What To Do About the Ryback Problem


  Everyone knows that when Vince McMahon is determined to make something work, he is going to be stubborn about admitting failure.  This couldn’t be more true in the case of Ryback.  The company gave him countless opportunities to try and get over; as both a babyface and a heel.  Yet, time and time again he failed to get any response from the crowd other than the usual “Goldberg” chants.  Because he has that WWE “look”, though, he is granted countless chances.  Some of what bothers me the most about this is that guys like Drew McIntyre, Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, and countless others received ONE small opportunity from the company and when they didn’t immediately get over were sent to the back of the line. While a guy like Ryback gets countless chances, in the main event no less, and fail, but get to stay at the top of the line.

  On top of the tremendous lack of ability to get over with crowds and mediocre ring work, the thing that bothers me most about Ryback is his attitude.  It was reported exclusively on WNW Premium (if you haven’t become a premium member you should go do that immediately following finishing this article, just click the link) around a week ago that Ryback’s attitude backstage was, what I consider to be, unacceptable.  Ryback bumped CM Punk wrong, dropping him through a table wrong, and could have seriously injured him.  Luckily, Punk was just a little rattled physically.  Now, guys have gotten put in the doghouse or even fired for less for doing the same to Randy Orton. But hold on! That isn’t where the story ends, when Ryback was told he messed up on the bump he said, “Punk should bump better.” Implying that it was some how Punk’s fault for being thrown through a table the wrong way.  When Punk found out what Ryback said, he went to have words with Ryback and it almost became a physical altercation.  My question is, what has Ryback thinking he is untouchable like that? The guy needs a serious humbling.

  The word around is that this was Ryback’s “last big shot” and I say he blew it.  Problem is he is in the middle of a storyline with CM Punk and Paul Heyman.  So what can be done? Here are the who, what, where, when, how of how I would handle this:


  It is early enough in the story that it would be somewhat easy to write Ryback out and fill his spot with someone else, someone more deserving of this level of opportunity.


Have Punk just beat the holy hell out of Ryback at Battleground. And I mean squash him good.  Then the following night on Raw you can bring in a new Paul Heyman guy; having Heyman abandon Ryback because he isn’t able to protect Heyman anymore.  Paul can then go around begging superstars to help defend him from Punk.  Ryback gets written out, we get a new Paul Heyman guy, and a superstar who is more humble and less dangerous gets a push.  Sounds like a win/win to me.  This also helps prolong the Paul Heyman/CM Punk angle longer.


This is an interesting question because you want to use a superstar who is worthy of being considered a “Paul Heyman guy” and to be able to work with CM Punk believably, but you don’t want it to be a big name talent because you want this superstar to get a push out of the angle. Three names come immediately: Mason Ryan, Big E Langston, and Dolph Ziggler.  Mason Ryan has been off the WWE radar, and television, for a very long time.  He is a big guy with that “WWE look” Vince loves, but has more potential and has no where to go but up.  Big E Langston is in a bit of a no man’s where his angle with Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee is over, he could use direction and working with Punk and Heyman would be huge for his career.  Last, I threw out Dolph Ziggler, who would be my personal choice. Dolph is being humble by the company right now, but I say it’s time to take the talented guy out and put the useless guy in.  Dolph would fit in perfectly with Paul Heyman and CM Punk.  His in ring skills work beautifully with Punk’s and his attitude and mic work can hold their own with Heyman and Punk.  It all makes perfect sense.

Dolph Ziggler

  I have a major problem with the way Ryback acted backstage and I have seen superstars be fired for a lot less.  On top of seriously endangering the health of one of their biggest names, when it came time to man up and apologize for his mistake, Ryback insulted Punk then almost got into a fist fight with the guy he just put in danger.  If this doesn’t reek of needing to eat some humble pie I don’t know what does.  What bothers me is guys like Dolph Ziggler are in the dog house for minuscule reasons, but Ryback gets to maintain his main event rivalry? Not acceptable.

  • robert delgado

    Hey Zack, great piece. The Cryback’s attitude is there because he is backed 100% by McMahon’s love fest. Anyone else would be fired for the divaish garbage…but not McMahon’ little Cryback! Cryback has a free pass much like Michael Hickenbottom did. D@mn thats a nice pass to have isn’t it Cryback? How long though untill McMahon’s love fest ends? Then what Cryback? Look at Drew & Wendy & Jinder, look what happens when McMahon’s love fizzles out. Next stop TNA or Mickey Dee’s. Cryback is sloppy, rude, dangerous and will NEVER EVER get over. McMahon and or Levesque….It’s time to pull the plug on this failure and DO WHATS RIGHT FOR BUSINESS.

    • Zack Krasney

      Thanks I am glad you liked the article!

  • Justin Mayo

    Good article man! I already told KB and Jesse that I was gonna avoid writing about Ryback because it would look less like an article and more like an angry, profanity-ridden rant! I'm wondering what the real deal with him backstage though, since he's supposedly protected by being in a main event story, yet Swagger did so much less and…oh, sorry, forgot that the World Heavyweight Title isn't considered a main story anymore, my mistake! But seriously man, way to take words out of my mouth and put them in a much nicer way than I would have!

    • Zack Krasney

      Thanks Justin! It was hard to keep a lid on the Ryback bashing hahaha maaaybe I shouldn’t have tweeted the article at him.

      • Justin Mayo

        Ok, to quote KB, that just made me snort a little! PLEASE tell me if he answers, I’d lor to hear his reaction!

        • Zack Krasney

          Hahaha will do! I also tweeted it to CM Punk, though I think he is less likely to read it/respond to it.

  • Michael

    I hate that it’s the “cool” thing to hate ryback nowadays… Where was everybody back before wrestlemania when ryback was face? Oh yeah that’s right, complaining that he wasn’t WINNING enough. Ryback was plenty over back then. The heel turn is what killed ryback. Feed me more chants used to be huge back then

    • Zack Krasney

      Here's my opinion Michael. I think that it wasn't necessarily Ryback that was getting over as much as it was the "Feed Me More" chants that went along with it. I noticed that during Ryback's matches, even the finish which is supposed to have the fans on their feet, no one was interest. It was only during his entrance and when he was doing the "Feed Me More" chant that people would be into Ryback. The rest of the time people seemed uninterested or would be doing the "Goldberg" chants. I may be wrong but that is my take on it.

      • robert delgado

        Nah Zack, your not wrong at all. You dead on 100%.

  • Jackal

    You make absolutely terrible points on Ryback. His pushes have been horrible and hamstrung him from possibly getting over.

    He was pushed well against CM Punk initially last year, but of course lost. No big deal, but then WWE jobbed him out to The Sheild over 20 times over the next five months. That's supposed to get Ryback over? What, as a loser?

    Then WWE totally changes his character, takes away his catch phrase, makes him a coward, and has him randomly attack fans to make sure he doesn't get popped against Cena. Then he loses every match. Again, how is he supposed to be successful doing that?

    Then he's given a Cryback gimmick, which is basically a punishment gimmick in which there's no way he can ever gain popularity. That's his fault though?

    You're so wrong with this article that it's embarrassing. If Ryback had Vince's backing, he would not lose at every single PPV he goes to (he has one win to his name, and it's a weak, diva-esque roll up win against Jerijobber). Ryback loses EVERY FUED and has been beaten down and put through more tables than anyone else on the roster this past year the anyone else has over past two or three years.

  • Jackal

    Wrestlers who ACTUALLY have backing would be CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Del Rio, Cena, etc. What's the common theme? They win almost every time. Ryback loses almost every time. He's a glorified jobber, not a failure as a winner since he hasn't been booked to win anything. He's been booked to be a loser and subsequently look bad. Any time Ryback has done something to get over, WWE has made sure to stop doing it. Ryback was very over as a face but WWE never took advantage and let him actually win anything, so WWE switched him heel for no reason and started jobbing him to guys who are actually pushed.

    I don't consider jobbing 24/7/365 to be a push. I don't consider pointlessly tapping out on Raw to be somehow a failure on Ryback's part, and not entirely WWE booking's fault. You're acting like the matches are real and Ryback has control over whether he wins or loses, or has control over what he can do on his character. He doesn't, WWE does.

  • ryback21100

    Everybody mad because everybody thinks he is a Goldberg rip off when in fact he is own person and the wwe sucks for not using him fuck all you ryback haters just he isn’t like john cena blowing the boss to get head in wwe

  • http://ibuydubai.com Dantheman

    I personally had big hopes in Ryback, but week after week he just sucked more and more. I still think he has a chance to find his place in the wwe. Hey , Kane flopped bigtime when he was the fake undertaker, fake diesel, then that wackass dentist. But then he became an awesome character with Kane. I agree that Ryback needs a bit of humble pie , but I still think he shouldn’t be wasted as a talent. And the wwe think tanks better come up with something fast.