They’re Coming….

We’ve all seen those eerie looking vignettes over the last few weeks, filled with mystery and causing lots of intrigue. Well, now the wait is finally over and they are finally coming. Next week on Raw, The Wyatt Family make their WWE television debut. Some of you may already be familiar with the group if, like myself, you have been watching WWE NXT weekly. I have to admit, I am really digging the way WWE have built up the Wyatt Family and have made such a big deal about their debut. It reminds me of WWE back in the 1990′s when vignettes were used to debut stars such as Razor Ramon, Jeff Jarrett, and the multiple returns of The Undertaker. But for those of you who are not so familiar, lets take a look at the members of The Wyatt Family.


The face of the Wyatt Family is Bray Wyatt. Wyatt is a third generation wrestler who’s grandfather was Blackjack Mulligan, and his father was Mike Rotunda, also known as Irwin R. Schyster. He will be a familiar face to WWE fans as he was formerly known as Husky Harris, who was part of both the original Nexus and CM Punk’s New Nexus. He first debuted the Bray Wyatt character in FCW in April 2012, and this stuck with him when FCW was re-branded into NXT.

Luke Harper, referred to by Wyatt as “the first son of the Wyatt Family”, will be better known to some fans as Brodie Lee. Lee really developed his craft working for various independent promotions before being signed to WWE in 2012 and being given the new name Luke Harper. His partner, the “Second Son” of the Wyatt Family is Erick Rowan. Like Harper, Rowan developed his skills on the independent scene before being hired by WWE in 2011. Both Harper and Wyatt have a demented and sinister look about them which really cements them as part of the Wyatt Family, and makes this stable believable that they may just be a developing cult.

The Wyatt Family have had great success since their debut in WWE NXT as a group. They dominated the tag team division and went on to win the NXT Tag Team Championships in May 2013. The titles were since lost in June 2013, but this has not stopped their domination. Bray Wyatt himself went undefeated in NXT from February 2013 to May 2013 when he finally lost to Chris Jericho in a singles match. The faction has grown in strength every week through their hard work in the ring, and the eerie intrigue they bring with them.

wyatts again

When the Wyatt Family debut next Monday, the question is who or what are they coming for? You can interpret this many ways. The most obvious is they are coming for a particular group or wrestler and will target them from the off. They could also be coming for the WWE Universe, in attempt to make them “Forget everything you thought was real” and all the other things that have been preached in those vignettes. They could also be talking about a particular championship they are targeting.

When I think about who I would feud them with a few names spring to mind. The most mentioned so far has been The Shield. Whilst this would be good to see I can’t imagine this will happen given I expect the Wyatt’s to debut as a heel faction, and it would be a horrific mistake to turn The Shield face. My gut feeling is it will be a singles star they feud with. My obvious choice would be Chris Jericho, but given his feud with Ryback and impending tour with Fozzy, I find this unlikely. Christian would be an interesting choice as he has just come back from injury and this would give Wyatt some credibility working with a top star. Rob Van Dam’s name has cropped up around the internet but I can’t really see this one happening, as I expect RVD to be somewhere in the main event picture. My outside bet following Money in the Bank is Kane, but of the names listed I’m expecting it to be Christian they target. However, I could be wrong and it may not be one specific person or group they target.


I see big things in the future of the Wyatt Family. They established themselves with the NXT audience, have had one of the best build up’s to a debut I can remember, and are 3 talented guys who really work well together. Of the 3 I see the brightest future with Bray Wyatt. There was something about him when I first saw him in NXT that was there, but the Husky Harris character just did not fit for him. I see the booking of the Wyatt’s being different to that of The Shield, who have been highly successful thus far. I see them being built at a much slower pace and hopefully WWE will really roll with this group and make them into one of WWE’s greatest success stories.

I see the Wyatt’s as a fine example of what WWE can do to build up a debut and get the fans excited about seeing something new and different. I hope that in 12 months time the Wyatt Family is still going strong and does not suffer from any hot shot booking or suddenly end up on shows such as Main Event or Superstars on a weekly basis. There has been a real buzz generated from the build up to their debut and I am truly excited to finally see the Wyatt Family get a chance on the main roster. The question is, are you ready for them? Because, they’re coming.

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  • Shashank Bhandari

    I think they should align with a superstar and help him in the money in the bank match. Say for example Daniel Bryan. Near the end of the match they show up, trash everyone else and let him win the briefcase, starting a heel turn for him.

    • Jamie Welton

      That is an interesting concept Shashank. Right now the crowd is eatting up Daniel Bryan, so for him to suddenly align with these guys and turn heel would be an interesting dynamic and would bring something diffrent to his character. I’m not really sure Bryan would fit in with the group though personally, and given the potential booking of Bryan in the future I don’t expect this to happen.

  • Alan Keen

    This is a great article, Jamie. I must admit i am looking forward to their debut. I think WWE misses solid stables and tag teams that are not just singles competitors thrown together. The Wyatt Family gimmick appears creepy and i see great things happening for them if they are booked correctly and continue to deliver good promos.

    • Jamie Welton

      Thanks for responding Alan, glad you enjoyed the article. I have full confidence that whatever WWE gives the Wyatt's in terms of booking that Bray can run with it on the mic and turn it into gold, and the in ring work will speak for itself. If they can get over anything like The Shield then the re-birth of stables and tag team wrestling may have begun

  • jblack424

    I have a feeling it won’t be shield maybe wyatts vs taker and kane summerslam

    • Jamie Welton

      I agree with you jblack, whats where the early booking has pointed, and I would say this thing with The Uso’s is just a way of WWE passing time for The Shield. Expect them to ramp it up after Summerslam and start calling out Undertaker.