What Ever Happened To Logic?

If there is one thing with WWE that has always been somewhat of a bug bare for me, it’s the inconsistent and illogical booking of superstars. I could understand if it was just a one off but just lately it seems to have become something much more frequent in occurence. Sometimes the illogical booking is done for a reason and all becomes part of the ‘bigger picture’ that sometimes we fail to see. Other times it really just doesn’t make any sense what so ever and makes you wonder why on earth they even went there in the first place? In look at some past and present examples of booking that have made me think “what on earth?”

Daniel Bryan & Big Show

One recent example I am sure we are all familiar with and that has left everyone scratching their heads is the Daniel Bryan/Authority storyline. No, I’m not talking about the poor logic in the fact that Bryan is more over than any WWE superstar in years, and the fact that WWE decided once again to give Randy Orton another chance at the top which he doesn’t deserve. No, what I want to know is with the way it was all booked, why was there no match between Daniel Bryan and Triple H? Surely after the multiple times over multiple weeks Triple H screwed over Bryan, even taking a knee to the head from him at Hell in a Cell, these two should face off. However, how does WWE deal with this? They do what they have done many times in the past and seem to have acted like none of it ever happened. Bryan has been ruined by booking with no logic and is no longer top of the card despite still being so over with the fans. Maybe that will change in the long run but clearly they missed a beat here not putting the WWE Championship on Bryan.

The same can be asked with Triple H and the Big Show. There was all that build up with the tension of Big Show being forced by Stephanie and Triple H to do things against his own will, only for Big Show to be fired. Since he has been re-hired you would think WWE would book a match between Big Show and Triple H, but no they put Big Show in the WWE Championship picture which he was never going to win because of the booking of the Authority to look so strong. At the end of the day with Big Show, no matter what the storyline was, what I want to know is happened to the iron clad contract he had? You can’t just chop and change things in story lines as it suits. The storyline lacked logic as it was only in May/June of this year Big Show took time off Smackdown stating he does not have to answer to anyone. Yet Triple H threatens to fire him if he doesn’t do what him and Stephanie want for breech of contract. How can that possibly make sense? Once again this is WWE’s way of relying on their audience to just forget what previously happened.

Damien Sandow

Everyone will surely have noticed that every year the Money in the Bank winner always seems to get buried after winning the briefcase. What is the point to it exactly? They build a guy up only to knock them down and then build them up again after the cash in. It ruins any believability for me in that person even holding a championship for longer than five minutes. Damien Sandow recently is a prime example. He won Money in the Bank and then went on to win only 11 singles matches before he cashed in the briefcase out of almost 30. If you think about it that’s a lot of losses to rack up over a short space of time, although right before he cashed in against Cena he won 5 matches in a row. I think WWE’s logic is if they bury the guy then when he cashes in and wins it gives the shock value factor, but it really doesn’t. If anything it makes me believe less that he is going to be champion for a while. The fact is this method of booking just has no logic at all.

I then got thinking about the past and strangely thought about Mae Young, Mark Henry, and The Hand. After I came out of the pit of despair I had thrown myself into I began to think only one thing about this entire angle – What the hell? This is one of the the STUPIDEST angles WWE has ever put together and just defies all kinds of logic. For one, how on earth to two adults conceive a freaking hand? I know Mae Young was Seventy Six years old and everything but even her body can’t be that messed up surely. It was just pointless, stupid, and did nothing for Mark Henry. Seriously, I know he has the Hall of Pain and everything now and is booked more seriously but I cannot help but always think back to this storyline whenever I see him on television. I cannot simply take him seriously and this did nothing for his career. Where was the logic in it? Maybe I should ask the hand. Maybe it can explain what was going through the writers heads when they came up with this one cause in my mind they were not thinking at all.

Mark Henry & Mae Young

One of the biggest things that happened in the last few years was the WWE’s purchase of WCW and ECW, which of course brought us The Invasion. This was a wrestling fans dream, people literally couldn’t wait to see names like Hogan, Nash, Hall, Sting, Goldberg in the WWE at this time. Unfortunately for the fans this never happened anyway and we were stuck with talent such as Chuck Palumbo, Sean O’Haire, and Hugh Morrus. Whilst we were given the talents of Booker T and DDP from this I always wonder why did they do the angle if they didn’t have the top tier talent of WCW? It would have made far more sense to plan it out over a longer time and get all the big names in, perhaps even get rid of some of the smaller names. Instead what we got was a pretty awful angle that could have been so much more if WWE had taken their time with what they did. Logically, the storyline was rushed and it didn’t take long before the companies faced off to find out who was the better. It only took from March 2001 to July 2001 from the first on air simultaneous broadcast of Raw and Nitro and the Invasion pay per view to take place before it was all pretty much said and done.

When WWE books a storyline you would always expect them to use logic and not expect their fans to just forget things that have happened in the past or leave them scratching their heads wondering what the hell they were thinking when they came up with the idea. Maybe a lot of the things WWE do are all part of the so called ‘bigger picture’ we are told as IWC fans that we miss, but sometimes I do sit there and wonder why WWE does some of the things it does. The above examples are just proof that maybe they don’t always get it right, but then if I am sat here talking about them does that not mean ultimately WWE are doing it right?

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  • Chris Owen

    Nice mate. I have always questioned the logic when talking about WWE. Yeah Big Show and Orton had a fight but Byan faded into the distance with Punk and the Wyatt family. HHH did not fight Byan or Punk so what was the point of the storyline. We all know that the Big Show is loaded and has an iron clad contract as part of another story line, so they justify the sacking because of a clause in this iron clad contract, if the Big Show did not perform up to a standard he is in breach of this IRON CLAD contract. Then there was this lawsuit and sure enough he got his job back thus finishing what could of been a great angle. Big show looses at Survivor series, gets a concussion and is now out and all this whole thing is over and Orton/Cena is on with both belts on the line oh and minus the authority! who like Bryan has faded. See my point lol. This is just like the Anonymous raw general manager…A big let down and whether it is a filler or someone in the back has lost the plot it has to stop happening. Will I stop watching, NO but I can rant when there is no logic….On another quick note. What is Kane this month Heel or Face? ;)

  • Jamie Welton

    Thanks Chris, glad it’s not just me. Clearly from the Big Show storyline we’ve learnt iron clad doesn’t mean iron clad anymore, it’s iron clad with a few exceptions. It seemed very much a pointless exercise to even go there with it. The whole Authority angle just seems to lack any clear direction as you can almost bet next month they will start feuding with Punk cause of the attacks from The Shield. Everything at the moment just feels rushed, and I have not doubt it will keep like that till we get to Wrestlemania and we are still trying to work out what the hell just happened

  • jean

    The inconsistency and plot-holes in the many wwe storylines has been pretty major lately. One can only suspend their disbelief to a certain extent, otherwise it gets to a point where we feel like the wwe creative are insulting our intelligence by treating us like retards and we start to tune out. How can we feel an emotional connection to the characters and the storyline when we know it is a contrived, illogical and trite piece of rubbish?