We…The People

USA Guy In the world of wrestling, being a has been can actually become a calling card and carry you for an entire career. The downside is when you are a “never was.” When you get that title you’re usually someone who was hyped up, advertised, put into our conscience, only to never materialize and just fade away. For a little while it actually looked like this is what was going to happen with the character of Fandango. Luckily for the fans, and the man in said role, that turned to not go down in his case. Problem is that someone else out there from the NXT world who has seemingly been hit with the “never was” bug recently.

I don’t really remember seeing anything big on television but for a little bit we were getting YouTube videos promoting the debut of The USA Guy. This seems to have suddenly stopped and it seems as if Derrick Bateman is being retooled, so to speak, before he’s allowed to come back to television again. I would say I feel sorry for him, but I have no clue what he really brings to the table as a worker. I could almost swear he was only on the season of NXT that was only shown on the web, which I never paid any attention to because it became too big of a joke to even attempt to follow. He may have a ton of talent but it’s looking more likely that none of us “mainstream” fans will ever know how much.

The whole USA guy gimmick had me a bit confused as it seemed to be a joke/comedy gimmick, but the videos showed serious moments in history as well. I know the attire he wore seemed a bit absurd and was stereotypical “stupid American” style clothing so it’s entirely possible the gimmick would have been just an amped up uber “Patriot” type of character. As it stands right now it would appear we’ll never really know what the plans were for him or how serious this character ever could have become in WWE. I know I’ve stated I’m not aware of how much talent this young man may have, but I think there’s a position he could be slipped into in the current roster if they chose to use him, especially if the current man in this position is unable to perform his duties for one reason or another.

We all know about the possibly legal problems of Jack Swagger lately and how there’s a chance it may have had an effect on his not winning the title at WrestleMania. If there’s a chance Jack may be missing time down the road for legal problems (if the judge decides to be extra stiff since he’s a celebrity) then we may have his replacement waiting in the wings. While he may not be “The USA Guy” anymore, he could still play an ultra-patriot character as Zeb Colter’s new charge. He’s an unknown enough commodity that he could possibly pull off this role. I would have him come in and attack Jack for Zeb. This could turn Swagger face, as he’s being replaced because he couldn’t get the job done for Colter so he decided to get a “younger, stronger” disciple for his cause.

I may be the only one thinking of this possible replacement, but one positive would be that you wouldn’t have to push the person right to the top of the card as a WHC competitor like Swagger, you could keep him in the midcard against the IC or US champ. If Swagger doesn’t get jail time, you could also pair the two of them up before eventually having Bateman turn on him for being the “weak link” of their tag team. I could see Swagger carrying tag team gold and this would give a chance to introduce us to this new upstart that Colter has brought to the table. The opportunities are there if they want to take them, as we all know Zeb Colter is very much over as he’s a great speaker. This is just my idea, of course, but I think this could be a great idea and could get over well with the fans. After all, isn’t it all about “We…The People?”

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