The Top 5: On The Mic

Over the past few months, we have seen some of the best mic work to have been displayed in the WWE in quite some time.

Below, I have compiled a list of who, in my eyes, are the best on screen WWE talent when it comes to working with the stick.


bryanThe truth is, Daniel Bryan hasn’t really had the opportunity to shine on the mic in recent months. But his work with Kane, especially earlier on in their partnership, was golden. It’s very rare that I will sit and watch a comedy segment on WWE programming and actually laugh out loud, but their work was fantastic.

Furthermore, not since the Texas Rattlesnake have we seen a WWE superstar captivate an audience with just one word.

It doesn’t matter whether Bryan is playing the heel or the babyface, he can always engage the audience, and now that he is WWE champion, lets hope we get to see more from him!


cenaNow, I realise that this may be a controversial pick, but I believe John Cena deserves a spot in this top 5.

Yes, his promos are cheesy; and yes, they are frequently “paint by numbers”, but he is always natural and (to a degree) believable.

I’m sure we all agree that his gimmick is tired and something needs to be switched up with Cena, but his ability to work an audience is difficult to deny.

The bigger point here is that kids love him. He may annoy a large percentage of the male audience whenever he picks up a microphone, but maybe we just aren’t the target audience.


vickiePerhaps Vickie is not the most obvious choice here. She isn’t a wrestler, she is no longer a manager.

The thing is, I can’t think of anyone else that appears on screen that gets the kind of reaction that she gets.

The art of playing a heel has been lost in recent years. On the whole, the reason that a wrestler gets booed is because the fans simply don’t like them (or like their opponent more) and not because they are employing generic heel tactics. People like that anti-hero.

Vickie, however, draws a huge amount of heat by simply “being the bad guy”.


punkGood guy, bad guy. For CM Punk, it really doesn’t matter.

In June 2011, he blew us all away with his fist pipe bomb at the top of the ramp and really raised the expectations for the WWE Universe.

He is believable, and speaks a lot of truth in his promos.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the best of Punk is yet to come!


RAW_1033_Photo_082Paul Heyman is, simply, in a league of his own. One of the best talkers to ever pick up a microphone in WWE history.

Everytime he appears on WWE TV, he produces a master class in how to get the crowd invested in himself, those around him, and the storyline in which he in involved.

Any aspiring wrestling managers, or wrestlers for that matter, should study Paul Heyman.

Since his return, all of Paul’s segments have been consistently outstanding with believable, intelligent and well-crafted promos.

No offence to Ric Flair, but in my opinion, this is the guy who should be teaching the NXT roster how to talk.


In my opinion, there was nobody, other that Heyman, who could top this list. Damien Sandow has certainly showed what he can do on the mic in recent months, and probably deservers an honourable mention. I for one will be interested to see what he can do when he cashes in his Money in the Bank contract and, presumably, wins the World Heavyweight Championship.

  • robert delgado

    Too bad Glenn Jacobs has fallen so low because before all the comedy foolishness, Kane was great on the mic. Now will he come back with no mask and a Hawaiian shirt and talk like Husky “Burgers” Harris? Kane’s best on the mic spot may never be earned again. Oh well, guess the fire went out!