Where Do They Go Next?

With Night of Champions round the corner, there is one match I am looking forward to more than any….Most will assume it’s Daniel Bryan versus Randy Orton, but they would be wrong. As much as I look forward to that match I feel the general program on this one has not given me as joy in it’s build up. I know Bryan will give an awesome performance and I know Orton is probably walking out the winner. The match I want to see is CM Punk taking on Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman in a 2 on 1 handicap match. This match has everything, a great build up, tension, and the mystique of who will be the next Heyman Guy to get involved.

Punk & Heyman

CM Punk and Paul Heyman alone have built up this feud in a way that has continued to draw me in week after week. This feud by far is the best feud currently on WWE television. Daniel Bryan may be giving the best matches but Punk is giving the overall best product. Things have just continually gone from strength to strength with these men and I do not see any signs of this slowing down. Going into Night of Champions there are many intriguing aspects of this feud – How will Curtis Axel fair? Will Punk get his hands on Heyman? Will we see the arrival of the newest Paul Heyman Guy?

To address Curtis Axel, it’s no secret that the character has not been as successful as many had hoped. He hasn’t stunk up the place like Sin Cara did, or flopped like Ryback in the main event, but there is a big tag that comes with being a Paul Heyman Guy. It comes with the huge success guys like Brock Lesnar and CM Punk have both had, and I just don’t think Axel has lived up to the expectation placed on him. I’m not saying the guy isn’t any good, he has shown what he can do in the past, and having a Hall of Fame father and grandfather shows the pedigree he has. However, I feel maybe his time for the big spot isn’t quite now. He needs some fine tuning over time and he will be the talent we all expect, so he could be the factor that lets this down.

Heyman Cracks Punk

One of the highlights of the whole feud has been listening to and watching Paul Heyman and CM Punk just interacting on the microphone and physically. By far the highlight of the feud was the night on Raw when Heyman caned a defenceless CM Punk repeatedly with a Kendo Stick, whilst screaming at him that he was like a son to him and that he loved Punk. You could feel the passion spewing from Heyman when he was doing it, and it made the segment feel so real for me. I was sucked in by the drama, suspending my disbelief so much that it felt that this was the real deal. There are not many moments in wrestling like this, and this really made this feud even more significant. If you were not drawn in by this then you need to go back and just watch the segment until you see it for what it was – Pure and powerful brilliance.

Punk and Heyman are no strangers to providing us with entertaining television. During Punks historic 434 days as WWE Champion they worked together to bring us so much drama. These guys both now how to make entertaining television, and this feud is not short of that. There’s the constant will he, won’t he, moment each time when Punk gets near Heyman, and it looks like he will exact his revenge before Heyman is somehow saved. Punk appears to have stepped his character is another direction again, which just shows his true value in WWE is being under appreciated by him not being used in a more main event role right now.

Lesnar F5's Punk

So where does this go now? Clearly the inevitable end match should have been CM Punk taking on Brock Lesnar. However, Vince wanted to see this sooner rather than later, and this was rush booked onto the Summerslam card. This leaves WWE in a dilemma slightly as the big match pay off is now gone and this feud is now being booked backwards. However, this isn’t perhaps a bad thing. The question going in to Sunday is will we see a new Paul Heyman Guy get involved in this match? My belief is yes and it is likely to be Ryback, he needs something more to his character, and Heyman could be what he is lacking. Other names include Corey Grave or Kassius Ohno, and just because I wanted to be different, I have considered Rey Mysterio, the man you would never think of, but I doubt this is going to happen. The new Heyman guy adds another dimension to this feud and allows it to continue with a different element in the mix.

For me, the only plausible outcome is that Axel is eliminated first. This will allow Punk ton face Heyman, and while Heyman isn’t going to wrestle well, people want to see Punk get his hands on Heyman. I expect that the new Heyman Guy will come in to save Heyman from a beating, and I would book it that way deliberately if it was me, as once Punk makes contact with Heyman and beats him down then you have nothing to really sell this for. I expect Heyman to steal the win in this one thanks to his new recruit, despite me being a 100% Punk guy and someone I will not bet against. But for me, if Punk wins it’s difficult to book this one going forward. Besides, a bit like Daniel Bryan, it’s more fun to watch the chase and think of the bigger picture in this one than go straight to the pay off that everyone wants to see.

What do you think of the Punk & Heyman feud? Who do you think will come out the victor this Sunday? Do you see the new Heyman Guy being involved? And if so, who do you think it will be? As always I look forward to reading your views and comments on this subject.

  • CJ Blaze

    I'm glad Punk is still in a main event program even though he has taken a backseat to the Orton/Bryan feud. I want Punk to pick up the win, but I'm under the impression that Heyman will bring in Corey Graves to win. So, to me, it's just wait and see. Nice article, by the way.

    • Jamie Welton

      Thanks CJ, glad you enjoyed it. It's a pain to see Punk taking a back seat that he does not deserve, but I guess he can't be the main guy all the time. I certainly don't see another outcome that sees Punk go over as winner, but it's good to see this will continue as it's been a stellar feud so far

  • fiascobeans

    What are the chances WWE has a big secret up their sleeve and the new Heyman Guy is….Matt Morgan? I think we can get 2 or 3 ppv after NOC to use this feud for.

    • Jamie Welton

      Morgan is a possibility fiascobeans – Not a name I even thought of, and not heard anything regarding his contract status. I see this going up to around Survivor Series and that being the end of it, alternatively it ends at TLC in December.

  • jean

    I would entertain to see a transformed Mason Ryan come back to save Heyman's hide as a monster heel.

    • Jamie Welton

      Would be a good idea Jean – I see a lot of prospect in Mason Ryan, I just hope the man from Wales gets his chance one day in the not too distant future. I’m yet to watch Night of Champions, I will be watching tonight, and not doubt I will be disecting this angle further off the back of the result

  • Chris Owen

    Ok I will not give NOC away but I like where this feud is going and love what Punk and Heyman are doing. They were showing that Axel could not beat Punk so what happened at NOC will be very intriguing. I think this will go to SS as you have said but unsure what the future will hold going forward. Because I have watched NOC everything is up in the air! I like this article and Punk once again is showing his class, Axel is a work in progress so we shall see….Punk and Heyman are quality and continue to be. once again I am happy to see where this is going! There are some great wrestlers up and coming however, at the moment no-one is touching Punk and Bryan.

    • Jamie Welton

      I'm seeing a new direction on the feud after Night of Champions – Was not surprised by what happened of course. Glad you enjoyed the article Chris, this feud certainly shows a lot of promise going forward. You are right, the nearest person in terms of in-ring work to Punk or Bryan is probably Dean Ambrose, followed closely by Dolph Ziggler. The future is bright, but there's a long way to get to Punk and Bryan's standard