Vickie Guerrero: The Mr. McMahon Of The PG-Era

wwe-raw-january-28-2013-vickie-guerreroDuring the Attitude Era, there was almost no television villain hated more than Mr. McMahon. The “boss” would wield his power to make everything work in his favor, showing no remorse for the destruction he left in his path. From his constant tormenting of Stone Cold to offering up his own daughter to The Undertaker, Vince did not care what the people thought of him so long as things were going his way. Eventually, the WWE audience came to love Mr. McMahon as he is now always very over when he makes his sporadic appearances. With Mr. McMahon no longer being the villain he once was, this left the door open for a new person to become the evil person in charge.

Enter Vickie Guerrero: the widow of the late and great Eddie Guerrero. She first appeared as a face in her assistant manager position alongside Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long. Soon after she came aboard, Teddy suffered a “heart attack” during his wedding to Kristal and Vince put Vickie in charge of Smackdown. Her transformation started as a slow burn, with the first signs of it coming when she stripped Hornswoggle of the Cruiserweight Championship and soon retired the title. But that was only the beginning of her decent into evil.

After Edge returned at Survivor Series in 2007 to cost The Undertaker the World Heavyweight Championship, Vickie soon revealed that she had begun a relationship with Edge and was determined to get the belt around his waist. Much like the world was shocked the first time Stone Cold Stunned Mr. McMahon, the world was again taken aback when The Undertaker performed his Tombstone Piledriver on Vickie Guerrero, solidifying her place as the management heel. This would put Vickie in a wheelchair, a gimmick that she would carry on for quite some time as she was constantly being “injured”, much like her predecessor, Mr. McMahon.

EdgeVickieGuerrero_display_imageEdge and Vickie would go on to form “La Familia” which, like the McMahon-Helmsley faction, was made up of family members and friends. This included Chavo Guerrero, Bam Neely, and The Major Brothers, now going by Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder, who were Edge’s doppelgangers and helped him defeat Batista to capture the World Heavyweight Championship. Edge would go on to keep the title until Wrestlemania, where he lost it to The Undertaker. Vickie used her power to give Edge every opportunity to win the title back; much like Vince had helped the likes of The Rock and Triple H in winning the WWE Championship. Vickie even went so far as to ban The Undertaker’s newest submission hold, the Hell’s Gate, in order to give Edge a better advantage.

At the One Night Stand PPV in June of 2008, Edge finally defeated The Undertaker to claim the World Heavyweight Championship. A stipulation added to the match by Vickie Guerrero said that The Undertaker would be banned from the WWE if he did not win the match, which she went through with immediately after Edge’s victory. This was another “vintage” McMahon move, most notably when he suspended The Rock indefinitely after Vince and Stone Cold joined forces at Wrestlemania X-7. In the following months, Edge and Vickie’s romance would deteriorate when it was revealed that Edge had cheated on Vickie the night before their wedding. Vickie soon reinstated The Undertaker after being accidently speared by Edge, placing them in a Hell in a Cell match at Summerslam of 2008. The Undertaker would go on to defeat Edge, banishing him to “Hell” and writing him off television for a few months. This would result in a slight face push for Vickie, though it was very short lived.

Undertaker_Tombston_398620aThe face side of Vickie would soon disappear after tricking The Undertaker into coming to the ring at the Unforgiven PPV the following month to apologize to her, only to have The Big Show attack him, turning himself heel in the process. After brutalizing Chavo a few weeks later, Vickie tried to apologize to him, but The Undertaker was not forgiving, laying Vickie out with another Tombstone Piledriver. This lead to several weeks of Vickie placing him in impossible to win matches against Big Show, culminating in a Casket Match in which saw The Undertaker put his foe to rest once and for all.

Vickie’s attention then shifted to the WWE Championship, held at the time by Triple H. At Survivor Series, in a match between Triple H and Vladimir Kozlov, Vickie came out to announce that there would be a last minute addition to the match, who turned out to be a returning Edge. Edge would go on to the capture the title and realign himself with Vickie, once again giving her somebody to push while abusing her power. Edge would go on to lose the title to Jeff Hardy, who then dropped it again to Edge a month later. Edge would end up losing the WWE Championship again at the Elimination Chamber, only to go on to win the World Heavyweight Championship later in the night.

edge vickie big showAfter the Elimination Chamber, it was soon revealed that while Edge had been away, Vickie became romantically involved with Big Show, setting up a love triangle much like that of Triple H, Kurt Angle, and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. Her allegiance to both men allowed John Cena to sneak in and take the championship from Edge. Vickie would go on to become the General Manager of Raw, leaving Edge on Smackdown and sparking up a weird rivalry with Santino Marella. After being embarrassed at Extreme Rules by Santino’s “twin sister” Santina, she resigned as Raw General Manager and was written off television after suffering a “breakdown” when Edge revealed that he was only using her this whole time and since she was no longer in charge, she was no use to him anymore.

When Vickie eventually returned from her time off, she was no longer in a position of power. She began managing superstars, such as Eric Escobar and Team Lay-Cool. She eventually became the Smackdown Consultant, but mainly used this power as a way to torment the babyface Divas over the next year, even picking up a tag-team victory at Wrestlemania 26. From here, she moved on to managing Dolph Ziggler, helping him get over as a great heel. Dolph Ziggler became an important asset to Vickie because, unlike Mr. McMahon, she could no longer take bumps from male superstars, as the WWE began to enter into the heyday of the PG era. Ziggler provided her with someone they could attack while still putting her over in the process.

Vickie would again find herself in a position of power, this time as the General Manager of Smackdown. She was given the job when Teddy Long was found attacked backstage and was once again written off television. She used this power to help Dolph try to gain the World Heavyweight Championship from her former flame, Edge. She would once again ban a finishing move, this time Edge’s Spear. After using the Spear to defeat Dolph Ziggler, Vickie fired Edge and gave the belt over to Ziggler. Teddy Long would return that same night to reveal Vickie and Dolph as his attackers, thus rehiring Edge and putting him in a match against Ziggler where he reclaimed his title. Dolph would go on to be fired, followed by Vickie a few weeks later.Vickie-Guerrero-Dolph-Ziggler

Only staying off television for a brief period of time, Vickie and Dolph soon returned to Raw, where they had no power and took a backseat into the mid-card. This was never a position Mr. McMahon found himself in, as he never let himself fall out of the spotlight. Vickie was able to stay strong though, becoming the most hated manager of the modern era. Anytime the words “EXCUSE ME!” blared through the speakers in the arena, the audience would begin to boo so loud that it came to a point where you could not hear what Vickie was saying. She was the most over heel at the time and no one could even come close to garnering that kind of response from the audience.

vickie_aj_crop_exactVickie would finally find herself in charge again after a long hiatus by forcing AJ Lee to resign from her position as Raw General Manager in October of 2012. Vickie accused AJ of having a romantic affair with John Cena and abusing her power as General Manager. Unlike before, Vickie had a hard time abusing her power, with Mr. McMahon coming out several times to help give her “inspiration” for matches. Dolph Ziggler would once again be her muscle, constantly coming out to attack John Cena in the middle of promos. Vickie soon separated from Dolph when he began his new relationship with AJ Lee, who turned on John Cena at TLC.

Since the affair storyline involving AJ, Cena, and Ziggler, Vickie has taken a more backseat role. She still appears on Raw consistently and is booed out of the building by the audience, but currently has no direct storyline that she is involved in. She has recently added Brad Maddox as her assistant, giving her a new male counterpart to take the physical attacks of the superstars she wrongs down the road. Despite currently not being as prominent a character, it is certain that she will once again be involved heavily in the main event, making us love to hate her even more in the years to come, just as Mr. McMahon was able to do in the Attitude Era.


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