Tyson Kidd Finds Rough Timing

Every member of the Internet Wrestling Community has their favorite member of the under card, their favorite jobber who they believe deserve to be in the main event picture. I am of course no different and because I’m Canadian, one of the regular members of the Superstars broadcast who I felt belongs high up on Raw is Tyson Kidd. I will say I did not care for Kidd when he first came on the scene with his ridiculous haircut; what was supposed to be a crown shaved into the front of his head. However since that time Tyson has won me over as a fan and has amazed me with his in-ring work, leaving me wondering why he’s not being used in a better way, if not in a significant story at least used on the show to wow the audience early on to raise their energy level and hopefully maintain in for the rest of the show


With the unbelievable talent of Tyson Kidd, why is he not featured on television, well the obvious answer is his size, that he’s not 6’10 and 300 Lbs of muscles. However this is a different time for WWE and with guys like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan as main stays, it’s hard to say the big man bias is as prevalent as it used to be or that it’s the factor holding back Tyson. Kidd wasn’t even included in the 2011 Money in the Bank ladder matches, when his style is tailor made for a multi man ladder bonanza. Previously Kidd had Tag Championship runs, but he achieved that using the Hart name, recently however he has started to go beyond the Hart’s and in 2012 found himself in the Money in the Bank ladder match.

Quite frankly Tyson Kidd seemed to be on his way to a serious role, being featured more and more, with the company seemingly becoming more and more aware of what a hard worker he is. Recent interviews from Kidd have him saying that he doesn’t care where he is on the card, he just wants to be the best, a similar quality for all of the greatest. It seemed like Tyson Kidd may take over Dolph Ziggler’s role, and you may call it a stretch, but is it possible Dolph took over Shelton Benjamin’s role, someone who could put on a phenomenal match with stipulations galore. The biggest positive in Kidd’s career in my eyes was the promo by Cm Punk heading into the Royal Rumble where he cited Tyson Kidd as a workhorse.

With Punk’s influence throughout the WWE universe, this instantly was bound to garner Tyson some notoriety and had he played his cards right, may have been the beginning of his launch  for the rest of his career. However this is not at all what we recieved on television or in real life. Almost immediately after Punk’s comments, Kidd injured himself, an extremely toough break for a tremendously talented performer. The audience seems to be picking up on the fact that Kidd’s sensational in the ring and he may be in line for some major things in the future. The question becomes if he’ll be able to continue that after he returns. Tyson Kidd may find himself with a hell of a push with return from an injury, sadly Tyson may also find himself lost in undercard obscurity for an even longer time now, perhaps being put at the bottom of the list so to speak after being injured.

  • Lewis Reale

    I completely agree with this, Tyson is a friend of mine and he's a great guy as well as being a workhorse and a talented performer. I've always thought given the right push he'd make for a great IC or US champ, I think one of the things holding him back is that he isn't the greatest on the mic but before he got injured he had been showing improvements there, so either with a bit more work on promos or a solid mouthpiece I think he has all the tools to go a long way.

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