Top 5 Best & Worst – TNA Stars WWE Should Sign

What a crazy scenario regarding TNA and Spike. I am one who personally doesn’t watch TNA much anymore, but that doesn’t mean I want them off the air. That just means one less place for talent to go and find decent work within the business. If TNA does go under, where do you think these guys should go, better yet, who should WWE grab for their growing pool of talent. Seeing as this will be a highly debated topic, let me add some restrictions. A good star to sign has to be capable of working the full WWE schedule, improve the company in some aspect, and can be molded into the company’s model easily. A bad choice does just the opposite of everything I mentioned earlier. With the restrictions established, let’s kick off this countdown with #5 Worst.

#5 Worst - Abyss


I love Abyss. I would love to see Abyss in WWE. Could you imagine Abyss and Kane as a tag team, Oh My God. The problem is that Abyss doesn’t fit the model that WWE is right now. Granted, he could be repackaged and toned down, but that just wouldn’t be the same Abyss from TNA. I want to see “The Monster” Abyss, and he would do better in a company that would allow him to be that incredible talent, and WWE just wouldn’t be able to provide that.

#5 Best – Sanada


WWE loves expanding their global market, and Sanada is one hell of a talent to put faith in. He has made the X-Division so enjoyable to watch, and he has just a likable presence about him. I can envision him being one of the greatest Intercontinental Champions of all time, and possibly even WWE World Heavyweight Champion if given the right opportunity. This man has the talent, the look, and the global connections that makes WWE’s mouth water.

#4 Worst – Rockstar Spud


Where Sanada stands as a great little guy talent for WWE, Rockstar Spud is just too much of a little guy to stand a chance in WWE. Yes he could be a funny comedic manager or something, but this countdown is for full time wrestlers. Not managers, part time talent, or on air authority figures. Sadly for Rockstar Spud, he just doesn’t reach the criteria of a WWE Superstar.

#4 Best – Bobby Roode


The It Factor, Bobby Roode is an incredible asset to any company. His ability to transition from face to heel and make both sides work wonderfully in his favor is incredible. He could be WWE World Heavyweight Champion easily if he were to crossover to WWE. He is like TNA’s version of Ric Flair in my opinion, and WWE would be lucky to have the longest reigning TNA World Heavyweight Chanpion.

#3 Worst – BroMans


Whether you count them as a tag team, or a trio, none of these guys belong in WWE. They would get lost, or worst take away screen time from other, more qualified, superstars with their annoying antics, or dangerous wrestling. Plain and simple.

#3 Best – Austin Aries


Bobby Roode and Austin Aries are both perfectly qualified to thrive in WWE. In fact, I had a hard time deciding who should be at #4 and at #3. The only thing that places Austin Aries ahead of Bobby Roode is his age (just one year younger), and size. He gives off a Daniel Bryan vibe, and with the WWE transitioning to incorporate more smaller wrestlers at the top of the card, Austin Aries would be a great addition to that category of superstars. Plus, could you imagine the incredible matches he could put on with the guys in WWE?

#2 Worst – Bully Ray


Not only is Bully Ray’s relationship with Triple H and WWE not on the best terms, but WWE is not considered a main event talent in WWE. It doesn’t matter how much he proved himself in TNA, he will just not get the same opportunity with his old company. He is considered a tag team wrestler in WWE and nothing more than a mid-card singles wrestler. Devon could possibly go back to WWE, but Bully Ray is someone that WWE won’t even bother with.

#2 Best – The Wolves


This is a team everyone wanted to see in WWE, and were impressed that TNA snagged them instead. Regardless, I feel that The Wolves could make one incredible impact on the tag division. A war between these two, The Usos, and The Wyatts would rival the historic rivalry of The Hardys, The Dudleys, and Edge & Christian. Not only that, but both Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards could be future World Champions. This is just a gold mine for WWE, if a compromise could be reached between the two parties.

Dishornable Mentions

James Storm – Gail Kim – The Hardys

#1 Worst – Every Failed Ex-WWE Talent


This group of guys include: Ethan Carter III, Taryn Terrell, and Mr. Anderson. All incredible talents that just never reached their full potential in WWE. Repackaging could happen, and they could see success in WWE, but why should WWE waste time on talent they already tried and discarded. It is wrestlers like this that need TNA, because if it didn’t work in WWE, than they just need a smaller stage to showcase that they are great, but still earn a good living with it.

Honorable Mentions

Gunner – Samoa Joe – Magnus

#1 Best – Bobby Lashley


This pick may surprise you, but hear me out. Bobby Lashley is already an established main event talent with WWE. He won’t need repackaging, or a ton of time invested in him. He has the look and abilities that are perfect with WWE. Plus, his time in TNA has improved his ability to connect with the audience. Bobby Lashley can make WWE money, and he can help diversify their main event scene, but still prove that he deserves that spot. The match scenarios are also pretty intriguing, imagine Lashley vs. Lesnar. MMA Star vs. MMA Star, that brings the big bucks. This would be a huge win for everyone on multiple fronts if Bobby Lashley went back to WWE full time.

Love it or hate it, that is my list of stars I believe WWE should sign if TNA did go under. Hopefully we won’t see that happening, but if it does, I hope we see some of these incredible talents jump over to the big boy league. What do you guys think? Do you agree with my list, comment down below, and feel free to share this to everyone. This is your Connoisseur of Creative signing off, have a good day.