Where the Story Ends

WyattThe cryptic and curious bunch of the Wyatt Family prove to be as intriguing as ever. With the expanding inquisition regarding their exact motives, a new level of depth is reached in terms of character development. Whether it be Bray Wyatt proclaiming himself a god or exercising the will of the devil; questions still have yet to be answered. If the reasoning behind the ambiguity regarding the seeming inconsistency with the group is intentional or not, exploration and interpretation may help you understand a little more.

Looking back to the beginning of the Daniel Bryan vs. Wyatt Family feud, the fire was initially lit by the Authority, or so it seemed. On the October 28th edition of Raw, fresh off of Hell in a Cell, Daniel Bryan put Shawn Michaels in the Yes Lock in response to losing his chance at the WWE Championship the night prior. Later that night, the Wyatt Family assaulted Daniel Bryan, to which Bray would end with a claim that the “Devil” made him do it, which was surrounded with much speculation. Vince McMahon and Triple H were two names dropped that made sense; Daniel Bryan being punished for attacking Shawn Michaels and being insubordinate to the Authority’s rule. However, this wouldn’t be further examined.

Raw 12/31/13After teaming with CM Punk as the Beard and the Best, and defeating Luke Harper and Erick Rowan at Survivor Series, Bryan would continue the feud by his lonesome. Forward to the December 2nd edition of Raw, Bray would cut a promo to Bryan telling him to open his eyes. Wyatt directing alludes to the Authority, as he says together they can bring the machine down to it’s knees. Using this promo as reference, the prior alliance of the Wyatts and the Authority would be proven false seeing as how their goal is to be the renegades of the company to take down the walls around them

Forward to Raw, when Daniel finally accepts and joins Bray. Bryan speaks of the hopelessness he has felt in the past duels with the Authority. Despite being incredibly popular with the audience, the Universe is essentially silent. Bryan joins the group, with a look of disappointment to the crowd subtly portraying that he doesn’t have any choices left. Bray told Bryan that this is where the story ends, but that meaning is not what you were thinking.

BryanRemember when Kane relinquished his mask and joined the Authority? That story never ended. Or the Authority’s quest to prevent Daniel Bryan from making it to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? That didn’t end either. That was all apart of the plan. Kane acts as an integral place holder in the Authority from the Wyatts to help Bryan. That explains why Kane “converted,” but why would the Wyatts want to help Bryan? It’s actually the other way around. Wyatt acknowledges that Bryan has a monster inside of him. That very monster will be the one to help bring down the machine. To bring them to their knees, have the “B+” player defeat the face of your company and become the most prized champion in the sport.

And that is where the story ends.

  • The Eagle

    Mate I wish, but the Creative team just aren’t that clever

  • jblack424

    I like how all pieces are coming together. I would like mania to be last chapter but can’t figure out a match to end at least this part of the story. Best thing I can think of is facing taker but brock seems to be heading that direction

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