The Ultimate Warrior The Ultimate Collection Part 1 or Disc 1

The Ultimate Warrior is a Controversial Figure in Wrestling History.

The Ultimate Warrior: The Ultimate Collection DVD set is a 3 Disc set with the Documentary split up among the different Segment/Promos/and Matches in it. Because of that I can’t review just the Documentary part so this is going to be longer than just a 1 article piece.

First off I have to say I was a huge Warrior fan when I was a very little kid. I always loved the energy he brought to the ring and I still say to this day his theme is the greatest theme of all-time. I hear it and it gets me pumped up and I want to kick someone’s butt. The iconic images of Warrior dashing out the ring are imprinted in my mind forever. I have no problems admitting this to anyone because I’m not ashamed of it even after finding out everything that went down backstage with him. My name is Joshua Tucker, I am a Warrior and proud of it. This DVD Set is not one you are likely to see on The Network or Netflix.

I felt the need to transcribe the Prologue here because I think it speaks a lot louder than any way I could have paraphrased it.

The warrior today

“Warriors! Warrior man here! *snarles and snorts*Prepared and ready to press the play button on our ultimate collection of Ultimate Warrior Sport Entertainment performances. I say our collection because these moments in time are just as much yours as they are mine, and I’ll never forget that. Your support back in the day created success, your loyalty to that support over the years has created a legend. For almost 2 decades they tried to re-write history, they tried to tell a different story, they tried to erase the memory of the Ultimate Warrior from our minds. They told us The Ultimate Warrior never had any great matches, wasn’t any way to put together a collection of his greatest moments, greatest matches in the Sports Entertainment business. Recent access to WWE libraries, tells a much different story, and it’s time, it’s time to tell the right story, it’s time to tell the truth. These Collection of Ultimate Warrior moments, his Sports Entertainment career is just the start. Sit back and relax, or I should say try to relax because I know it’s going to be hard to do when you’re watching the Ultimate Warrior. Have Fun, enjoy, and let’s let The Ultimate Warrior do what he does best, speak for himself and slay all the naysayers. “

The warrior at his beginnings with Dirty Dutch Martel and Flash

The Warrior talked about his start in the business saying he was in college to be a chiropractor and was into bodybuilding. He talked about being invited to California to learn wrestling as he thought it would be a way to riches and he could finish his degree anytime he wanted. He partnered up with the man that would later become Sting and was trained but wasn’t smartened and so he was greener then green when he broke into the business. Ultimately he split from the bladerunners tag team because he wanted to be himself and do things his way and Sting wanted to do what he was told to do. He went to WCCW where the Dingo Warrior was born and that eventually led to WWE calling and creating the Ultimate Warrior.

The Dingo Warrior became The Ultimate Warrior in WWE and Rose to Mega Stardom.

Here’s another quote from the man that holds importance today’s Sports Entertainment scene. He was talking about developing the Ultimate Warrior character and said this which is as many of us have said in the past a major problem for WWE today.
“There such Nostalgia for the Characters back then, that’s because the characters were allowed to create themselves. Whatever the character was in the ring was just an amped up version of whatever that person was outside of the ring.”

Legends like Harley race helped build The Ultimate Warrior

Warrior talked about how when he was getting his first push in 88 with WWE he was afraid to tell anyone he had gotten hurt during a match with King Harley Race out of fear that he would never get a push again. He had broken his ankle and it had swelled and gotten infect to the point he developed a staph infection. That relates to today’s WWE as we have seen with Fandango and Dolph Ziggler, that an injury can cost you a push.

One of the Warrior’s best feuds was with the Ravishing One over the Intercontinental Championship.

He mentions that he never really cared if he won or lost the strap (title) when he was talking about his feud with Rick Rude over the IC Title. What matter to him was working on his character and connecting with the fans more. He said that probably hurt him later in his career but he felt he never needed the title. He mentions that Bret Hart was that way but that was a product of him being raised in the business, and that he understood it, and that he himself came into the business during a different era.Rick Rude versus Ultimate Warrior at Summerslam 1989 for the Intercontinental Championship was a really good match.

Warrior explains how seriously he took the Warrior character and explained the reasons behind some of the things he did such as not taking off the belt or just standing on his opponent when he pinned them. He also explained how thankful he was to the guys that were brought in to make him look great as he was build. The Jobbers as they called them back then which he also explained was never intended to be a term of disrespect to them. I feel it is now a term of disrespect in large part due to the Internet coming into play and having a major role nowadays.

Warrior and Savage are two of WWE Greatest characters of all time.

He talked about how much he enjoyed working with guys like Rude, Bobby Heenan, Savage, and Andre The Giant. He said working with Randy Savage was the best. He talked about how they both worked hard at being in character and staying in character whenever possible. He talked about how Macho Man in character would go through the process of working out the matches and how exactly everything would go. He said he loved Heenan for how hard he would work and the fact he was taking bumps for him at a similar age to what he is now. He said working with Rick Rude was a joy. Rick was a thinker and would stay up all night looking in the mirror to get ideas as the person in the mirror would be his muse. He said Andre was so over that it made it easier to work with. The matches with Andre were setup to get Warrior over. He was honored that Andre would do anything for him like when he put Andre in the bearhug because Andre would not do anything he did not want to do. He said he loved Andre and that he always got along with Andre.
They showed a match with Heenan where he put Heenan in the Weasel suit, a match with Randy Savage for both the WWE Championship and Intercontinental Championship that ended with Savage winning by Countout so that neither title changed hands, and two matches with Andre one was really short and the other was longer and better.

This was all that was covered in Disc 1 of the 3 Disc Set everything from the start of his career to the end of 1989 right before they started the program with Hogan. I’ll get the other discs reviewed and posted as quickly as I can.
Thank you.

  • Jeffrey

    Great review. I got the set on Blu-ray, and I’m a longtime Warrior fan as well. Looking forward to the next parts.