Where Are The Managers?


A collection of managers in WWE.

Well, no one is more surprised that I’m writing this article than I am. I didn’t expect to be writing articles for WWEnews.net. To be truthful, I haven’t read much posted here (shame on me!) and I just don’t know how interested my opinions anyone really could be, right? We all have those and my opinion is no more valuable than anyone else’s. Still, I’ve been invited to do so and it could be fun. Far be it for me to turn down fun. Okay here goes.

Paul Heyman is a genius. Seriously. Before he showed up, we were in a serious dry spell with regard to managers in sports entertainment. It had been quite some time since a manager in WWE mattered. Sure we had Ricardo Rodriguez but he didn’t actually manage. He does little more than announce whoever he’s with (at first, ADR and lately RVD) Beyond him, that’s it…until Heyman came along.

Before all of this, managers were everywhere. When I was growing up, we had “Classy” Freddie Blassie, Captain Lou Albano, “The Mouth Of The South” Jimmy Hart, Sir Oliver Humperdink, the Grand Wizard, Paul Bearer/Percy Pringle, and the best that ever did it, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. The ’90′s gave us Harvey Whippleman/Downtown Bruno, and Bill Alfonso (and that stupid whistle!).

What made these managers (and others I’m likely forgetting) great was how well they could talk! One could put a worker that couldn’t talk at all with one of these guys and the manager would get him over. Remember Jim Cornette? Can you imagine the Midnight Express getting over without him? When you think of them, you automatically think of him. When they were wrestling, Cornette would be obnoxiously bothering Tony Schiavone and David Crockett. In truth, Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane couldn’t take their way through a drive-through window. It was Cornette who did all the talking and made people excited about them.

George “The Animal” Steele. Yeah, he had great ring antics but it was the interaction between Albano and him that made the whole thing work. Andre The Giant on his own was a shocking presence and he was over like rover. When he turned heel and hooked up with Heenan, it took him even further.

There are workers in WWE that simply cannot talk. Ryback, Drew McIntyre, Justin Gabriel, Ezekiel Jackson, Darren Young, and Yoshi Tatsu are just some who could benefit from a manager or two. Without one, these workers don’t stand a chance.

I very much miss the golden age of managing. Watching Heyman work has reminded me of what happens when a great manager enters the picture. The jury is still out on whether or not he works as well as the managers of days gone by. Let’s be real: Heyman hasn’t helped Axel at all and we don’t know what he’ll do for Ryback just yet. As for Punk, he didn’t need Heyman as a mouthpiece. Punk was totally over without Heyman. Still, if the right guy is given to Heyman, he’ll work magic with him. Of this, I am certain. Here’s hoping that, when that happens, we’ll see more managers that can get some of these workers that can’t talk out of WWE’s purgatory.

What do you think?  Am I on the right track?  Have I reached levels of insanity heretofore unknown?  Feel free to let me know.

  • jean

    Honourable mentions should go to Zeb Coulter for putting over his "Real Americans", which is now even better with Cesaro and Swagger as a formidable tag team.
    WWE needs to bring in more authentic and quality managers, not some wannabe manager who in actual fact are more just an accomplice or wingman, with no real added depth or enhancement put onto the talent.
    They should take JBL off the commentary duties, because he's horrible and make him a manager for an upcoming heel talent.
    Maybe Dusty Rhodes could manage one of his sons if they bring him back on TV, he's highly entertaining on the mic.
    There are so many possibilities to bring in established quality managers.

    • Ed

      JBL as a manager *would* be cool. Zeb was really amazing at first but he's really leveled off lately. I think it's more the way he's been booked rather than anything intrinsic in the character. Hopefully, things will turn around for him as I think he's a compelling manager when all is working right.

  • Darren

    Can’t forgot about the Doctor of style SLICK

    • Ed

      Truth! He was the coolest. Loved the smarmy way he'd hide behind his talent. I also love what he was able to do with Akeem. That *never* would have flown without Slick…LOL!