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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that not every performer on the WWE roster, can be at the top of the card. The problem WWE have at the moment, is there aren’t too many men at the top of the card who are proven faces. With the losses of Sheamus and John Cena to long term injuries, the company is seriously short of talent to carry the company into the new year.

After the end of this week’s Raw, where Daniel Bryan was saved by what appeared to be the best of the current bunch. Where is the next top face coming from, and when will these faces step up to the mark?


This guy has undergone one hell of a transformation in recent years. After being eliminated first from the second season of NXT, he returned for the fifth season. It was there that he teamed up with Darren Young, and the Prime Time Players have been fixtures on the Tag Team scene ever since.

To me, O’Neill has a bit more potential than Darren Young. He is big, and has the classic look that is impressive to look at, and the look that Vince loves. On top of that, he is solid if not spectacular in the ring, and has a catchphrase/noise that has helped him get over as a heel.

If pushed in the right way, O’Neill could be a top level face within twelve months, and has the potential to be a world champion if things went to plan.



I am sick of people moaning that because Dolph Ziggler is competing for the US Title, that he has been demoted. It’s easy to forget that Sheamus was a two time WWE Champion when he became the United States Champion. And whether you like Sheamus or not, it is hard to deny that he gets over with the majority of the WWE audience.

Ziggler still gets great reactions in arenas, and is one of the top performers WWE has. His recent series of matches with Dean Ambrose have been superb, and this is against a man who is part of the main storyline in the company at the moment.

There is plenty of time for Ziggler to be a top performer in the company for years to come, and this opportunity to be a top face could be perfect for the show-off.



Barrett was a main part of the McMahon – Bryan storyline before Summerslam, but has since sunk into insignificance. Would there be a better way to bring Barrett back than by gaining revenge on the men who cast him aside.

I can see Barrett being used as a quiet vigilante type, who tries to take out members of The Shield, and others who align with the McMahon-Helmsley faction.

Either way, Barrett is too good not to be on WWE television.



In recent times, many of the superstars who have made their debut on the main roster have been introduced as heels. There are some fantastic performers in Florida though, who could debut as faces.

Xavier Woods, the former Consequences Creed in TNA, is known to be well liked amongst WWE management. He is smart, and there are no doubts that he has what it takes in the ring. On top of that, he has the likeability factor that is hard to develop.

Adrian Neville, one of the brightest superstars to ever emanate from Britain, is already a two time NXT Tag Team Champion. He is spectacular in the ring, and his Corkscrew Shooting Star Press is one of the most breathtaking finishers ever to be seen in a WWE ring.

Sami Zayn, the former El Generico, is one of the best wrestlers on the NXT roster. It has been rumoured that he was so impressive in the early stages of his NXT career, that he was asked to tone it down a bit. He has had an impressive series of matches against Antonio Cesaro, and has been on the WWE House show loop in recent weeks.


To be honest, it is hard to predict what WWE will do, but they need to create new faces to ensure that the loss of Cena and Sheamus isn’t felt too hard, especially when the NFL are such strong competition on a Monday Night.



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