The Ultimate Wrestlemania

As we head to Wrestlemania, I decide to look at what the ultimate Wrestlemania would be.    I’m going to explain how I came up with the matches for my ultimate Wrestlemania.

  1. This is not fantasy matches.  I picked matches from the first 29 Wrestlemanias.
  2. I only picked one match from each wrestler.  I didn’t want ten Shawn Michael matches in my ultimate Wrestlemania.
  3. I picked matches based on where they fell on the card.  So I picked an opening match, a match that appeared 2nd on the card, and so on.
  4. I booked it like a real Wrestlemania, so I only picked one title match for each title I used.  So while there were many WWE Championship matches I could have chosen from I only picked one.
  5. This is just my opinion.  Obviously, people’s opinion will be different than mine.
  6. I picked 12 matches, the length in total of the 12 matches were 3:21:36.

The site of my Wrestlemania is the Pontiac Silverdome, sight of the Wrestlemania III.  The reason, I’m from Michigan and it was the largest Wrestlemania crowd.  My announcers are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan.  I know Jim Ross might be the more popular choice, but I prefer Gorilla Monsoon.

The opening match, I went with Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero from Wrestlemania 21.  The match was 12:39.  Rey Mysterio won by pin fall.  I wanted to pick Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart, but I had to pick another Bret Hart match.  Rey and Eddie are two wrestlers who are perfect for an opening match so I went with it.

The 2nd match I went with was a Money in the Bank match.  Wrestlemania 24’s Money in the Bank was the 2nd match on the card.  It was CM Punk vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris Jericho vs. Carlito vs. MVP vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. John Morrison.  The match was 13:55.  CM Punk won the briefcase.  The reason I went with this MITB over all others was it was the only one that didn’t feature Edge, Christian or a Hardy.

The 3rd match will be the 3rd match from Wrestlemania 17.  It was Hardcore Champion Raven vs. Kane vs. Big Show.  The match was 9:17.  Kane became Hardcore Champion by pinning the Big Show.  Though Wrestlemania 17 is my favorite Wrestlemania, this is the only match I picked from that Wrestlemania.

The 4th match will be the 4th match from Wrestlemania 16.  It was the Triangle Ladder Match, WWE Tag Team Champions Dudley Boyz vs. Hardy Boyz vs. Edge & Christian.  The match was 22:31.  Edge & Christian won the WWE Tag Team Championship.  I had to go with these 3 teams for the Tag Team Title at my ultimate Wrestlemania.   The sequel was the 8th match and I had to go with another match.

The 5th match will be the 5th match from Wrestlemania 13.  It is the reason why I went with Eddie vs. Rey to kickoff.  The match is Bret “the Hitman” Hart vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin.  The match is 22:05.  Bret Hart won after Austin passed out from blood loss.  I had to put this match on, as it’s well worthy of an ultimate Wrestlemania.

The 6th match will be the 6th match from Wrestlemania 25.  This was one of the easiest picks.  It was the classic Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels. The match was 30:41.  Undertaker won by pin fall. One of the greatest WWE matches of all time deserves to be on my list.

My 7th match, many will probably disagree.  It’s the 7th match from Wrestlemania 11.  One thing Wrestlemania usually always has is celebrities.  So I went with Lawrence Taylor vs. Bam Bam Bigelow.  The match was 11:42.  LT won by pin fall.  I wanted to go with Randy Savage vs. Ultimate Warrior from Wrestlemania 7 but I decide on a different Randy Savage match.

The 8th match is what Wrestlemania is all about, a fantasy match.  It was the 8th match from Wrestlemania 28.  The match is The Rock vs. John Cena.  The match was 33:34.  The Rock won by a pin fall.  I could have gone with TLC 2 but this match just has the Wrestlemania feel.  The match helped Wrestlemania 28 have the highest buy rate of any Wrestlemania.

The 9th match will be my Intercontinental Championship match.   It is the 9th match from Wrestlemania 3.  It’s one of the first classic Wrestlemania matches.  Of course the match is Intercontinental Champion Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat.  The match was 14:36. Ricky Steamboat won the Intercontinental Championship by pinning Randy Savage.


I felt I needed a Women’s match.  So my 10th match is the 10th match from Wrestlemania 18.  The match was Women’s Champion Jazz vs. Trish Stratus vs. Lita.  The match was 6:16.  Jazz retained the Women’s Championship by pinning Lita.  I wanted to pick Wendi Richter vs. Leilani Kai from the first Wrestlemania. It was the 8th match on the card though, so I couldn’t.

The 11th match is the 11th match from Wrestlemania 6.  There were not many choices here.   As the matches that were possible, I already picked another match of theirs.   Ultimate Warrior vs. Rick Rude would have been my choice if it wasn’t for the Intercontinental Championship.  So I end up going with Million Dollar Champion Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase vs. Jake “the Snake” Roberts.  The match was 11:50.  Ted Dibiase retained the Milllion Dollar Championship by countout.

Finally, the Main Event is the 12th match from Wrestlemania 3.  The match is of course, WWE Champion Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant.  The match was 12:30.  Hulk Hogan retained the WWE Championship by pinning Andre the Giant.  Is this the best WWE Championship match in WWE history? No, it is not.  However, I think it’s the most important.  This is the match that made Wrestlemania truly have that big time feel.  The body slam of Andre is still one of the most memorable moment from any Wrestlemania.  Also if I’m having an ultimate Wrestlemania, Hulk Hogan has to Main Event it.

So I now leave you with a Wrestlemania Nursery Rhyme.

Where can you see Giants and Immortals fight?

Underneath the brightest light.

Is it High Risk that you Seek.

Or maybe you just like a Streak.

There is only one place to go.

Watch a Wrestlemania Show.

  • Zeppelin Mayers

    Great concept man, I really enjoyed this read

    • David Jr.

      Thank you.

  • Mike

    Wow! That is one awesome article. More like this…. please

    • David Jr.

      Thank you

  • Tyler

    I agree with most of this card. I like this idea. I think you could have gone with a couple changes though. You should have went with your gut and opened with Bret vs. Owen. I know it would have been difficult to change just a couple of these around, but props to you for figuring something out.

    • David Jr.

      While I think Owen vs. Bret is the best opening match. I had to go with Bret vs. Austin.

  • KBunyon

    I agree with Mike above, this article was great, and I’d love to see more like it. Dream Rumble? (Mine would have to include Trip vs Cactus at RR 2000) Dream Summer Slam?

    Excited to see what you have next, and keep with the rhyming.

    • David Jr.

      I could this once a month, for certain ppvs this year, but should I go back and do the Royal Rumble and February or wait until next year?

      • Tyler

        Give us the Rumble bro!

      • kbunyon

        Do it! Do it! You know you want to! Just one little try, everyone is trying it!

        Actually, I quite enjoyed this and can't wait to see what else you have for us. If you want to wait until next year to do the RR, I completely understand, but I'd love to read EC.

        • David Jr.

          I can do both but it takes awhile to get all the information.

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