Who Are The NXT Top WWE Stars?

Right now there are so many talented WWE Superstars and Divas, some who grace our screens each week, others who you may only see on a house show. WWE always needs future talent if the company is to survive, there is no question of that. NXT is WWE’s hot bed for talent who are ready to make that transition toward working on TV. I am going to look at my current top 5 Superstars and Divas’ for whom I see the future as very bright for.


5. Paige

Paige is known to many in the UK as Britani Knight, the character she shot to fame as on the British scene. Trained by her parents, who run the World Association of Wrestling promotion in Norwich, Paige successfully signed a deal with WWE in 2011 following try outs during WWE UK Tours. She has gone on to successfully become the first ever NXT Divas Champion, defeating Emma in the tournament finals.

Paige has great skills in the ring in terms of her wrestling. For me, none of the other NXT Divas even come close to her level of skill and if this were all that mattered then for me she would be on the main roster. Paige has a connection with the NXT audience, however my only real criticism of this wonderfully talented Diva is her in-ring presence with the crowd and her interviews. I feel while Paige is the most popular NXT Diva, she is just lacking something with her presence in the ring that will make her stand out. I can’t quite put my finger on what that is right now but no doubt the missing link will come. Her interviews will improve over time, as they would with any WWE Diva. The future is truly bright for Paige and she will be a force to be reckoned with on the main roster one day.


4. Xavier Woods

Xavier Woods is a young wrestler who established himself as a future talent to watch in TNA as Consequences Creed. He joined WWE developmental in 2010, his character being portrayed as a high flyer. However, this gimmick soon changed to a character with a love for popular culture trends from the 1990′s such as the Power Rangers. Woods began training to be a wrestler while at University in 2005.

I see bright things for this young man as he is brilliant to watch in the ring, his high flying style mixed with his wrestling skill makes him a man to watch. Personally, I think to succeed he will need to change his current gimmick, but he is unlikely to go wrong elsewhere. I find him entertaining on the microphone, something which he still needs to work on but will improve over time. However, I see him going a long way in WWE and he certainly has the potential to be a future United States or Intercontinental Champion at the very least if he remains focussed and works hard.


3. Adrian Neville

Neville joined the WWE developmental system when he signed in 2012 with the company. He spent the best part of 8 years developing himself on the independent scene, his most famous persona during this time being PAC. Neville became one half of the first ever NXT Tag Team Champions with fellow Englishman Oliver Grey when they defeated The Wyatt Family in the tournament finals. He is currently a 2 time Tag Team Champion, winning his second run with Corey Graves. He most recently challenged Shield member Dean Ambrose for the United States Championship but was defeated.

This man is a joy to watch in the ring – His high flying style is a joy to behold and he has shown that he can wrestle well technically as well. He has a great look and I can see Neville challenging for an Intercontinental Championship at the very least in the future. His microphone work is again a work in progress like the others, but he certainly has a command of the crowd when in the ring. He has taken part in some memorable matches in NXT and I see his future only continuing to grow brighter.


2. Kassius Ohno

Kassius Ohno is known to many for his years of work on the independent scene as Chris Hero. He was part of one of wrestling’s greatest tag teams with Claudio Castagnoli, now known as Antonio Cessaro, who were the Kings of Wrestling. Ohno began training to be a wrestler in 1998 and finally signed with WWE in 2011, although this was delayed when his naturally elevated testosterone/epitestosterone level caused him to fail a drug test for steroids, meaning he didn’t sign his actual contract until 2012. For me, his defining moment in NXT was his feud with William Regal.

Ohno is a talent who I really don’t need to tout for how good he is in the ring, how good he is on the microphone, and how good a command of the crowd he has. He really should be a talent on the main roster, and in time I believe he will be. Ohno’s biggest problem right now is his patience. In time, he will get that long awaited call to the main roster, but right now he needs to focus on giving his best every night and not worry about feeling like he is being held down. Ohno is a top talent, who for me could easily work his way to being WWE or World Heavyweight Champion, and while it is a crime he is still in NXT, I feel his time to move up the WWE ladder is imminent.


1. Sami Zayn

Without a doubt, Sami Zayn is the most popular superstar in NXT right now. He is most famously known on the independent scene as El Generico. He signed with WWE most recently of the names mentioned in this piece in January 2013 and has instantly made an impact. He has by far had some of the best and most memorable matches to be seen in NXT. His recent series of matches with Antonio Cesaro have been a dream to watch and could easily be up in the top 10 matches of this year very easily.

I love Zayn’s high flying high risk style but he has also shown us he can wrestle really well. I enjoy his work on the microphone, and you can definitely see he knows how to command a crowd in the ring. I feel in the future he is going to be up there with names like CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, and Daniel Bryan in terms of his popularity, and I see no reason why Zayn cannot get to the top of WWE in the coming years. I feel certainly by the end of 2013 or beginning of 2014 we will certainly see this young man on the main roster.

Honourable mentions should certainly go to Emma, Bo Dallas, Conor O’Brian, Corey Graves, Leo Kruger, and Mason Ryan who could all have gotten onto this list and are also worth watching in the future. What I want to know is who you think the top NXT prospects are? DO you agree with my picks or would you pick other names? As always I look forward to your thoughts.

  • Charlie

    Yeah, the next big thing Sami Zayn, I'm glad you put him and Ohno in the top two because imo it would be the same way

    • Jamie Welton

      They were always number 2 and number 1 for me Charlie – Ohno had every chance of being number 1, but because he hasn't been on TV much lately I couldn't justify the number 1 position for him. I'm a big fan of all these NXT superstars, I see big things coming for Zayn in the next year

  • CJ Blaze

    I completely agree with this list, good article!

    • Jamie Welton

      Thanks CJ, appreciate it. Glad you enjoyed the piece

  • jean

    I can't wait to see Kassius Ohno back on TV. He's underutilized and underrated.
    I like his "KO" gimmick, he has a great image and is excellent in the ring and one of the best offensive strikers in the whole industry. Give that poor guy a push already, he's 33 ain't getting any younger!

    • Jamie Welton

      I agree Jean, Ohno is a great talent and I find it hard to believe he is yet to get onto the main roster. He has the look, the skill and everything, I think it just sounds like it’s his attitude holding him back. Only time will tell but I really look forward to seeing what he does going forward when he comes back.

  • thetruthhurts

    great top 10 list.. Ohno will not be back on TV until he focuses more on the gym. WWE seems to think his conditioning isn't up to par with their expectations and he isn't in the gym enough.

    • thetruthhurts

      5 list lol

      • Jamie Welton

        Thanks truthhurts, appreciate it and glad you enjoyed the piece. I think the fact he can wrestle should be enough – They shouldn’t judge the guy on gym time when they will put people out there who clearly also don’t hit the gym, seems like a tedious reason, but I have heard of them doing it before. It’s a test of Ohno’s character and dedication, I just hope he can pass it

  • Viper

    I probably would have put Xavier Woods in the Honorable Mentions and replaced him with Corey Graves, but not a big deal, I pretty much agree with this list. Though Connor O' Brien needs to stay with Rick Victor, The Ascension would be an awesome Tag Team to have on the main roster. Then you have someone like Tyler Breeze, who's a good wrestler but has a terrible gimmick.

    • Jamie Welton

      Viper, I did think about Graves on the list but I see something more in Xavier WOods than I do Graves right now. I see the potential in The Ascension as a tag team, it's just a case of how successful they are if they remain a tag team given the hot and cold mentality of Vince. Breeze has potential, but that gimmick is terrible. A bit like Zack Ryder, needs to drop the current gimmick and fast