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There are a lot of articles going around talking about WrestleMania. Everyone seems to be overlooking my favorite paper view of the year, the Royal Rumble. The great thing about the Royal Rumble is that it is completely unpredictable. 30 men enter and only one man stands victorious.  That wrestler, that one lone victor earns themselves a Wrestlemania main event championship match.  I absolutely adore the Royal Rumble because of how unpredictable it is. Not to mention the fact that is one of the most unique matches in the business today. You only get one Royal Rumble a year.  So let’s break it down, who should be the winner at the end of this year’s Royal Rumble? Who is truly deserving to be handed a main event match at Wrestlemania for the WWE’s grandest prize?

First wrestler that comes to mind is CM Punk. Ever since his epic promo that he cut right before Money in the Bank two years ago he has been exactly where he deserves to be, at the top.  It seems that lately though he has been out of the championship hunt. What better way to get him back into the main event for a championship than the Royal Rumble.  One of the things that’s great about CM Punk, too, is that he can play a babyface and a heel fantastically. He is such a versatile player that it really doesn’t matter whether the champion is heel or face because he can challenge either.  I am always in favor of giving a championship match to a guy like CM Punk who can flat out wrestle it makes for a more entertaining match.

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While we’re on the subject of guys who can flat out wrestle, I would be remiss not to include Daniel Bryan in the list of guys who should win the Royal Rumble.  It doesn’t need stating but Daniel Bryan is as over as anyone has ever been in the WWE. Currently WWE is running a story line between Daniel Bryan and the Wyatt family.  Personally, I feel the storyline is a waste of his momentum, and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way. I could, however, excuse the wasted time if WWE is just stalling for the Royal Rumble. I can understand why they are wasting him in a pointless storyline, because they have to make it another month before the Royal Rumble.  Which would catapult Daniel Bryan back into the championship hunt. As with CM Punk, Daniel Bryan is one of the most talented wrestlers in the business today, so putting him in a main event match at WrestleMania is smart because it will tear the house down.

daniel bryna

The Royal Rumble is also used to help Superstars who aren’t quite main event caliber yet and boost them into a main event event.  As they always say perception is reality.  If a superstar wins the Royal Rumble then it instantly makes them seem like a main eventer.  That is why I would use the well Rumble to potentially boost Dolph Ziggler back into the main event. Dolph Ziggler can’t seem to get himself out of the company dog house.  Problem is he’s just too good to ignore. He is incredibly talented on the microphone, in the ring, and has the look that WWE is going for.  The Royal Rumble is the perfect way to get his career back on track.

Dolph Ziggler

WWE uses the Royal Rumble not only to set up the main event at Wrestlemania, but as a great way to bring back returning superstars.  Wrestlers who have been away from the company for whatever reason make for fun surprise entries into the Rumble.  They can immediately capitalize on the momentum that wrestler now has from their return.  I could easily see this being the case with Sheamus.  We know Triple H is high up on Sheamus.  Combine that with a lack of main event talent, it seems like a perfect recipe for a Royal Rumble win for the Irishman.  WWE could throw him back into the title picture while freeing up some of the other big name talent for a match with part time talent like Vince McMahon seems like he wants to do.

Sheamus represents the Be a Star campaign

The Royal Rumble probably my favorite match of the year and I am always excited to see what they do with it.  This one match can have huge returns, have unexpected teams formed, start new rivalries, break up tag teams, and at the very end of it all one man ends up with a main event match at Wrestlemania for a World Championship.  It is so exciting, especially due to the unpredictably of it.  There are many years where I have no idea who will win, and for smarks who usually have a pretty good idea of what will happen, that makes it so much better.


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