning heel convo is old atleast Richard says it how it is & its a believe it when you see it case

  • kbunyon

    I have to disagree with the other two comments. Okay, it is true that this discussion has been beaten into the ground, and I will believe it when we see it, but Evan brings up a huge and valuable point – Cena going over Rocky at WrestleMania at this point IS going to garner him the most heat ever. I'm just wondering how the WWE is going to handle this. Looks like the WWE booked themselves into another corner!

  • akarsh

    I love you jonesena

  • dj

    He aint going to be heel the wwe wront allow it allthey want to do is keep john cena baby face.

  • damian

    cool pictuer

  • damian

    john cena is not a rookie that is his heel turn